The NEW Special Cargo META Money Guide In GTA Online! (How To Maximize Ypur Profits)

The NEW Special Cargo META Money Guide In GTA Online!

Hey yo what’s going on everybody it’s ty larry aka ty killington yeah man all right today’s video is special this is the new 2022 ceo special cargo crates meta money guide this is a complete breakdown and tutorial of all the new changes that came with the criminal enterprises dlc we’ll be talking about the numbers how much it costs how much profit you can make

Per hour and we’ll even discuss what it looks like compared to the old numbers with the previous meta now it is true the ceo crate business now is a hybrid you can now have a passive and active form and method of income with ceo crates all right and we’ll get into that first up when you start the whole crate grind get yourself paid and start the cooldown timer

On either a delivery with a mixed import or gun running or some of the vehicles from the auto shop or my favorite which would be a payphone hits now the payphone hits have a 20 minute cooldown timer so it’s easy to track that and to work that into the overall method the mixed export goods and other deliveries will average about 50 000. and once you that kicked off

And start the cooldown timer on one of those now you want to start buying your crates from your warehouse staff this is one of the new features that’s been added to the ceo special cargo crate business and this is one of the new features that makes it a hybrid business in regard to passive and active income the warehouse staff are free they will be automatically

Populated into each one of your warehouses it’s typically 7500 to make a purchase and they will randomly deliver one two or three crates and even a special rare item as well which is pretty cool there’s typically a 48 minute cooldown timer but this week the purchase of the crates is 50 off and the cooldown timer is sped up by 50 so it’s 37.50 to purchase them this

Week and you get them delivered in 24 minutes again normally it’s 7 500 for the warehouse staff purchase and 48 minutes for delivery all right now once you purchase all of your crates from your warehouse staff now it’s time to kick off a pay phone hit or do another delivery and keep that income coming in and kick off the cooldown timer for those other activities

All right it’s all a flow it’s all processed with this meta method now with the changes that have come from the criminal enterprises dlc you should all know that now we can do everything in private lobbies there is one caveat to that you could no longer source your crates from your terabyte and that was part of the old method the old meta right now it could be a

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Bug rockstar could be fixing that we don’t know yet but until then you can go to your arcade and source crates from there you can also go to your ceo office or you can set your spawn location to a ceo office or a arcade and you can just simply find new session and i’ll talk more about that a little bit later okay we’ll kind of dive into that and see what that looks

Like but because we now have a passive option with the ceo crate business and purchasing crates from your warehouse staff you can either choose to continue grinding crates by purchasing them from your arcade your ceo office or you can now you know just go do other activities you can set up one of your heists you can run auto shop contracts you can sell import

Export vehicles it kind of leaves it wide open all right so that’s a really good thing to have it’s a good option to have and you can tailor your money grind with your crates to your play style which is good now the arcade there’s two arcade locations that you want to look at that’s going to be the la mesa and the davis locations because those two arcades will

Be centered and centralized around your warehouse locations and once it’s time to sell your warehouses you can do these 100 solo just remember if you have a aerial sale like if you have a cuban or a titan or one of the helicopters get into the vehicle it’ll spawn your drop locations you need to scout your drops because some sales will have enemy npcs hovering

Over them and you will get shot down or some of the delivery locations will have enemy npcs and they can you know mess up your sail they can force you to fail a sale and you definitely don’t want to fail that sale all right real quick guys if you enjoyed the video make sure you drop a like make sure you are subscribed to my channel with notifications turned on so

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Numbers especially with the warehouse staff it’s 7 500 to make a purchase and you’ll randomly get one two or three crates or maybe even special cargo it’s a 48 minute cooldown timer okay the time to fill five large warehouses it’s best case scenario you get three crates delivered every single time it’ll be 29.6 hours if you get two crates it’s 44.4 hours and one

Crate 88.8 hours for an average of 54 hours to fill up all five large warehouses the cost to fill up five large warehouses if you get three it’ll be one million three hundred eighty seven thousand five hundred for two two million eighty one thousand two fifty and for one four million one hundred and sixty two thousand five hundred for an average of two million five

Hundred fifty thousand dollars to fill up all five large warehouses at an average of 68 purchases all right and that will give you a net profit after all the expenses of 158 thousand 240 per hour just from the warehouse staff but because this is a hybrid passive income method we know that you can integrate other things like your pay phone hits your kaio pariko heist

Your other passive income and you can easily make a million plus per hour all right now what i’m showing you right here is a comparison between just you know going from the furthest ceo warehouse back to your arcade uh and comparing it to spamming find new session with your location set to a ceo office or an arcade that’s a viable option you can do that if you’re

100 solo if you’re a player like me i don’t like to do that i think it kind of makes it a little cheesy it kind of cheapens the experience you know and you really don’t save that much time as i’m proving right here although it is a little bit faster to just you know set your location to a ceo warehouse or an arcade and then the spam find new session after every

Delivery to buy a new uh you know crate or whatever i mean honestly you’re only saving about 10 seconds i ran the numbers did the math it’s on 68 purchases it’s about 10 minutes uh maybe 15 at best and one failed to join lobby uh error will kind of mess that whole thing up so just keep that in mind if you just want to stay in one lobby don’t worry about it you’re

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Not going to waste that much time and if you do though want to spam find a new session that’s fine do that you will save about 10 maybe 15 seconds now real quick let’s compare this to the old ceo crate method where you just used a terabyte and you would actively grind the crates by going back and forth between two large warehouses to avoid the cool down time uh the

Overall amount of time is quicker you can fill up five large warehouses in roughly 27 hours okay uh in addition you did make more per hour as well with just the active grinds you’re making 287 777 dollars per hour but the overall amount of money that you can make with adding in your other businesses uh is going to be less because now the new method with purchasing

Your crates from your warehouse staff and mixing up with payphone hits the cayo perrico heist it is more profitable you’re gonna be making on average between two and three hundred thousand dollars more per hour with this new method so that is going to be the meta now with the ceo crate business not only having a active but a passive form of income by purchasing the

Crates from the warehouse staff and then you integrate in your other income streams from coyote guys pay phone hits other deliveries auto shop contracts import export you know either one of those it’ll all work out for you but the meta is going to be the kaio perico highs pay phone hits and then actively grinding the crates as well while the cooldown timer kicks off

With your passive warehouse staff purchases so there you have it this is the new ceo special cargo crate business meta method this is a new way to grind this business i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you got any questions leave them in the comments down below thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe to my channel for the illusion realist content

In the game smash i mean smash smash that like button we’ll see you guys in the next one all right peace out

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The NEW Special Cargo META Money Guide In GTA Online! (How To Maximize Ypur Profits) By Tylarious