The New Landcruiser 300 series|Cost of owning one in Kenya|Features and why Kenyans call it V8 !


So you cannot convince anyone from my country kenya that any land cruiser is motivated every land cruiser on the kenyan roads especially for people who don’t have a lot of knowledge about cars they will say that is a v8 and they don’t understand that the v8 is not a type of a car the v8 is just a configuration of the cylinders in the combustion chamber you can’t

Even have a v6 you can have a v4 can have an inline six you can have an inline four so those are things that you really need to understand toyota introduced the new 300 series the lc 300 the one we are looking at today but from a distance this looks like an lc 300 but it’s not actually this is just the body kit for lc 300 i think one of the reasons as to why

Kenyans are actually still calling the land cruiser 200 series v8 because there’s that imprint of the v8 configuration at the back of the car so if you get a land cruiser zx vx ax you will always see the v8 imprinted but in 2021 toyota redesigned the 200 series all new platform was there given a new chassis and dimensions and this car dropped the use of v8 engine

And they are now using the v6 actually there’s a twin turbo v6 engine that is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission in the new land cruiser 300 series you get a 3.3 liter that is diesel you also get a 3.5 liter that is petrol so i couldn’t believe it is and by the way i just wanted to tell if you watch watching this video but in kenya people really own this

Particular brand or this particular suv are the one percent in the society these are people who make important decisions for us in the country there are people who are rich we consider them the one percent in the kenyan population a specific model for this unit the 2021 or 2022 toyota land cruiser 300 series right now in kenya is owned by i’ve only seen one with

A deputy president that is uh he owns one so this guy is very expensive and the new land cruiser not this specific one we i just want you to look at it that way because the exterior looks like the nc300 but the interior is actually the lc200 in terms of design i can say toyota really tried on this unit the grille is newly designed and again if you look at those

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Headlights they look like the ones you find in gr yaris if you look at the headlights of years gr they look almost the same as this one the grill is really okay i think this face is very aggressive and the grille has been expanded a bit so i love that but people have been saying you know what toyota you guys you just copied the nissan patrol y62. i don’t know what

You think that’s the xc300 resemble the y62 patrol who copied the other that is for you the viewer to really answer that in the question overall i think toyota did an amazing work on the design of the exterior design however some people were made tai gary from box cuba that is not a good thing because you know when engineers are designing cusp and it takes a lot

Of work so we need to appreciate every for that is put by engineers in designing good cars this car is very very powerful this car is very very excellent in terms of navigation and terms of off-road ability and capability of the land cruiser series right from 2007 from the 200 series total land cruiser has been excelling in areas where even range rovers cannot

Really excel and by the way if you put this car against the range rover the land cruiser will beat range rover at any time be it off-road and on-road am i lying so if you applying just correct me in the comment section and let me know because uh you know i wish that one day we’ll get the chance to get the lc300 apart from the body kit because uh we want to drive

This car sometimes we just talk about this cars because they are stationary in the showroom and you can take somebody’s car you feel it i love when they find your review it is very delicate at the same point in time then we are still just a one month show so we still talk about cars when they are stationed free and that is it so in the interior remember we are

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Talking about lc 200 and the lc 300 remember they’ll see 200 interior looks like this but lc 300 interior doesn’t really look like this it’s better than this i guess even the center console has a lot of improvement even the infotainment has been improved the seats and everything else in the interior of the lc 300 so this is your normal lc 200 so okay i think you

Need to part with at least 23 million for the lc 300 i’m talking about but for the lc 200 at least you need comma 14 million you can even get one for 11 million in kenya there’s a 2016 model what you need to realize all the lc 300s or the lc200s are eight seaters and this one of the guardian foreign because it’s able to carry people comfortably even the seats at

The back are very very practical and again the respect that comes with owning this car is something that cannot be understated you need something that will put your name out there and will give you class in terms of reliability you know the other the lc200 actually is 4600 cc but if you get your arms on the lc 300 you get a 3500 cc but the 3500 is more powerful

Than the 4600 cc in the interior of the lc 200 you still have more than enough of features that you can use to really experience magic and performance inside this car a lot of controls you can gauge height control is there and um you feel successful by the way there are some cars that just communicate class people respect you so you really need to pray to god so

That we’ll be able to afford this particular car one day but if you have not been able to buy this car right now just remember that your day will come because we all work hard to have the finer things in life right depending on the grade obviously 300 or 200 you’re going to pick some of them come with the cooler box i love one thing you need to realize that this

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Lc200 actually under the bonnet there’s a v8 engine this v8 by the way one of the reasons as to why manufacturers because it takes a very small space as you can see that is just a very compact placed in inside the bonnet so this powerful is 4600 cc but remember the lc 300 that you are about to buy if you don’t want to buy this one is a twin turbo v6 so it means

The engine is even smaller and more compact than the v8 so you can imagine but gives you more power now something you like about this engine is that everything is just easy to work on everything is placed in a place whereby even village mechanics can work on this particular unit so even if you decide to get the 300 lc 200 you’re not worried about the expertise

That can work on the car i think those are some of the things that we needed to highlight about the lc 300 we missing oso i can’t buy this car but if you’re watching this video and you have the money just pick lc 300 or if the money is not enough pay kelsey 200 it’s very reliable practical at one point in time we’ll really hope that we’ll get to drive the lc 300

And give you feedback how the car feels like and guys if you’ve watched this video up to this point in time do me a favor just like the video because see we have not been uploading so we are trying to catch up with the youtube algorithm to really try and bring to you very very good videos until next episode bye bye lc 300 lc200 i can’t decide

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