If you are looking for legit and open online jobs with possibility to earn anything from $50,000 to $115,038 days per year while working from your home, then watch and don’t skip any part of this video. MyGlobe Tracks in this video will reveal 4 top companies with several open job opportunities that you can perform remotely from anywhere in the world. Most of the jobs opportunities are currently open and are accepting applications as at when we were making this video. So watch through the video to see how to apply. Even if the particular jobs we mentioned are closed, you will find something else because the companies are always posting new remote job opportunities daily.

In the spirit of our mission to help spread prosperity to everyone around the world you are about to see some of the best legit work from home jobs these positions are currently open and are filling up fast so i am going to tell you all you need to know i will show you exactly where to apply and i will disclose how much each job pays hope you’re all doing well

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This video out to as many people as possible we researched and found some amazing good paying jobs that are open right now so just use this video as a guide to help show you the right way to apply for these jobs most of these positions are most like jobs that you never even imagined as your typical work from home remote jobs they are open positions from reputable

Global companies enough of the introduction let’s quickly jump into it so you can start applying to these jobs as quickly as you can these positions are in high demand and they can fill up quickly at number one we have chiallo this company launched in 2017 is the world’s largest argument mapping site basically they help facilitate capture and visualize complex

Debates around the world the company has become a community coordinating thousands of debates covering millions of contributions since 2019 kealawedu which is a dedicated site for educators also came on board and has since grown to 450 000 users chialo is currently seeking content coordinators on a long-term contractor basis to join the remote team this is a

Worldwide position that pays 31 us dollars per hour they are looking for several content coordinators not just one here is the deal if you are hired you will get a starting rate 29 us dollars per hour during your probationary training period when you successfully complete the training period your pay will rise to 31 us dollars on annual basis you will earn in the

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Range of between fifty thousand and sixty thousand us dollars depending on the number of hours worked the pay will increase if the company is satisfied with your work the content coordinators are full-time positions requiring 30 hours or more per week however during your probationary training period you will work only 20 hours a week to apply for this job check

Out the link in the description and follow the instruction as directed if you are hired as a content coordinator you will begin with a six-week probationary period after the training some of your tasks will be to create and maintain high quality demo debates assist to improve site’s user experience testing the design and framework of the site and as well as other

Assignments to be given now i’m going to continue to number two which is fantastic caverns it is an american ride through cave located beneath the rolling ozarks hills just north of springfield missouri on this company’s website we found that they are looking for data entry clerk executive assistant and administrative assistant all three open positions are fully

Remote so you can do these jobs from anywhere in the world the qualification and skills requirements for these three remote open positions are mainly position of high school diploma or equivalent and knowledge of microsoft word excel adobe etc the administrative assistant position promises opportunity to grow yearly raises benefits like medical dental and vision

Coverage options and more the pay for these jobs was not stated in the website but are digging from shows that fantastic caverns average salaries is in the range of 86 577 to 115 038 dollars but surely individual salaries will vary according to qualification and experience check out these positions and apply using the links in the description below

Now time to jump to the third company and that is spotify most of you must have heard of this company it is a very well-known brand offering digital music podcast and video services they give their users access to millions of songs all over the world so at spotify you can find remote work and they always have many open positions in so many fields the jobs are

Available from many locations around the globe so you will find jobs in europe north america latin america asia pacific and middle east and amp africa so to apply for any job of your interest follow the link of the website we have provided for you in the description below when you visit the website you select a location and scroll through to find open positions

Since our goal is focus on remote work so you select the category for remote jobs to find open positions at the time we were making this video we found about 213 open remote positions across many categories for example we found remote jobs like content partnerships editorial associate audiobooks sales trainer ad sales business operations and amp strategy analyst

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Backstage and many others perhaps by the time you click on this video these positions that we share may not be what you’re interested in or may no longer be open so that is why we are keeping this one very broad as i stated earlier these positions can be filled very quickly because more and more people are looking for remote jobs do not worry because many positions

Are placed daily on these sites just continue to check now when you visit the site and follow the steps we have told you you will see the many positions that are currently open the other thing is spotify didn’t state how much they pay for the jobs but are finding from shows that the average salary is in the range of sixty seven thousand six hundred

And seventy six dollars to one hundred and seventy five thousand one hundred and fifty two dollars you have to realize that the higher the salary the more responsibility and experience that will be required of you if you are enjoying this video please smash the like button to help us get it out to as much people as possible i will really appreciate it don’t go

Anywhere because the next opportunity one will talk about is also very interesting now is the fourth and final company in today’s video this company called memo focuses on teaching crucial tech skills free of charge to millions of people worldwide the company makes learning to code accessible to large number of people all over the world memo currently has some

Job openings that you can choose to work remotely or at vienna austria for those who don’t know vienna is a beautiful town in europe the jobs that are listed as we were making this video are for the positions of marketing designer customer support manager and coding instructor the good thing about this company is that if any of the jobs listed is not what you are

Interested in you can send them unsolicited application to see if they have a job they can offer you to do remotely this is a company that truly encourages people to work from anywhere in the world they have a remote first mentality and they allocate their workers a home office budget however the company also has an optional relocation package so if you like to

Work and live in europe they will assist you to move and handle the visa process we dug further about the position of customer support manager and found that the requirements are not too demanding for this position they want someone who will be in the front lines to support their users listen to their feedback and share experiences gathered with other team members

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The key requirements is that you are someone who is good with people like to solve problems and fluent in english also you should have the passion for technology with some knowledge of a programming language to be considered for this position you must be someone who likes to collaborate and partner across functional teams the pay for this job is in the range of

41 000 to 47 000 euros gross per year if you are hired as a contractor then the range is between fifty three thousand and sixty one thousand euros per year they stated with clarity that your salary will automatically increase by five percent every year not bad i guess you can compute and convert the amounts to your local currency to know what to expect in case

You get a job at nemo there are other perks and benefits attached to this and other open positions they give you 25 days of paid vacation days plus you still enjoy your local public holidays in addition you get paid sick leave you also get to participate and enjoy and sponsored team retreats throughout europe more goodies include 680 euros budget to assist you

In personal development if you would like to apply to this job or other open position at this company just head on straight to their website using the link we provided in the description down below click on the tab open positions and the current job openings will show make your own analysis and apply for what interests you you will also find the links to all the

Jobs in companies we shared in this video just visit the sites check out the opportunities and do your own analysis very important tip you will never get a job offer letter or a contract of employment before starting any job application or interview process so if someone offers you something of that nature from any company before you have the chance to be with a

Recruiter then something must be wrong none of the companies mentioned in this video or any serious company will charge applicants for the opportunity to apply for a job or to be interviewed never pay anyone any amount of money when looking for a job what do you think about our video please let us know in the comments section below if you enjoyed this video and

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