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Cup on by jefferson on by diggs on oh my gosh all the top wide receivers out this week so it is going to be a little bit more difficult to submit starting lineups but regardless i’ll be happy to go through make these top 30 rankings for you and all i ask is you go down there drop a like on this video subscribe to the channel if you play fantasy football if you

Have any questions uh feel free to drop them down there in the comment section i’ll try to answer as many of those comments as i possibly can and of course you know this video is brought to you by underdog fantasy on underdog fantasy you can check out a ton of cool player props personally my favorite right now is going to be the hopkins higher than 69 in africa

We have been on odd streak with our player props and of course you can find the link in the comment section in the description of the video when you sign up with promo good flock they will match your first deposit dollar for dollar up to a hundred and they’re available in damn near every single state i know some people think oh i’m in california i’m in texas i’m in

4 they’re not available they are available there you can go find that link in the comment section that should be let’s go through let’s dive into our first wide receiver i mean it is going to be a little bit aggressive to rank jamar jace at one but every other elite level receiver is going to be out this week on by so jamar chase against the atlanta falcons i like

The match up i mean hilarious to just think that people were actually worried about jamar chase they all remember when people in the live stream are saying oh my gosh should i trade mike evans for jamar jason we were sitting here going oh my god you could actually make a move like yes go get chase chase is an elite level receiver i think people kind of realized that

This past week start them aggressively tradeform aggressive what what are we talking about everybody knows you want jamar chase going over it too we got devonte adams going up against the houston texans with avanti adams averaging over 10 targets a game of course small chance he’s suspended if he is suspended i think it’s only going to be one to two games i will

Keep y’all updated as the week goes on small chance but by the time you’re watching this video maybe he’s already suspended for the week but third guy tyree kill going up against pittsburgh i mean this pittsburgh steelers defense is pretty damn good but do i care no you got to attack of the lord coming back in freaking with skylar thompson tyree kills out there

Having over a hundred receiving yards in a game tyreke and waddle have just been dominant so now that we get to a back end it doesn’t matter the matchup towery kill top five receiver now our last guy in this tier this is gonna be very aggressive but this is a statement ranking cd lamp tier 1 wide receiver 4. liam’s been averaging 10 targets a game with freaking

Cooper rush in dallas getting dak prescott coming back in this offense is going to be significantly better and on top of this they’re going up against the detroit lions if you wanted to trade for cd lamp which you know we’ve had them on buy low videos over the past few weeks if you want to go get lamb you better do it now because cd land probably a top five receiver

This week and it’s probably going to be damn near impossible for you to go trade for him after this week but our next guy very similar statement ranking here i think you can make the argument that he should be at the bottom of this tier but regardless it doesn’t matter i want to make sure that everybody knows that if you have deandre hopkins on your team you play

Deandre hopkins no hollywood brown in an offense that wants to push the pace to play defensive back down in new orleans this matchup isn’t as tough as what it seems to be on paper hopkins with no hollywood brown is a borderline top five receiver he’s been a buy-low guy for us every single week over the past month i know that a ton of people who watch our videos a

Ton of members of the flock already abby andre hopkins on their team we traded for him a couple weeks back but i just want to make sure you already got him on your roster now you need to get them in your starting lineup now our next guy waddle at six with waddle my most drafted wide receiver in fantasy top matchup against pittsburgh as we’ve already discussed do

I care no you got to a back end waddles average over 100 deceiving yards a game and with two attack of a low under center top of this i mean the two down games that we had not only did we have an injured two attack of aloha we had an injured jail and waddle deal with the groin i think waddle maybe is in a top five wide receiver rest of the season because remember

You are going to get guys like cup jefferson antiques back in but he should be a top 10 wide receiver rest of the season now monroe state brown at seven i think st brown you could easily move him to the top end of this tier i’m just a little bit worried about this matchup going up against the dallas cowboys we know the dallas cowboys have a very very good defense

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So it’ll be a little bit more conservative we’ll throw him behind hopkins will throw him behind waddle that hopkins ranking as i discussed it’s probably a little too aggressive but it’s a statement ranking i want to make sure that everybody watch these videos they’ve traded 40 audrey hopkins over the past few weeks has hopkins in their starting lineup but now going

Over to our next tier we’re gonna go t against at eight another buy-low guy for us the past few weeks i mean higgins hell they’re with a bomb ankle this past week the man had 10 targets going up against the atlanta falcons a must-star guy every single week the talent’s there the offense is going to get better as we’ve discussed going over to our next guy chris olave

With a lobby i mean i thought you were gonna get michael thomas back by now but it looks like both michael thomas and jarvis landry are going to miss on thursday now of course if these wide receivers end up playing we will have to move crystal ave down these rankings but for the time being as it looks like both those wide receivers are going to miss a lobby top 10

Guy good matchup against arizona now our next guy timo samuel at 10 so the production with tebow has definitely come down i like the matchup against kansas city though in that i think the 49ers are probably in a spot where they’re actually forced to throw the ball what’s interesting is debo samuel’s actually seen the russian production come down considerably even

