This Is How Much YouTube Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Short Video

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Hey guys welcome to silicon valley girl something wild and crazy is going on on youtube right now just listen to these numbers i have three different channels my lingua marina channel is my biggest channel almost 5 million followers these days last year i was getting 3 million views a month last year this time this year this month i am getting pay attention 31

Million views a month and it’s not like my subscriber base has exploded it has definitely grown by a lot it actually went from 3 million to almost 5 million but the amount of views 10xed in this video we’re going to talk about youtube shorts we’re going to talk about short video format i want everyone who’s watching this and who’s thinking of starting on social

Media or exploring new topics to get inspired to post short content by the end of this video because it has been a game changer for me i’m gonna get into details i’m gonna give you all the numbers how much money i’m making from shorts we’re gonna look at my 1 million plus views short and i’m going to show you how much i made in adsense revenue i’m going to tell you

How much i made from youtube shorts fund so we’re gonna get into all the details but the thing i want you to take away from this video is that if you ever thought of starting now is the best time to start because platforms youtube facebook slash instagram and tick tock are competing with each other so initially tick tock came up with this short video format and

At first it wasn’t taken seriously everyone was like oh this is for kids just like any social media right when it starts everybody’s like ah i’m not gonna pay attention to it but then suddenly it exploded and more and more people started posting and people in big corporations were like we are missing out on this format so instagram introduced trials and youtube

Injuries shorts and what they’re doing right now they are fighting for your attention and what’s happening is that short videos are being pushed by the algorithm and we are in this unique period of time when demand is bigger than supply and this is the time where you need to be on the supply side because your content is going to be pushed and this is what i’m

Experiencing every time a social network comes up with new type of content it’s going to be pushed by the algorithm which means that you don’t have to produce something extraordinary something that requires the whole film crew you can produce let’s say ordinary content and it’s gonna be promoted and you’re gonna get new subscribers okay let’s get into numbers

Let’s get into what’s happening on my channel it is wild okay so what happened on february 22nd 2021 i posted my first short video i have been posting on tick tock before and i didn’t pay too much attention to it because i realized the platform is growing and i realized i need to be there but i have three channels i have two kids i run companies so i just can’t

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Be on every single platform so i hired a team who took my youtube videos and cut short videos out of them and they started posting them on tick tock and in a year my tick tock grew to over 1 million followers i’m like okay youtube introduced shorts we should try so we started posting short videos on youtube but i was like i’m posting this short video which is a

Different format which doesn’t help my feed look nice so we didn’t post too much and i actually posted shorts only on my lingua marina channel and we’ve been posting maybe like two or three shorts a week but in the past two months we’ve seen this huge growth in terms of views so like eight months ago my short videos would get the same amount of views as my long

Videos and i was like okay whatever we’ll just keep doing them but on one channel but what started happening now is i think the algorithm is just getting wilder and wilder in terms of promoting short videos that on average my long videos would get a hundred thousand views in the first day and i considered good result here is a short video that i posted two days

Ago in the first 24 hours it gained 342 000 views which is huge for my channel and brought over 600 followers but then it started growing even faster and now it gets 30 000 views an hour has 800 000 views in total and has brought 2.2 000 followers to my channel now you might wonder how much money i’m making from short videos it’s a different story here so when

You’re watching an ordinary video on youtube i can insert ads at the beginning at the end of the video and midrolls that are in the middle of the video and the attribution here is easy right if you’re watching my videos if it’s interrupted by ads i get paid by youtube when we’re talking about shorts you can’t really insert an ad in a video that’s 30 seconds long

Like this doesn’t make sense so the ads have to be shown somewhere else and here’s the problem with the attribution who gets adsense money a creator who’s short is followed by the ad or a creator who’s short comes after the ad i think youtube is still figuring it out another quick thing when my short video is watched on a mobile app there are no ads so i don’t

