Best 10 Altcoins in Cryptocurrency Today! What Coins Do You Like?

So much has changed in cryptocurrency over the  past few months let’s go over the top altcoin   projects in the crypto space today and i’m curious  if the coins on my top 10 list are the same as the   coins on your top 10 list what altcoins are on  your top 10 list here’s my list of the top 10   altcoins in the crypto space today

Coin number  one making our list today although these are   defy is booming if you are a subscriber to   our channel perhaps you’re already in the know  as to why if you have yet to subscribe here’s   what you need to know liquidity is flooding into  algorand’s defy ecosystem the total value locked   on algorand hits 270

Million for the first time  today hive mind capital deployed 25 million worth   of capital in algrand d5 giving the ecosystem  a liquidity injection several other catalysts   have helped algorand boom ahead of other project  projects but the rise may be short-lived due to   the macro climate if you like algorand give this 

Video a like on the coin number two altcoin number   two making our list today is zilica zilica is  highly undervalued particularly when it comes   to awareness it’s an alternative layer one to  ethereum but it doesn’t get talked about as   much as a cardano as much as a solana but they  have tons going for them including these

Two   big milestones or future milestone zilla catap’s  former president of the cboe europe mark hemsley   as their chairman of the board and also they’re  preparing to transition into proof of stake   consensus model so mark hemsley is a big get for  them silica research ltd the developers of the   silica blockchain

Today announced the appointment  of mark hemsley as the company’s chairman of the   europe and the executive vice president of cboe   global markets so this guy is highly connected in  the legacy world if you are excited about silica’s   future give this video a like of course hemsley is  joining the board of silica research as

The layer   1 protocol as zilica prepares to transition into  zilica 2.0 proof of stake consensus model designed   to make the silica platform more cost effective  and energy efficient altcoin number three one   now don’t say you understand avalanche unless   you understand this big upgrade that they just  implemented

And what it’s going to do for their   platform avalanche subnets can now let validators  stake using the subnets native token so avalanche   subnets can now let validators stake and earn  rewards with the subnet’s own native token due   to the implementation of the banff upgrade today  the upgrade provides subnet creators with

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More   customization and control over their ecosystem if  you’re unfamiliar subnets are application specific   blockchains within the wider avalanche ecosystem  each subnet can have its own purpose its own set   of validators and its own level of security subnet  validators must also validate the main avalanche   subnet

Validators for participating subnets   choose to stake the subnet’s native token they  will be able to earn rewards in that token so   projects building on avalanche kind of like we see  projects building on ethereum can now earn rewards   in that next layers native token validators will  still need to stake avax tokens too which

Is why   they make our list today which will be required  for the upcoming native cross subnet messaging   feature this upgrade is huge for avalanche their  ecosystems only getting bigger and better if you   like avalanche if you hold app avalanche like the  video let’s move on to coin four next coin making   our list has

Just launched it’s being touted as  a solana killer now some of its tokenomics are   in question but i think it has a lot going for  it and it’s just a fact the biggest gains of the   next cycle are going to come from the newer coins  that are fresh for that cycle and not necessarily   coins that have been around forever there’s

Less  risk with coins that have been around for longer   like this solana killer aptos launches its   highly anticipated mainnet the vc backed layer 1  solution was built by facebook slash meta alums   and touts a novel transaction ordering algorithm  if you’re psyched to hear about newer coins give   this video a like

And let me tell you about aptos  with the secret sauce conjured in the bowels of   the safest and most scalable l1 blockchain aptos   launched its mainnet today the culmination of four  years of technical development and a one billion   valuation leading exchange ftx and aptos investor  has already announced it will be listing

The aptos   token dubbed a potential salonic killer by many  aptos as the latest high-profile attempt to build   the perfect blockchain for smart contracts code  that supports the sprawling world of nfts dows   in testing aptos claims it has handled 130 000   transactions a second compared to 30 per second on  ethereum

