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Lemar and Tia are 2 friends/former co-workers who haven’t seen each other in 5 years since the company they were working at went bankrupt and Tia moved out of Florida. Tia wants to meet up with her old partner in crime so they can reminisce and have a new wild adventure together in Kansas City, as the two of them typically equal double trouble.

The names are amazing butt rub butt kicking chicken tell me you’re in kansas city without telling your city meeting up with loved ones isn’t always easy especially when you live in different parts of the country we’re doing this whole long distance thing and it’s hard i have not had a girls trip in a really long time i’m so excited so we’re providing people with

Inspiring stories an unforgettable opportunity to reconnect with each other while exploring a new destination somewhere in between this is meet me in the middle hey my name is lamar scott and my best friend is named tia right now she could not be farther away from me we first met after being hired to work at the same company together in florida we explored

The world together everything was going amazing and then bam the job comes to a screeching halt and we ended up having to part ways that was about five years ago we’ve been trying to get together in person and something has always come up last year it was finally going to happen and then the pandemic happened so we are way past due to get together and i really

Miss my friend so here’s hoping to meet in the middle travel leisure thinks that you two would be great candidates to have meat in the middle yes oh my gosh we are ready you two are going to be meeting in the middle in kansas city missouri thank you so much we are ecstatic it’s four o’clock in the morning kind of on my way to the airport and thus begins the

Adventure it’s happening guys five years so i have made it to kansas city it’s beautiful out here but it is hot i am so stoked to finally be here in kansas city so much art there’s so much food there’s so much culture the streetcars are cool there’s lots of jazz music the 21c museum hotel is fabulous there’s something to discover around every single corner

Tia and i have not seen each other in way too long this is long overdue this is something that we’ve been waiting for i’m i’m nervous but in a good way i have like good butterflies but i also know that when we see each other it we’re just gonna pick up like there was no time missing at all already laughing seen me in person here it is you look so good thank

You you got to have you got to get used to it you are used to 75 pounds as a year new city new look the next few days are going to be amazing i’m excited because i know wherever we are exactly we’ll make it amazing yeah we can be in the middle of potato fields and you know we’ll cut up thank you oh my gosh we’re cute thank you okay hold on hold on i got my

Day one we got the day one itinerary this is the news all right day one welcome lamar and tia to kansas city we hope you brought your appetites we most definitely did because we’re going to joe’s kansas city for its world famous barbecue world famous world famous followed by some sightseeing a special surprise and a wild night of country music at knuckleheads


This is where we’re making the friends we can’t wait to watch you to reconnect and enjoy yourselves as you take in all the city has to offer have fun from the team at travel and leisure don’t know how you do it no i don’t know you don’t need a bib though you’re wearing white okay already a messy eater it really does have to be good because i’m looking at

Everybody and nobody’s upset you know how like in florida and la people are like but here people are just like oh yeah so we’re just gonna wait two hours this is the place to be if you’re in kansas city for barbecue i’m gonna do the ribs and burnt and dinner please what side would you like um do you have side salad i see that you have a pig salad which mentions

Pork is there actual lettuce in there i don’t know how you do it in kansas city no yes there’s lettuce and then that pork’s on top okay oh an outfit change like the names the names are amazing butt rub butt kicking chicken tell me you’re in kansas city without telling your young city kansas city barbecue is known for like low and slow barbecue we put stuff like

That we’re serving today it started on the pits last night at like three o’clock so it’ll cook 16 hours and so we really get a smoke that’s kind of what kansas city is known for is that smokey barbecue yeah this is amazing this brisket is so tender like it taste that 16 hours i can taste every single hour minute and second of it one of our main city icons is a

Heart t-shirt with casey in the middle and we always tell people that midwestern style living you know where a lot of the coasts are very fast-paced or whatever and everybody kind of mocks it we’re kind of slow and stuff but when you get here the city of fountains the barbecue things like that are jazz district we have a lot of those things that are meant to be

Sitting around the table enjoying drinks enjoying family enjoying friends like i think that’s really what kansas city is all about this is the nelson atkins museum of art it looks like a castle from the outside pulling up i was like with all the columns are we royal hold on you got the legs crossed there’s so much energy all over the place there’s mini golf

That’s a gumball machine oh it travels around that’s the that’s the final one isn’t it very impressive this is beautiful it’s so striking oh this looks great that’s an epic shot this is art that you’ve seen in pictures before but it’s one thing to come and you see it in person and there’s just so much that this museum has to offer and i didn’t know it existed

