The ULTIMATE Halloween Party!! ,000 BUDGET!

BEST Halloween Party EVER!!! The CIRCUS Way!🎪

Welcome to the ultimate party eleanor budget is a thousand dollars we have a lot of things to get will you need for a thousand dollars i would buckle up because we’re doing this the circus way baby let’s go the circus way we gotta find some fun costumes that’s too big zombies addison see me what zombies they even had dog costumes i know exactly what

To get for barbie and it’s a secret and i’ll show you a little bit busy honey honey i got your costume um i gotta that’s how you look like oh you look good and you’re wearing brown today this was just like meant to be look mom i’m gonna be willow that’s so cool i love zombies too you know i do know it’s 25 dollars oh and i know exactly what i want to be a

Superhero we get i need help come on buddy hmm for preston it’s a ninja and you’ve been doing karate you can even get a sword buddy we gotta get out of here let’s go to target let’s go there’s a lot of chuckies everywhere whoa oh but i have an even better idea for a pinata this year oh man okay yo check out their balloon situation no way are they driving like

That even i know this is the worst idea ever we’re at target hug is not scary at all take a tappy i have a feeling we’re gonna find some really fun party things here one baby there you go jordan thank you now this is gonna be the pinata today do you know where your power drill is apple cider to the halloween section nae nae oh that’s a master costume it would

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Look at you these days kids they are dead and he comes with his z-band that is not a puppy sweetie we’re getting it i’m giving this blow up at 60 bucks next i know exactly what we need we’re gonna get it where is it honey i need some help it’s heavy thank you don’t worry it’s only two hundred dollars bounce houses are not cheap you know we need this new

More trash pads in our place it’s raining crash pads boom we need all these ready catch catch thank you wait there you go more wait one more there you go perfect we’re getting it yeah thank you thank you we need another car it’s one of those days two card day i haven’t had a two cut day in forever ever they never have these telling you we got lucky we did

Yeah what it’s a latte squishmallow eat that do you have money in here then use your own money no you gotta hold it that doesn’t go in my cart i’m not part of my thousand dollar budget now we gotta fill the bounce house with candy candy we’re gonna get a thousand pieces halloween’s expensive it’s not christmas why is it expensive halloween there is so much

Cool stuff here these are cool okay cakes says latte looks like we got everything time to go did i manage to spend 800 at target sure did sure did look thank you here you go thank you have a good one thank you you ready to try your costume on yes i’m so excited all right let’s see if you can walk in a barbie come on you can do it seriously how cool

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Is that look at all the details foreign i mean you can’t be a cheerleader without problems their outfits are almost done just a little bit of detail i see you can use the brush oh look it’s fine i see no it’s not icy time oh you really love it don’t you i do i loved it what are you doing what are you doing these are for the pie is a boil yay yeah

There’s not what do you oh do you want one yeah yeah well since we’re tasting the party food let’s taste the apple cider you want to taste it okay now we use the butter beer cup and the piles for everybody halloween tastes good foreign here you go and it’s time to get my costume on too let’s go let’s go i’m so excited because i have no idea i

Got a special toy delivery right from mrs bench let’s see what’s inside can i eat this i mean come on it’s not a halloween party without some slime foreign and we have some special i’m telling you now you’ve never seen this before we are gonna stuff the pumpkins with and then close the pumpkins and crack it open and see what each person gets a good idea

I love today honey you finished making the holes while we play a fun game called stick the fidget on the ceiling ah your turn left me it’s stuck there good i told you this was a good game broomstick oh now you like your new tv and everything watch this hey guys we got the stuff each other’s pumpkins yeah she definitely needs one of these smells like candy

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Loves these we gotta make it fit this is really cute foreign oh my goodness this is perfect for trick-or-treating all patched up and ready to go time to smash the pumpkin yeah it’s gonna be a huge drop s sweet jordan your turn yay oh my gosh your stuff is everywhere look at your pumpkin let’s go on a little field trip to mcdonald’s apparently

They have an adult happy meal so let’s find out they do have it yeah can i have an adult happy meal the with the big mac please big mac yeah thank you we go you have a box you have a box i got a brown bag so i paid an extra brown bag and this toy do better mcdonald’s you’re ruining the party mcdonald’s you’re in trouble foreign actually i have an idea finally

I’m impressed with myself i’m a magician chris’s turn that was good it says turn feed me candy it’s gonna rain candy that’s right we’re gonna make it rain candy from up there into the bounce house i got one got one more bag s i almost forgot it’s the best halloween ever thank you

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