Top 10 Biggest Hedge Funds In The World

Top 10 Biggest Hedge Funds In The World

The top ten biggest hedge funds in the world welcome to a lux calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a luxor’s today we’re looking at the monsters of money management the ten biggest hedge funds in the world a hedge fund gathers capital from individual and corporate investors and invests it in a range of assets the best hedge fund

Managers use complex algorithms and well tested risk management techniques to secure the highest rate of return for their clients there are currently over 9,000 hedge funds in operation around the world with a total of three point six trillion dollars in assets under management poor performance and high fees are driving clients away from many hedge fund managers

In recent years but there are a group of companies that have managed to stay largely above the fold when it comes to ranking in size of hedge fund it’s all about the assets under management otherwise known as the aum every company on this list manages billions and billions in assets and many of them offer returns that are far above those of their competitors if

You are looking to invest with a hedge fund you may have to look elsewhere though many of the funds on our list are no longer accepting new clients the best hedge fund managers have the ability to significantly elevate a person’s wealth while also profiting handsomely at the same time all the funds on this list have been well established and have proven to be the

Best in the hedge fund game if you are new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on instagram at a lux so let’s cut to the chase shall we and take a closer look at these companies with our list of the 10 biggest hedge funds in the world number 10 winton group assets under management twenty-eight point five billion dollars the winton group was started

In 1997 in london england by david harding who has a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars the firm was started with a 1.6 million dollar investment and today it manages 28 point five billion dollars in assets the company has expanded globally with offices in sydney hong kong san francisco new york tokyo and zurich their average rate of return is about 19% over the

Past 10 years its founder david harding is the 34th richest person in the uk and he is regularly one of the highest-earning hedge fund managers in the world number 9 asif capital management assets under management 31 point eight billion dollars the odds if capital management group otherwise known as oz management has been in operation since 1994 they have offices

In new york city hong kong london mumbai beijing and houston the fund was founded by daniel auch who is a net worth of 3.2 billion dollars it was funded by a 100 million dollar investment from the zif brothers in 2016 aquas personally find 2.2 million dollars and ahs management was fined 413 million dollars for paying out over 100 million dollars in bribe money

To a number of officials in africa their clients last year saw returns of nearly 10% and their average returns over time most recent reports state owes management’s aum is at thirty one point eight billion dollars number eight elliott management assets under management thirty four billion dollars billionaire paul singer founded elliott management corporation in

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1977 in new york city singer has also acted as the ceo from the beginning and he was the sixth highest hedge fund earner in the world in 2017 with four hundred million dollars in earnings he’s helped to secure his clients an average of fourteen point six percent net compound annual returns since the start of the company but before you tried to take advantage of

These excellent returns you should know they aren’t accepting any new clients elliot is widely known as a vulture fund that invests in debt that is very weak or in default elliot’s largest holding is the oil company hess they own seventeen point eight million shares that are worth over 1 billion dollars their total aum is thirty four billion dollars number seven

Millennium management assets under management thirty six billion dollars in 1989 israel egg lender founded millennium management with a thirty five million dollar investment the hedge fund almost went under an angle endures business partner jumped ship but the firm has been excelling in recent years and now has thirty six billion dollars in assets under management

Today millennium takes over two million trades per day and has expanded to twelve offices worldwide israel remains the ceo and in 2018 was listed as the fifth highest earning hedge fund manager in the world israel also known as izzy has a personal net worth of six billion dollars he paid seventy 1.3 million dollars for a duplex apartment in park avenue in new york

City back in 2014 which was the most that anyone had ever paid for a new york city co-op the company has averaged 14 percent net returns since its inception number six two sigma assets under management forty five billion dollars to sigma was founded in 2001 by billionaires david siegel and john over tech the fun takes a unique approach to investments employing

Advanced technology like artificial intelligence to maximize returns the fund has grown quickly in the last few years in 2010 they were managing just 5 billion dollars in assets as of the end of 2017 that number increased 900 percent to 45 billion dollars in the past 10 years their returns have averaged around 30 percent the company is based in new york city but

Also has offices in houston hong kong and london in 2014 a former employee named gau was convicted of stealing proprietary information from the company he had to spend eight months in jail for this crime although king did not escape punishment there are plenty of other rich criminals who have click in the upper right hand corner to check out some of them on our list

Of 10 criminals who got away because they had a good lawyer number 5 de shah & co assets under management 47 billion dollars de xiang co is also based in new york city but has a number of offices in london bermuda shanghai hong kong and some other cities the firm was started in 1988 by david a shah but he stepped away from the daily operations back in 2002 de

