The UNIDROIT: UCC1 File & UCC3 Addendum – Updates

What da bizness is…My channel is 100% about truth of a product, service or my personal experiences. If you like the info great subscribe etc. Thank you to those who do and have supported with the donations. Non Combatant. U.S. Treaty. Age of the Majority. Thank you for watching!

What’s up guys it’s your boy the bad wolf here to bring you guys some of the information so before we get started i want to thank everybody out there for supporting the channel as you can see we’re um halfway through 7 500 people almost 8 000 people um when we get to 8 000 i think what i’m going to do is i’m going to go live i know some of you guys have been

Asking me how come i don’t go live believe it or not i know you guys watch these videos i’m really kind of a private person i know it sounds weird oh it’s just no for real um i really don’t do good in the public eye um i guess maybe my alter ego would but uh so i thank you guys for this um publicity there’s no righty this infamous infamy uh whatever else because

I’ve even you know been in other chat groups on facebook and they don’t know my real name on there and and they’re like yeah you know the bad wolf so thank you guys um for that um i appreciate i’m not looking for the fame i’m looking for the fact that i want you guys to know this stuff because you deserve it it’s yours and i just appreciate that you like how

I present the information and what i present and that unlike a lot of people i’m actually living this life and i’ve lived this life and um i mean it’s my time and turn to give back and so much like for you guys and for my family um i want to make sure that this is you know out there for posterity so anyway let’s get started so this particular video is about oh

Thank you for the donations those still continue to come in at crazy amounts i mean i got 100 500 something um and then two dollars it all it’s all great to me guys i appreciate it seriously um the channel itself is starting to make a little tiny bit of money um so that’s cool i appreciate it um things have slowed down on the you know the ordering part because

You know we’re over covered people get out there and do some stuff but there’s more traffic so more people are at least watching they haven’t quite bought and and um some of you guys have been making your own explanatory statements and having me review them during consultations that is okay um we can do that as well like i said if you don’t want to buy mine you

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Can make your own i’ve always said that i’m it’s definitely not all about the money here so anyway i digress let’s get to it so this video is about um your ucc one okay now i didn’t mention a little bit on how to do it and typically i do have people just get the file because it gets so tiring telling people all the steps and then there’s some steps that i don’t

Even know so usually when we do a consultation that’s when i give people the information a little bit more on a uc swan c1 or they go to blackside32 my site dot com my site and they get the file and then they can do it themselves which usually works great now for those people who are running into this new problem because once again what i’ve

Always told you this channel they find ways to make sure that they curve the situation okay so now what they’ve been doing is they’ve been making that that the box because i’m just a madman in a box but they’ve been making the box a little bit tiny tiny all right so what’s that mean that means that if you use my file and you try to copy paste which we were able

To do for years you’re not going to be able to copy and paste all that information because they don’t want you to protect all that they’ve never said you couldn’t protect use that stuff or declare it they just want to make the box smaller all right so how do we deal with that well i’m glad you asked and that’s why we’ve got the channel here so remember this is

Educational information not for any other purposes especially nothing nefarious because we are noncombatants non-belligerents friends of the united states and treaty with the vatican and the unidroid we’re claiming it here people all right so what do we do one either you will have to itemize all of your stuff into that little box okay so you can then put all

Of my person my being including the fibers of my soul any genetic material etc whatever i’m putting lean against for the tune of ten twenty fifty thousand hundred thousand dollars per item with drawn or used or damaged um all of my house and my materials you know 5.2 million my vehicle and any vehicle i have any aspect of it including towing 250 000 um all of

My computer equipment and whatever else another 1.2 million so that’s how you can do that or you can still put it all in on paper do your form you know put your information on there because it should be your form anyway and then you’re going to get the paper form and mail it in that way now it does take a little bit longer but if you want to have it all in there

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Which one of my clients was i just spoke to last week um that’s what i told them to do so that’s what you can do as well it just means that if they do reject you from some stupid reason or whatever else um that they’re going to send it back in paper you’re not going to get the instant rejection and be able to rebut it rebute it and refute it and return it

Instantly okay so be prepared for that just in case now the real heart of this video is about the ucc three what is that already followed us you see one mr wolf what what why for i need to be doing that kind of stuff what is that you talking about well i’m glad you asked young boy from the country in the back um the the ucc3 is an addendum okay it means it is

A an attachment to your original file you cannot go back in and correct your original file you have to do a ucc3 well how do you do it i’m glad you asked over there okay so you’re gonna have your original number you pull up your information now you really in in wisconsin you have to set up an account so it’s easily going to the account it’s already in there and

Then you can just hit addendum to that particular number some of you guys out there who live in the way found way down yonder not far offs you’re gonna have to take your number go on there punch it up or look yourself up because you should be in the record underneath your government sets the k trust name and uh once you find that you’re going to hit addendum put

In all your information like you did in the original way to avoid all the traps and whatnot if you don’t know those they’re in the file available on shameless plug but once you do that you are going to now have a i believe it’s a slightly less in wisconsin it’s a slightly larger box so you can get additional information in there i think it cost

Like maybe 10 or 15 bucks to an addendum so optimally you put in your information in the tiny box if you want to add to it you can close that one out and then open up a new addendum you can always do more addendums addendum addendum addendum so you can now put in all those copy paste copy paste copy paste hypothetically that’s what you can do if you want to add

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All the information to your file that way however you’re going to be spending more money so they’re not saying you can’t add the information now that they know what’s going on now they want to make some more money off of it because that’s how they pay the bills all right guys so that’s it hopefully you guys find that information constructive be good up there in

All of your walks of life thank you for helping to make the channel do what it be doing um remember when you guys contact me for your consultations include your phone numbers right away i always call from a private or blocked number um because it gets a little hectic uh when people are messaging me all times of day out of the blue whatever i’m at whatever i’m

Doing hey what about this and what about that which is okay with a couple people a couple of friends but on that one it turns into a lot of people so um about the consultations and yes i was even asked someone i was like yeah i’m kind of low on funny can i or low on money but that makes it kind of funny right uh can i do like a half hour or something um yeah

You know you have to kind of message me and set that up because i don’t have a pay plan for that but it would be 25 for the you know 30 minutes or you know what something like that and i’m gonna tell you right now most of the time unless it’s one specific question or two it’s typically we’re going to go over that half an hour so either watch the video all the

Videos go back to the original home page for youtube for james c lovett and search in the search bar that’s how you find the information you’re probably looking for on my main page okay because youtube is not going to promote every single video uh that i have through there through your channel it just doesn’t happen so that’s it guys thank you for um helping

The the bad wolf get to where we’re at i appreciate it um continue to study continue to be safe and i’ll talk to you guys later peace out back to the lab

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The UNIDROIT: UCC1 File & UCC3 Addendum – Updates By James C Lovett