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So guys today i was playing me messing around and making some money and i found something crazy guys i found a secret location that gives you free unicorn eggs guys before i tell you all about that let’s do the three second sub challenge if you guys are new here any of you guys are already part of your prep salami you guys know what we do every single day we do

The three second life challenge and don’t forget guys that if you do this within the three second countdown which is going to be super fast today comment down below mega fast fan all right guys are you ready for this let’s do it are you ready it’s gonna be super fast today let’s do it in three two one done thank you so much for doing that guys let me know down

In the comments below if you’re a mega fast fan because that was so so fast so that’ll be awesome if you did it guys and let’s go and let me tell you all about what happened today okay so we’re recording okay we’re on wreck this is actually so crazy so i just glitched onto the map i was having some fun i know about me messing around and then i came across this

It’s a baby santa and he asked me do i want some christmas gifts for christmas in july and i said yes but then i went turn the camera on so that you guys could be here in case he gives us something awesome wait he said hello are you still there he thinks i’m afraid guys i’m just gonna say yes uh yes i’m here i’m definitely still here for a second i thought he was

About to disappear but guys i wonder what he’s gonna give us if it’s something crazy that’d be so cool he said good it’s just so random there’s a random santa a baby santa underneath the map imagine if he gives us like a frost dragon or something because frost dragons are from christmas he said i am santa he was like i am sana but i am santa that’s actually quite

Funny this santa’s got a good sense of humor okay so let’s see what he’s going to give us he said is that your uni um yes is this a scam he said is that your uni does he want to borrow it so i can have the gift and then he’ll give it back he said fly ride yes uh starbucks is a neon fly ride uni how did what does that have anything to do with christmas in july and

You’re giving me the gift do you have unicorn eggs unicorn eggs um no i don’t have any unicorn eggs this is crazy uh he’s got unicorn eggs he said i do what guys unicorn eggs that’s awesome oh my gosh and i’m giving them away okay guys so we’re about to get some unicorn eggs but willie wants starburst for his unicorn eggs i’m just going to say yes please oh my

Gosh i’m trying to jump my head was hitting the roof let’s hope that he’s not a scammer i thought he was a scammer for a bit but now he’s being really nice he said you can get another uni oh my gosh this is going to be so so cool okay so we just said all you have to do to get the unicorn eggs is oh come on it’s going to be a scam i bet he’s going to ask just give

Me your fly ride neon unicorn starburst and then i’ll give you the unicorn x you can make another neon he said well this is definitely going to be a scam this is a waste of me filming because it’s just going to be a scam can you oh my gosh just say what i need to do you’re like all you need to do is well can you come on just what do i need to do i need to give

You starburst if i do i’m just gonna disappear jump up and down three times one two three um i wonder if this is a youtuber guys he said i am santa before maybe it’s stuck maybe it’s sana in disguise he said merry christmas or she said merry christmas if it’s sana i am santa is it sana is it santa feeling a bit i’m gonna check her channel like tomorrow and for

The next week to see if it’s actually i am sana how many uni eggs do you want um i have no idea so i’m just gonna say any amount you choose okay one more thing oh my gosh give me your best pet give me a golden pet i bet it’s gonna be something like that he’s doing this can you well last time he told us to jump up and down three times which is fine but i think

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This time he’s gonna ask for starburst let’s see guys please please give me a neonfly ride unicorn it’s my dream pet give me give me i’m gonna need to give him something a smile he wants a smile okay um let me go into dress up let me go into faces and just get the smiley face uh uh where’s the biggest smiley face there is there’s this one there we go okay now

We are smiling i see him we’re kind of smiling last time as well but there we go i’m smiling at him nice teeth okay back to the uni eggs cool i’ll give you them now okay so he’s about to give us the unix now guys he said let’s trade i’m going to trade him oh my gosh oh he sent me a trade request let’s go and let’s see what’s going to happen oh what sort of eggs

Are they do they look like unicorns because he like coded them himself let’s see guys what’s it gonna be he declined the trade wait okay come on i kind of wanted the uni eggs it’s a scam i know it’s a scam to get a uni you have to do three special things okay so he’s just telling me how to get a uni from these unicorn eggs i just said okay oh i hope i don’t mess