With the injury to elijah mitchell i thought once mitchell went down that rush production was safe for debo samuel they’ve scaled it back dramatically he hasn’t been as good as of late i still think he’s obviously a must start guy it’s a good matchup i’m going to be monitoring that rushing production now because it almost seems like this point depot samuels kind

Of a little bit boomer bust going over to our next guy we have mike evans at 11. with evans really down week this past week against the pittsburgh steelers i mean i still think that he is the wide receiver one in tampa he is very close to our guy y’all know the guy we are betting on this year because he was coming at a massive discount and chris godwin but even

If i’ve got one everywhere and don’t really have mike evans in too many leaks i still think he’s probably the wide receiver one they’re dropping down to our next year we’re gonna go michael pittman at 12 with pitman y’all know i thought that it was kind of laughable for people to just have them locked and loaded as a top 10 wide receiver coming in here well i

Thought this indianapolis colts offense wasn’t going to be as good as advertised coming into the season with matt ryan but let me pull this up just to confirm i believe matt ryan’s the second leading quarterback in passing yards so maybe me coming out of your single or overrating matt ryan matt ryan’s not nearly as good as you’re saying yada yada maybe i’m just a

Clown because yeah we’re pulling this up matt ryan currently second in the nfl in basketball of course the efficiency has been garbage but if the passing volume is consistently there maybe we were wrong to discount this indianapolis colts offense looks like michael pittman is a locked and loaded wide receiver one now a nice guy chris godwin at 13 going up against

Carolina you know this is my guy chris godwin has increased his receiving guards every single week so far this season what i will say with godwin is well people can be worried about tom brady well from a real life perspective maybe you’re worried about brady maybe you think the bucks aren’t nearly as good as they were from a fantasy football perspective doesn’t

Matter serious question when this team’s going to continue to go through and jack up the passing volume does it matter i don’t necessarily think so they’re still out there trying to make it where hell tom brady is by far away the leading pastor of all time in the nfl where nobody can ever come close to him so i think that you should probably be in a spot where

You just continue to jam in godwin especially when he’s getting this consistent target volume now our next guy mike williams mike williams going up against the seattle seahawks i think this is a very hard player to rank y’all know i’m not a big mike williams guy i don’t know if keenan allen’s gonna be coming back in if keenan allen comes back in this week which

Hopefully does i mean fingers crossed i don’t have mike williams anywhere so i don’t want him to do great i think we have to lower mike williams down these rankings but it is a very good matchup going up against the seattle seahawks and if you have no keenan allen at that point you would have a very safe target share and what should be a better offense even if

Herbert looked very bad this past week but now drop it down to our next year we’re gonna be let off with amari cooper head 15. kind of crazy to get these wide receivers here obviously it’s just all the players being out on by skewing up the overall rankings but with a martin cooper i mean ellie’s been impressive even in a low volume passing attack obviously made

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A highlight getch top 10 sportscenter play this past week for that touchdown against baltimore maybe cleveland has an issue going through and trying to run the ball as they did against the new england patriots i i don’t know i think after top 14 guys this week you do just have a serious drop-off when we’re looking into these rankings i mean our next guy going to

Be alan ozard at 16. with lazart you need to continue to monitor the injury reports continue to monitor what we have with both randall cobb as well as christian watson if they were to play i think you could drop down alan lazard but without those two guys in this offense there’s just really nobody here to get targets from aaron rodgers and while yes aaron rodgers

And this entire green bay packers offense doesn’t look nearly as good as you thought it was going to be coming into the season i think we can probably say they’re going to get better right maybe i’m being a little bit too optimistic but i think i think they probably do get better now our next receiver gonna be the pair of guys in seattle and both out of the locket

And dk metcalf you all know we’ve been a little hesitant type up the seattle seahawks passing offense i mean i definitely give me all the kenneth walker i can get i know people hate me for it i still think that gino smith at the end of the day is gino smith he’s been great i’m rooting for him a great storyline for gino smith to do significantly better than russell

Wilson we are all rooting for it a hundred percent but at the same time i don’t know i just have a hard time believing that the passing volumes through the roof and also it’s not the easiest matchup in the world going up against los angeles here now drop it down or next year we’re gonna go christian kirk at 19. with christian kirk i want to make a bet on the bounce

Back of this jacksonville jaguars offense i’ve been all this past week and more rushing yards than passing yards i mean the two previous weeks trevor lawrence was turning over the ball pretty much every other drive so they didn’t have sustained drives to the red zone where you had touched on upside for kirk i mean he had another down week this past week but it gets

There because he had the receiving touchdown hopefully we get a better performance overall from trevor lawrence hopefully this jackson jaguar’s offense is a little bit better we know that he is just the locked in alpha wide receiver one now going over to our nice guy cortland sudden at 20. you all know our lock of the week on underdog this past week was courtland

Sudden less than 67 in half receiving yards would be interested to see the prop they throw out this week for us to take advantage of but anyway very tough matchup going up against the jets who just shut down the green bay packers i know everybody wants to say mason taker l on cortland suntaker l you’re an idiot how could you tell us not to draft cortland sutton