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Sha now has the distinction of giving the third highest returns of any hedge fund in the world since the company was started currently the firm manages 47 billion dollars in assets in march 2018 a senior portfolio manager named daniel michael au was fired for inappropriate behavior towards female employees he’s now bringing a defamation lawsuit against the company

And refused to take a ten million dollar settlement offer he has also threatened to reveal shocking details about de shahs company culture meanwhile david shaw and his company both claim that his accusations lack merit number four man group assets under management fifty three billion dollars the man group is a london-based hedge firm that was established in 1783

By james man a brokerage that dealt in sugar and rum today it’s the largest publicly traded hedge fund company assets under management increased an incredible 28 percent in the 2017 fiscal year and today the aum stands at one hundred and twelve point seven billion dollars with about fifty three billion dollars in hedge fund assets in 2017 the company announced they

Would be establishing a hedge fund in china they are one of the first international firms that china has allowed into the country to operate a private securities investment firm the man group has been trading in the industry for 235 years and they continue to be one of the top players in the hedge fund game number three aqr capital management assets under management

Seventy seven billion dollars aqr capital management was started in new york city back in 1998 it has since moved to greenwich connecticut and has offices in hong kong london sydney los angeles boston and chicago the aqr stands for applied quantitative research aqr actually suffered some major losses in the global financial crisis going from 39 billion dollars in

Assets under management in 2007 to 17 billion by the end of 2008 today aqr manages over 225 billion dollars in total assets with about 77 billion of those in hedge funds about 50% of their employees hold phds and the company is built on a very academic foundation the fund was established by four men including cliff asness who has a net worth of three point six

Billion dollars number two renaissance technologies assets under management 84 billion dollars james simon is an award-winning american mathematician and a cold ward code breaker he founded renaissance technologies in 1982 in new york city the former ceo robert mercer made headlines in 2017 because of his strong financial and vocal support for president donald

Trump and a controversy with an ex-employee who claimed he was fired for criticizing mercer’s political views mercer went on to resign in 2017 the fund itself donated over 33 million dollars to federal campaigns in the 2016 election making it the top financial firm contributor the company posted returns of approximately 14% in 2017 from 1994 to 2014 they averaged

Nearly 72 percent in annual returns renaissance has been thriving in the past couple of years jumping from managing 27 billion dollars in assets at start of 2016 two forty five billion dollars in 2017 to now managing eighty four billion dollars in assets number one bridgewater associates assets under management one hundred and twenty three billion dollars here we

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Are at the very top of our list the biggest hedge fund in the world is bridgewater associates based in westport connecticut bridgeport was established in 1975 by ray dalio from 2002 the time it stopped accepting new clients in 2005 it was the fastest growing asset manager in the world ray dalio has built a personal fortune of seventeen point four billion dollars

Based on its success making him the 54th richest person in the world in recent years bridgewater has been posting mixed results but they remain a dominant force in asset management bridgewater is the most successful hedge fund in history in terms of net gains they have produced net gains of forty five billion dollars since their founding in 2016 alone bridgewater

Brought in four point nine billion dollars in gains and they currently manage one hundred and twenty three billion dollars in assets and there you have a tale xers the ten largest hedge funds in the world today these companies have many things in common but they found a way to make themselves stand out among all of their competitors whether they’ve been around for

300 years or less than 20 these companies have found a way to analyze data and master their algorithms to offer their clients some of the best returns in the industry further securing their place in the investment arena now that you’ve learned some more about these hedge funds we’d like to know are you open to trusting your money in someone else’s hands or do you

Prefer to manage your own funds let us know what you think in the comments and as always for sticking with us and watching this video all the way to the end here’s your bonus the us securities and exchange commission ignored complaints about bernie madoff’s fraud for eight years in 1999 a financial analyst named harry markopolos came to the conclusion that bernie

Madoff’s hedge fund was a scam after doing four minutes of math he found that madoff’s numbers just didn’t add up he dove in further to the financials of madoff’s business and realized he was likely committing fraud on a massive scale he started presenting evidence to the us securities and exchange commission in 2000 and kept coming back to them with further

Evidence over the next eight years in that time the scale of the fraud went from five billion dollars to sixty five billion dollars before madoff was arrested in fact harry went on to write a book about his experience titled no one would listen thank you for spending some time with us alec sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we

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