I have i have no idea what’s next i know that whatever follows is going to absolutely blow my mind thank you so much wait a second this is fantastic this is happy happy birthday thank you what is it i do not know it is so good i really want you to try what this is too i feel like a kid i think that’s what i love about this city is that i feel like a kid

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Forget it all the etiquette album would go up i have to try it now it is pretty it is pretty funny that it landed right yeah the day after two days after my birthday but what better way to celebrate than a whole trip honestly this is the best present i could ask for it really is wait a second you know what it’s unexpected very unexpected very different

For us yes miami los angeles but what a way to soak it up i miss coming out to the live music venues because that was something that i did in l.a and when you were going to come and visit me i was going to take you somewhere and of course that never happened because of miss corona yeah right because of the pandemic so the fact that we get to do this in a new

City like to us new to us is is it’s special i’m ready well we got two knuckleheads foreign every single day i wake up i kind of feel like what’s next and knuckleheads was it was an experience when i look back on it i’m just glad that we did it i want to know what we’re doing today like i really do want to make it me too the benchmark was

Set really high with knuckleheads so now i’m trying to figure out like oh day two good morning it’s time to hit the streets and experience kansas city like never before on a private urban hike tour you’ll then head over to the historic city market before a delicious meal at brown and lowe love to eat featuring a blend of big city bistro with a welcoming casual

Flavor of a neighborhood favorite i love whoever wrote this this is artistic enjoy yourselves from the team at travel and leisure i’m writing ready and i kansas city is a city that is full of a lot of historical buildings and a lot of art so instead of taking a hike in the mountains we will be hiking around here in downtown kansas city and learn a lot of really

Cool things all right let’s go so right now we’re in downtown we’re in the library district because we have this huge library that is our central kansas city missouri library that originally was a bank the door is this huge door that’s really pretty and really ornate it’s like majestic hello and this is so cool i’m excited for this streetcar i think it looks

Actually really modern next stop north loop so we’re in this river market right now which is also called the city market many farmers from the outskirts of kansas city come and they bring their products here kansas city started on the river an area that was a main hub for people going on the santa fe trail to get their gear get things that they needed for

The trails and i noticed there’s a lot of trains that come through here there’s one coming through right now as if on cue so can you tell us about the trains that come through we were the city to have the bridge that crossed the river and connected the coast we built the bridge kansas city had a huge growth spurt after that nationwide kansas city is known

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For our barbecue and one of the main reasons why is because when our city started we started with a stockyard industry where cows and hogs would come from the outskirts and they would come from trains by trains to be processed in kansas city that connection the stockyards and barbecue and food is something that started so long ago but is still present and you

Guys experienced it at dsp one neighborhood that i would definitely want to mention is the 18th in vine district it is a neighborhood that still has jazz clubs that you can visit and it has a very rich black history kansas city we have barbecue we have art yes we have jazz it’s definitely a hidden gem in the middle of the wind west and i hope everybody finds

Out about it i love lisa if you can’t tell i absolutely love her because it’s easy to be interested in something when someone else is interested she’s very interested in this city she loves this city and that love poured through everything that she was sharing thank you lisa so much you’ve been just a vault of knowledge which i feel is perfect because so many of

These buildings were formerly banks with that had vaults and you yourself are a vault of knowledge i’ve had so much fun with you guys too i think yeah we could do this all day yes next time after doing a whole bunch of walking we’re hungry and we heard that this place has some history the building was built in 1920s and it was called the merchant bank and so

It’s got like all the original marble floors we got a couple of the original vault doors we were drenched in knowledge today lisa was so easy to connect with here’s someone who obviously loves kansas city deeply we had so many questions one thing kansas does very well is food but you have your big burger my big brunch burger burger and i have a traditional brunch

Which is really hitting the spot man what a weekend that was something we packed so much into two days yes i feel like lamar like we checked everything off the list we did the sightseeing we ate good food we made friends yep i don’t think i’ll forget any part of this trip one two three honestly it was a blessing to reconnect with lamar i think this time has

Shown us how important friendships are how important not taking time for granted and even places for granted the opportunity to travel with someone that you really love is so much more meaningful you create so much more memories you have so many more indelible experiences and i get to take this memory back i get to share with other people that i love and tell

Them my experience and hopefully inspire you know something in them that will say hey i need to go out and try something new i would never go to a honky-tonk but maybe i need to try it lean into that adventurous spirit lean into that wanderlust and take advantage of where you are there’s definitely something interesting to be discovered there’s definitely good

Food to be had you just got to take advantage of your surroundings there’s magic everywhere you gotta find it

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