Kind of a vanity metric but also key to   the nascent aptos ecosystem is the affiliated move  programming language which prioritizes scarcity   and control this will not be the last time you  hear about aptos keep these guys on your radar   we’ll be doing that moving forward altcoin number  five on today’s list is solana for the

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Very reason   so many people are counting them out yet they have  so much going for them not only integrated with   coinbase wallet not only integrated with openc  but this right here helios raises 3.1 million   to make solana app building faster and cheaper  the infrastructure startup hailing from former   coinbase

And amazon engineers built a streamlined  solana development platform making it that much   easier to build out solana’s ecosystem solana  infrastructure startup helios today announced   that it has raised 3.1 million seed round in an  effort to provide the tools to help developers   build web 3 apps in less time and for less

Money  co-founded by engineers formerly of coinbase and   amazon quote from the ceo regarding their mission  and intention with this money in the solana   blockchain the solana blockchain is quite hard to  work with and understand especially compared to   ethereum we’re trying to simplify blockchain data  and make it easy

To work with and build on top of   it will allow developers to build much faster and  cheaper my hope is that people who are intimidated   by crypto development and people who are coming  over from web 2 to web3 will have a much smoother   crypto but also solana specifically as well so   don’t count solana out it’s one of

The blue chips  going to next cycle altcoin number six is polygon   it makes our list today for a couple different  reasons number one reddit users created 3 million   crypto wallets on polygon to scoop up the reddit  avatar polygon nfts in addition and it just seems   like polygon is making partnerships with so many  big

Players polygon is taking newbank from web 2   to web 3 in a strategic partnership with polygon  nubank is launching its own chain using supernats   and thus its digital token new coin on polygon  this move will open the gateway for 70 million   new bank users to use the web 3 space specifically  on polygon these are the details

Newbank a fintech   new coin token on polygon blockchain october   19th paving the way for a rewards program for  its 70 million clients across latin america the   company said that the token will be available  in the first half of 2023 and it will recognize   customer loyalty and engagement with the bank  products

Without cost or fees for its users the   tokens can be redeemed for perks and discounts on  select products but for all those reasons and more   polygon makes our list if you like polygon let me  know in the comments below altcoin number seven   making our list today is ethereum is ethereum  an altcoin let me know in the comments

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Below   comes to being an ethereum holder fidelity   digital assets just announced that they will be  offering the ability to buy sell and transfer   ethereum starting october 28th in addition and if  you subscribe to our channel you know ethereum has   the greatest market share out of all the l1s it’s  the biggest in

The game besides bitcoin so we can   chains but ethereum has all of that and more   awesome this nft house just sold for 175 thousand  dollars worth of ethereum over the weekend holding   the nft gives you ownership of the actual house in  south carolina the company that made it happen is   roof stock and you can view the

Traits on open c  this is what the listing looked like on openc the   different properties the bathrooms the bedrooms  the city somebody bought the nft for ethereum and   then they got the rights to the house altcoin  number eight making our list is tezos shopify   in integrating tezos shopify users can get their  hands on

Tezos nfts with the new partnership the   tezos nft ecosystem gained a lot of traction over  the past year due to its low cost of minting and   energy efficiency tezos still in the game this is  a quality partnership tezos makes our list binance   altcoin makes our list finance along with coinbase  and ftx are the three largest

Crypto companies in   the space potentially the next amazon the next  microsoft the next google if cryptocurrency   adoption is to continue which i think it will in  binance positioning themselves very well binance   delegates 13.2 million uni tokens becoming uniswap  dao’s second largest vote holder altcoin number 10  

Cardano let me know why in the comments below   the reason why i like cardano is because their  ecosystem continues to grow numbers don’t lie   cardano daps have seen significant increase in  user activity over the last 30 days and even in   the last five days cardano activity is growing  nft volume hit 3 million and 2.8 million

Ada   cardano as the third largest nft protocol   network transactions on the 19th hit 97 000 up 75  percent month over month even their dex volume the   highest in half a year at 3 million daily which  cryptocurrencies should i have added to today’s   we drop a video every day see you tomorrow

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