These Settings won HIM 30,000! (Best Controller Settings)

These Settings won HIM $130,000! (Best Controller Settings)

There is a super underrated controller pro that has won more than a hundred thirty thousand dollars just from tournaments his name is baila i’m sure most you guys are pretty familiar with him debatably one of the best controller players right now so i’m gonna be trying his settings to see if they’re good or not and if you want that crazy aim make sure you guys use

My code kyb it resets every two weeks so a lot of you think you have it in but actually don’t so thank you guys so much for that is greatly appreciated click that sub button if you’re new and the settings are spread out through the entire video so make sure to watch all the way to the end let’s get right into it alright boys first game of the day let’s get a nice

Little warm-up going here starting with this guy all right thank you bro appreciate you boom what the yo from where bro i just got on bro at least give me a minute to warm up all right we’re chilling now we’re chilling we’re chilling ready watch this watch this bro homie did not see that one coming at all foam that’s what we like to see out here oh my gosh that

Is that please edit that here we go boom i’m actually kind of popping off already bro i’m just getting started here these guys are teaming bro are you joking ain’t no way they’re definitely terrible yup how did i know every single time kids are cheating they’re always super bad oh okay we got a beam going on these settings too watch this play boys ready for this

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Boom boom boom little side jump on him it’s not seeing this nope that was so free bro and ready for this boom there we go 1v1 bro these settings off the bat are actually pretty fire bro i like them wow let’s go i actually have a beam right now this is wild boom boom nope not today bro he really thought he had me there ah not a chance where’s he going boom baby

Bro i’m the kind of popping off right now let’s see how many games in a row we could win i honestly don’t even think we’re gonna lose a single game bro i’m telling you right now oh my god no no right as i say that dude that was just bad luck what i really meant was from this game on how many can we win oh baby give me that another kid right above me it’s about

To get it bro he really is about to get it oh my god here we go gotta watch my my head here this guy’s trying to make a play all right i see you i see you not for long though ready ready watch this boom i hit him for nothing right there oh my gosh i think i hit him for like 40 damage or something five boys ready ready no why do i choke every single shot oh my

Yo i have an idea i have an idea i’m good i’m good i’m good oh what are you doing bro there we go oh nice little attempt there oh bro oh my gosh i’m actually like a different breed right now i’m telling you these settings are where it’s at dude everyone’s gotta try them out foreign box oh my gosh that was actually kind of filthy just that whole play start to

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Finish was absolutely disgusting hey what you doing son oh i’m telling you bro the aim on these settings are just different they are way too good honestly some of the best settings i feel like i’ve tried in a very long time this guy’s coming from behind oh oh oh oh oh this other kid right there oh it’s ready hold up hold up just watch edit that oh okay okay

Making some moves here going right in his box don’t even care boom another dub let’s go oh if i choke this bro hold on i’m just trying to heal up there we go love to see it this guy’s pushing me oh my gosh he just flung me off the side come on come on where’d he go away i’m choking my shots like this oh bro this is getting intense this is getting very intense

Yeah my pumps are actually hitting for such high damage bro get out of here oh baby poor guy hold up i actually gotta heal up for a second yo what is he going on right now oh my gosh you good bro you good bro okay there we go gotta hit him with the reload real quick bro this is absolutely insane i like this lobby bro these are fun games right now let’s go no

Way how did i choke that easy what do you watch this hold up boom ready okay this guy’s building up forever i’m just gonna hit him with one of these boom easy height on him now he just maintain the high ground and oh look now he’s running away here we go edit that bro please edit that oh my gosh i’m insane right now come on come on no no no no what is going

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On i’m choking so hard right now this is actually bad all right there we go booms me or mats oh my gosh this kid bro this is such an intense game right now i’m choking so hard boom there we go finally then it’s a 1v1 i think got enough mass from the last guy boom come on land on me land on me let’s go all right i’ll take it i’ll take it oh mike two hp i just

Had what ready foam here we go watch this watch this oh here we go little did he know that wall was mine boom give me that song here we go things are 1v1 try to get this dub real quick ready home no way if i choke this somehow i’m gonna quit fortnite bro all right there we go all right these are his settings he plays on a 2.0 build and edit 43 horizontal and

Vertical with two percent boost i honestly did not notice the boost at all because it’s only two percent and then seven and nine for the ads horizontal and vertical speed with a one percent boost once again did not even notice that at all linear 100 amos’s strength 10 and 8 for the dead zones and those are his settings make sure to click the video on screen right

Now to go to my second channel video let’s get that channel up to 30k i know we could do it with that being said love you guys and i’m out peace

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These Settings won HIM $130,000! (Best Controller Settings) By Kybo