Them up though these are special eggs that can get you a uni every single time well if you do it right so how is doing it right what do you need to do let’s see okay so we just said okay i’m ready uh let’s press enter and let’s go let’s accept the trade oh his his name is the santa claus of roblox okay so we just put a cracked egg in that’s not a uni egg let’s see

If he puts the guinea eggs in next what else is he gonna put in okay pet egg huh maybe he’s gonna do two trades and then the second trade will give us the uni egg oh okay i think i get it now so he’s giving us some of these normal eggs he’s giving us four eggs that’s really cool remember you said before guys that there’s three special things that you need to do

To be able to get a unicorn from his eggs so maybe there’s a special hack that you can do so these actually are unicorn eggs because you can actually get a unicorn from all of these eggs so let’s accept the trade and see what else he has to say about them let’s go really accept oh my gosh tysm this is crazy we just got four free unicorn eggs he’s jumping up and

Down and i’m jumping up and down as well and let’s see guys what he’s gonna say now wait okay he said wait what’s it gonna be what’s gonna happen to get unis you have to okay let’s see what he’s gonna say is this gonna be a hack that actually works because if it is i’m going to try it with like a hundred different eggs he said number one hatch the cracked egg in

The center of the neon cave okay so with where there’s four different like neon spots you want to go in the middle of those with the cracked egg okay i probably need to write these down uh or should i just commit them to memory i’m gonna go grab a pen okay so i’ve got some pens because i don’t know which ones work and which ones don’t so okay this one works so

Number one cracked egg in center okay so what’s he gonna say next two before you hatch the pet eggs make sure that you say i am santa in the chat three times okay okay so i’ve just written that one down and i think he means both of them so next up let’s see what he says what do we have to do with the royal egg what’s he gonna say number three hatch the royal egg

On the red carpet in the nursery that’s what i do and it always works okay we need to try that one guys royal egg in the royal carpet he said can i trust you will do this yes you can 100 trust me they’re uni eggs okay let’s do this let’s go let’s hash these eggs and it’ll be so crazy i stand here all day and give them away that’s so so nice of him just giving away

Eggs all day tysm to anyone who finds me barely anybody would come underneath the main map but guys after you watch this video go look in and check if he’s underneath the main map for you because if he is you can get some free uni eggs as well but let’s go and let’s test out his theory on getting a unicorn every single time from these eggs merry christmas uni eggs

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For everyone that’s so so nice of him guys so now it’s time he said yay and i’m just going to say yay as well and guys now it’s time to go and hatch them i’m just going to say tysm and then it’s time to head over into the main center i said tysm tysm sorry bye okay so we said to start off with the cracked egg and to head over to the neon cave so let’s just go over

The top of this bridge and then if you guys didn’t know you just want to go to the top of this bridge to get to the neon cave jump down into the water and then find this secret door that’s underneath the bridge which was kind of weird and then what you want to do is head inside and then you’ll be inside the neon cave and now we just need to head all the way into

The center where we can make our neon and hatch our uniform from this egg so let’s hope we do get a unicorn and let’s see if he wasn’t trying to trick us so let’s try and get our cracked egg into the very center of here let’s just go like that and drop it and guys now i think it’s time it moved come on please don’t move next time don’t move boom okay now i think

It’s time to go and hatch our cracked egg and get a unicorn from it guys this is so crazy this cracked egg is about to be a unicorn if this guy is saying the right stuff so let’s go let’s hatch now wait let’s click on our egg let’s hatch now okay so i’m about to order hatchet but did santa want us to go on autohatcher or do you want us to go and manually go and do

The tasks and then do the last task here i didn’t ask guys so i’m not sure let’s order hatch and hope that we get a unicorn from this egg so let’s find out and did we get a unicorn do we do the half connection like santa said okay guys so we got a fennec fox i kind of thought that it was a unicorn but it rushed past me because it’s white and i was like yeah we got

A unicorn and then i was like oh we got a phoenix fox maybe the reason we didn’t get a unicorn is because when we went and hatched it santa wanted us to go manually do the tasks and not auto hatch it so guys if you have a cracked egg you go and try this to hack out but go and manually do the tasks like go and feed it and stuff and then go and hatch it right here

