This Is How Much YouTube Paid Me For 1,000,000 Views

Hey squad, so I recently saw this video from a YouTuber called Shelby Church, where she spoke about how much she earned from 1,000,000 video views. It’s not very often YouTubers actually talk about topics like this because it’s very personal and it may come off the wrong way.

What’s up guys i’m here and welcome back to a brand new video here on my channel so as you may have seen by the title of this video we’re gonna take a deep dive into my analytics today this youtuber called shelby church recently uploaded a video where she talked about how much she actually earns from a youtube video or actually more specifically how much she earns

From 1 million views now the thing about youtube is that every single video earns a different amount of cash and that is simply because the advertisers pay different amounts of money for a certain target group if that makes sense so just a little example about 80% of my subscribers are from germany and that is not even joke 100% legit and i have i don’t know how many

Exactly but i have a few from america and all i know is that i earn more from the american subscribers that i have than i do from my german subscribers and that does not make any sense at all i know but it seems to me like the advertisers pay more for american views than german views it’s odd really odd but that’s how youtube works so if you’re more interested in

This topic be sure to watch the entire video and yeah without further ado let’s get to the video okay so i asked you guys on instagram how much money you think i earn from a million views and here’s the results okay someone says seven thousand dollars songs as a thousand to two thousand dollars someone says they think $1 per thousand views someone says forty

To fifty ten to twenty thousand euros 150 euros four hundred and fifty dollars so as you guys can see there’s a bunch of different opinions 50 dollars five hundred euros depends on the ads that’s probably the most accurate answer and it does not only depend on the ads it also depends on the viewers i also asked you how much you think a video with five million users

Some people say 50k i assume that in dollars someone says forty thousand euros someone says fifteen thousand euros someone says five hundred euros just like the previous one it seems to be a lot of different opinions and right now i will be opening up to you guys about my personal numbers and i’m a little bit nervous i’d like to say that all these numbers are before

Tax so i pay a certain amount for tax obviously actually i pay a lot of tax i’m norwegian also i pay a certain amount of my youtube network so these numbers are really far away from the money that i actually get to spend so yeah so if you’re new to my channel you probably don’t know this but my peak year on youtube was probably around 2015-2016 that was the point

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Where i grew from around 2,000 subscribers to a hundred thousand and then eventually 200,000 and 300,000 thousand and after that my channel slowly kind of not died but i don’t really get the views anymore just to put it that way and i’m not mad about it it’s my own fault i was not consistent with my uploads at all whatsoever and a new algorithm i need to upload in

Order to get views and in order to satisfy people but honestly it’s not about the numbers at all i’m simply making this video because i thought a lot of you guys probably interested in knowing this because people assume youtubers make a bunch of money and that isn’t necessarily the case like i’ve had my days where i earned a bunch of money at least i think it’s a

Lot but yeah okay i must i’m not gonna ramble anymore i think you get the point here i’m not here to brag i just want to show you this i’m gonna start out by sorting my videos to like the most viewed as you guys can see my most viewed video is speaking german if i just look up the analytics for this video speaking german you’ll see something interesting so mm-hmm

These are the stats for my last 28 days that’s not what we’re gonna look out because i don’t think people watch this video anymore we’re gonna watch the lifetime analytics so as you guys can see here i’ve earned two thousand and fifty four dollars off of this video and some of it is from youtube premium and most of it is just from ads in the video now the video

Is four minutes and thirty long which means that i’m only able to add one ad in the video as far as i know maybe two i don’t know but all i know is that if you make a video over ten minutes you’re able to place ads pretty much over your entire video and this video is too short for that which is why i’m most likely only had one ad play per video some people use

Adblock as well if you use a lot people don’t earn any money so it really sucks for youtubers when people use adblock that’s a whole different story okay so as you guys can see here i don’t know okay this was uploaded on january 17th 2015 for some reason i don’t have any stats from that period of time i have no idea why it seems to me like the video really really

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Peaked around 2016 in december so i’ve earned two thousand and fifty four dollars off of this video that is absolutely insane but as you guys can see that’s not like all at once it’s been like it’s it it’s had its peaks over the years it seems like every year there’s like a small little peak in the video i don’t know why that’s weird i’ve never really looked at

These statistics before so it’s kind of fascinating to me obviously this video is speaking german so it makes sense that people would watch it and as you guys can see that’s actually the case so i’ve actually earned one thousand four hundred and $40 off of germany or german people what am i talking about and i’ve earned two hundred and sixty four dollars of

People from the us if i go to another video which is let me see maybe i’m boxing csgo knives that’s my second most watched video it has let me see it has 3.7 million views and from this video i’ve earned two thousand two hundred and ninety dollars so even though this speaking german video had more views the csgo video actually earned more now you may ask why

And i’m honestly asking the same thing but if we take a little dive into my analytics you will see that united states is on top here and from what i’ve heard the main reason is that advertisers pay more for american use i don’t know why i literally have no clue why i have earned one thousand three hundred and thirty five dollars off of united states and uk is in

Second and then german germany is in third it’s weird it’s really weird we can do some more comparisons just give me a sec let me give you guys a little overview of the videos that i have that has earned the most and let’s take a deep dive into the analytics so number one is in boxing csgo knives i just should we do that one and apparently that’s the video that

I’ve earned the most money from two thousand two hundred and ninety dollars that’s all that’s a bunch of money ok so another video that i’ve apparently earned a lot wrong is the trying mexican candy video this video only has half a million views not only it’s a lot but you know what i’m saying compared to the others it’s not that much so this video has earned one

Thousand four hundred and seventy nine dollars and most of the viewers here are from the united states and as you can see when i get views from the states i earned a lot of money why actually in order for me to solve this mystery i would like you to let me know if you use adblock or not because it seems to me like people must using a lot of adblock here i don’t

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Know this is insane to me this is so much fun oh there one more thing this video here which i have that is called worst song ever be they walk pup i did not think that this video would get so many views because honestly i’ve never been a fan of making fun of other youtubers i actually feel so bad for being so mean to bb i haven’t even met her and i was so mean in

That video but i just i i don’t know what was wrong with me that day but this video was earned one thousand three hundred and two dollars it’s absolutely insane most of these years are from germany though in switzerland and austria that’s pretty damn cool two years later i would really like to apologize for to bb for making that video i feel really bad sorry i just

Want to show you one last thing before i eeeh in this video and that is mine what can i say like average payout from youtube my views are not that high anymore and i don’t even earn anything like that those numbers i just showed you so let me just show you how much i’ve earned the last 28 days let me just check how many videos i’ve actually uploaded this month it’s

Currently july as you guys know and i upload it let me see one two three videos oh gosh that’s week feels bad i felt like i uploaded way more but apparently i didn’t three videos i uploaded and i’ve earned three hundred and six dollars now from those three hundred and six dollars i pay approximately thirty five percent tax and i also pay a certain percentage that

Will not let you guys know to my youtube network so as you guys probably understand i’m not really a rich youtuber oh my god i hope you guys found this somewhat interesting i tried being as honest as possible and i’m not really that comfortable with sharing these numbers because i think a lot of people don’t really look at youtube as a job and i think that sucks

Because making videos is it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of effort you have to think a lot about what people want to see and there’s a long process before you’re able to actually upload a video but that’s not really a discussion for now i just really wanted to show you these numbers like i said i really hope you found it somewhat interesting if you enjoyed

This video please be sure to smash the like button and i will see you guys within a couple of days with a brand new video bye

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This Is How Much YouTube Paid Me For 1,000,000 Views By Sunny