Get any money but sometimes my short videos are being watched on a desktop and this is when adsense comes into play but anyways it is paying adsense money on shorts and they also introduced youtube shorts fund that gives money to shorts creators let me give you some numbers so with the video that got one million views seven days after it was published i was

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Able to make 42. which is maybe 20x lasts 30x less than what i make per video with the same amount of views on average but i’m not getting that amount of views regularly on my longer videos and i got 9 000 new subscribers in the first week and in total this video has been live for 19 days and in 19 days i was able to make 53 dollars in adsense and get 22 000

New subscribers before i tell you how much money i made on youtube shorts i just wanted to let you know that my team and i my team who’s behind my whole short video strategy we’re putting together a very short course which is going to last 14 days to help you start with short videos so there is a wait list below this video if you want to be updated regarding the

Course please uh leave your details in the waitlist and we will let you know the day we have the start date i think it’s like mid-january 2022 and you will get the best price it’s gonna be a short very practical course so you can start creating short videos and again for me the best thing about creating a short video is that i can post it to my tech talk to my

Instagram reels and to short and this is what we have been doing with the team and we have seen tremendous growth on all three platforms now let’s talk about the shorts fund youtube established a 100 million fund for shorts earlier this year qualify for payouts from the shorts fund channels must have uploaded at least one eligible short in the last 180 days and

Of course you have to follow their guidelines have appropriate content but good thing is you don’t have to be part of their monetization program so in order to be a part of their program in order to receive money from youtube adsense you need to have at least 1 000 followers and 4 000 hours of watch time which takes a while to accumulate but in order to get money

From the shorts fund you don’t need to be a part of that program you can be a brand new channel and i talked to my youtube manager yesterday and she said shorts are the best way to grow for new channels right now just giving you more inspiration guys it is the best way to grow these days anyways let’s go back to the shorts fun when i asked my manager how do you

Distribute funds she told me that they look at different metrics like how many views your shorts got and where your audience is located but any small channel can participate in this and you can get from a hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars a month now how much did i get each month youtube just notifies you they send you an email i’ve already got two emails

From them they tell me like hey marina here’s your shorts payment click the button to claim it so look for that email they don’t just pay you automatically and again youtube doesn’t really tell you how many views you need to qualify for the bonus where your audience should be located to qualify for the bonus it’s kind of really vague but i will give you my stats


So you can maybe determine how much money you could get from shorts so here are my numbers october was the first month when i was eligible for a whopping 100 dollar bonus that month i got 3 million 785 523 views from shorts feed and that was 32 of my total views in november i got 8 million 409 576 views and that was 52.8 of my total views on youtube and youtube

Paid me 164 dollars for that now i am not complaining because take talk pays me a fraction of that for even larger amount of views but again short videos are not about the money these days you know that attention is the most important currency the most important asset and for me the most important thing is that i’m able to reach more people that i’m able to build

A larger community and then i’m able to give value to more people on this planet i’m very curious how much i’m gonna get in december because this month the views are skyrocketing it is december 14th when i’m filming this video i already got 16 million 463 510 views and this is 77 of my total youtube viewership like my channel is now a shorts channel officially

Because i’m not talking about this channel i’m talking about lingo marina challenge on this channel i’m still figuring out my short strategy and i’m still figuring it out with my russian channel the problem is with lingua marina i’ve been posting shorts for almost a year with these two channels i just started a couple months ago when things started to go crazy

And i realized i’m actually missing out on a trend and i really want you to join this trend well it lasts because we know everything is temporary and probably in like two or three months the growth is going to slow down but i’m just super excited about the opportunity about the window in the algorithm that has opened up for new channels and existing creators if

You want more updates from me on my youtube life and my silicon valley journey don’t forget to subscribe this channel and please don’t miss out on the trend of posting short videos and again you need to create just one video and post it on your youtube instagram and tick tock so you do one video but you grow on three different platforms simultaneously reaching new

Audience everywhere thank you guys so much for watching this video at the very end i will see you very soon on my channel bye-bye

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This Is How Much YouTube Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Short Video By Silicon Valley Girl