And do the last task and maybe it could get you guys a unicorn but let’s get on to the pet eggs and for the pet eggs let me just check what i was meant to do so he wanted us to say i’m santa three times in the chat and then go and hatch all of the pet eggs so maybe let’s go do that let’s go and i think we should do this in the main center or next to santa at the

Gift so let’s teleport to the gifts and stand next to santa and then we can go and say i am santa three times but i’m not gonna manually type it out i’m just gonna copy and paste it that’s the easy way so guys let’s type into the chat i am santa number one number two come on it’s not entering and then number three so we’ve said i am center three different times in

The chat and maybe now we can get a legendary so i did transfer over to a private server you guys probably noticed guys i am santa three times in the chat i don’t know about you guys but i think sana had something to do with this i think sandra is doing like a giveaway and she’s giving away unicorn eggs that’s what i think because that’s like a video that i think

She would do so let me know down the comments below if you guys think it’s iron starter as well but let’s go let’s bring out our pet egg and then we can go and take out our two pet eggs and hatch them okay so i’m gonna take the risk i’m gonna go and auto hatch these ones as well so let’s go and let’s start by hatching at this pet egg and let’s hope that we get a

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Unicorn from it okay so let’s buy now and is it gonna be a unicorn oh guys it’s a snow cat but guys the snow cat is white and pink and has black eyes and so does the unicorn the unicorn has white and pink on it and also has black eyes and then the phoenix fox is white with black eyes maybe we’re not doing the hacks right guys let’s go let’s try another pet egg

And go and see if we can get like something cool from that let’s see if we get a unicorn let’s see if the hack works with this one but where would a unicorn be in a dummy let’s hatch it in like a unicorn spot and i’m thinking where would unicorns hang out like unicorns fly in the clouds oh the clouds up at the sky castle maybe it’s over there so pet egg i’m gonna

Have to put you away for a second and pull out starburst so we can fly all the way up to the sky castle and then we can hatch our pet egg to get a unicorn on the unicorn clouds so we’re up on the clouds guys let’s get into a good spot i think he is good and after this pear egg we’re hatching a royal egg so maybe we’ll get a unicorn from that down in the nursery on

The red carpet so let’s go let’s pull out our egg let’s search up the egg so we can actually pull it out so let’s think positively for this one guys we’re going to get a unicorn i know it we’re in the clouds we’re the perfect spot we did the hack we said i am santa three times and let’s see if we can get a unicorn from the egg let’s just go let’s do it right now

Let’s hatch now let’s find out and is this going to be a unicorn it would be awesome if it is is santa’s telling the truth guys no we got a dog that’s like the opposite of a unicorn it’s like no colors of a unicorn it’s a common ah guys i think we were building it up we were building up but i think it’s gone down and i think now it’s just gonna rock it back up

With this royal egg i think the royal egg is gonna get us back up there and it’s gonna get us the legendary unicorn that santa said it’s going to get us let’s teleport to the nursery where we can head over to the red carpet to go and hatch our royal egg this is so awesome guys if we get a unicorn i’m going to be over the moon i’m going to be so so happy that we met

Santa in game so i’m thinking that’s where he wants the royal egg to stand because or like sit is the royal egg stand or see i don’t know guys but i think that’s where the royal egg’s meant to be on this red carpet to get a legendary so guys oh my gosh let’s see let’s hatch now oh my gosh if we get a legendary unicorn from this santa was telling the truth guys go

And do this if we get a unicorn go and do this straight away after this video because we can get a unicorn from this and we could all have unicorns together guys and this hack would actually work oh my gosh i’m so excited okay so let’s find out what’s gonna be let’s hope the santa is actually getting us a unicorn oh guys it’s a snow cat guys we got four unicorn

Eggs but we didn’t hatch a single unicorn because i think we were meant to do the tasks instead of going and auto hatching them so guys go check this out go get some unicorn eggs for yourself and go and try out these hacks but do the tasks and don’t auto hatch them but guys let’s end this video on a high note let’s give away another fly and ride potion guys and

The winner of the fly or ride potion is on the screen right now congratulations don’t forget that to enter the giveaway all you need to do is just join the pretzel army leave a like subscribe comment down below what mochis you saw and what your roblox username is and have the best day ever guys i’ll see you in the next one guys peace

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