Because he had a good week with jerry judy going down early i mean the man’s literally the wide receiver 27 so far in the season on a points per game basis so ranking him at wide receiver 20. i know you’re gonna call me a cortland son hater but we’re gonna get him higher than his average finish and keep in mind that average finish is a little bit skewed because you

Got to play in a game with no jury duty or when jerry judy is going to be here i think that does cap cortland sudden now we’re next guys kobe myers 21 with myers i’m gonna be a little bit more excited about him this week than i was a week ago i think maybe we get back jones back in but it’s a very good matchup this week going up against the chicago bears i know

Chicago just held carson wentz to about 99 passing yards but the doing obituaries are a little bit different than washington i think myers is in a better spot going over to our next guy jerry judy at 22. as i’ve discussed jerry judy i think has a very strong argument to be made to be the wide receiver one here from a fantasy football context i already know we have

Everybody on mason you’re a clown you’ve been saying this for way too long take your l take your l guys if you were move weeks two and three where jerry judy was hurt and you look at these receivers weeks one four five and six jerry judy has been the wide receiver one i’m gonna throw you all a bone i’ll rank cortland son above him these guys are very close if you

Can still go sell coral and sudden and go get waddle and go get t higgins and go get a lot of please go try to make a deal like that don’t get why y’all want to hate me so much for ranking carlson appropriately but now going over to our nice guy brandon iuk at 23. without you good week this past week and i like to match up going up against kansas city chiefs

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Interesting though if george kittle is getting involved more as a pass catcher though and obviously style divo samuel i think ayuk will be a very volatile play but now going over to our next tier we have deante johnson at 25 with deontay i mean y’all know this is the waters here that i wanted it to make that bet on coming into this season this is why i will take

My l where he was the wide receiver seven on a point for game base last year he’s even dominated with target so far this season with this pittsburgh steelers offense it’s very hard to get excited about we don’t know who we are gonna have a quarterback it’s not a great matchup going up against miami either soon if i really like deontay johnson coming in the air i

Got to take my l i think we have to be a little bit lower on him actually you know what though i mean we will move deontay johnson up into that same tier with guys like christian kirk even if we need to lower him down our rankings in general but now our next guy romeo dobbs going up against washington like i said this will be 100 a situation we need to monitor

The randall cobb and kristen watson injury if both those wide receivers are out i think you’d be a little bit more excited about romeo dobbs i think this will be a bounce back spot for the packers in general going up against washington let me pull up the spread this week i would imagine that las vegas is heavily betting on the green bay packers against washington

I mean actually no it’s only a five and a half point spread dear god i figured they’d be betting on that packers bounce back very interesting there’s a larger spread on that dolphins game but anyway with romeo dobbs i mean if you have both randall cobb and chris watson missing i think he can safely get some targets here next guy brandon cooks i mean with this

Cooks ranking i just want to come out here and i want to go back to what we said at the beginning of the week i have come to the point where these wide receivers if you’re playing in a horrendous offense i am going to rank you too low intentionally i know everybody’s going to tell us that our ranking with brandon cooks is way too low maybe i’ll agree with you from

A median projection however i think when these offenses are severely capped the washington receivers the houston receivers the chicago these teams that are very bad i would rather be too low on the pass sketches than that offense than too high on them i’d rather be too low than too high that’s where i stand with brandon coax at this moment now we’re nice guy

Bateman27 we all have to monitor bateman of course sell eye guy for us earlier of the year based off a couple long touchdown receptions that we didn’t know if they were sustainable or not obviously can’t hold the injury against them though we will have to monitor the energy reports this week now drop it down to our last tier we’re gonna have london and juju smith

Schuster the two exact opposites where if drake london was playing for the kansas city chiefs like dear god drake london may indeed be a player that’s and what a top 12 receiver i mean maybe that’s a little bit aggressive but someone that you can confidently go through and jam in every single week someone that you could be extremely excited about whereas now

I mean when you have no bouncing volume in atlanta just like what we said with brandon cooks and the houston texans i’m going to lean on the side of being too pessimistic too low on these receivers in these board passing offenses been the opposite and as well as juju smith schuster that’s going to be the opposite end of the spectrum where juju doesn’t look that

Great but it may not matter if you’re attached to bachelor homes i think you’re always going to be on the radar here so include juju wide receiver 30. i don’t know i just think maybe we’re getting burned with our guys like drake london and kyle pitts so i’m overreacting to these bad offenses but i don’t know let me know what you think about this let me know if

You think that we are overreacting here trying to rank these wide receivers in bad offenses intentionally too low but of course thank you so much for supporting the channel i hope you enjoyed this video if you have not done so already go down there drop a like if you have any questions drop them down there in the comment section subscribe to the channel if you

Play fantasy football and if you want to check out any of these player props my favorite is going to be the higher than deandre hopkins 69 receiving guards you can find the link to underdog fantasy in the comments section you can find the link in the description of this video when you sign up with promo code flock you can get into some fun drafts with us on the

Live stream and they’ll match your first deposit dollar for dollar up to 100 but thank you again i appreciate you hope you have a great day and hope you get to see you in the live stream tonight

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