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Good evening everybody thank you very much for joining in today they’re going to speak about very interesting topic which is tragedy management system or shortly known as tms you might have heard about this topic several times in the newspaper google magazine and sometimes in the bloomberg tv and this topic is life now very very prevalent in fact a lot of business

Channels are talking about this since we understand that lot of volatility is happening in the currencies and a lot of frauds which are happening across the globe so this topic is not all about regimen and system but we try and cover an impact of fraud as well in this topic from this side i am rana that i am talking on behalf of treasuring and setting a luthi which

Is my own startup and i’m acting as a temp acting as a chief executive officer in that regards you are always welcome to contact us here – at the energy consulting llp at the a and our magani at the reachable calm my contacts are nine eight to the nine to four two nine seven eight when it comes to to energy management system what is a tragedy management

System take a very simple example tragedy management system cannot be understand understood without having a deep understanding of this which is known as erp what is an erp erp stands for enterprise risk enterprise erp stands for a software which will help you doing everything like currently you have oracle and then you have a city right now you have a record here

Some people who are also using jd edwards now erp covers everything erp you know erp covers your home any source erp cover your finance erp cover your procurement yappy cover your salaries erp cover your treasury erp cover your profit and loss yeah because your consolidation taxes you know your p&l your ga ledger’s and everything now when it comes to elp

Is nothing but you just put the data and you get an answer so there could be a possibility of a garbage in and garbage out as well because there is one one feature which year we do not have and cannot have is analytics yog we do not have analytics now over the period we understand that specially for 2008 lot of volatility has happened in the market banks falling

Down growth rate falling down companies are into deep trouble in fact yesterday also i was reading in the newspaper when it was saying that companies are facing the biggest issue when it comes to their growth rate frauds are very prevalent indian banking system is facing fraud of approximately five like eighty thousand crores that is the last count when they didn’t

Which is march 2016 the relevant figure of june 2016 is not yet available but i am sure that as and when the figure of june 2016 would be there you know you will see lot of you will see the higher amount you will definitely not see the lower amount although reserve bank of india has made it mandated that you should put a red flag on that and you dc-dc lot of effort

Which are going on so in that regards there are a lot of frauds which are happening in the company and we understand that treasury is one of the biggest department one of the best and best functional department in the company treasury is not an invoice punching function very few people will say you know i am due respect who are not very good at hydrated what they

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Are going to do they just do the invoice punching and xyz tragedy is a function which is going to be managed by the professional and unfortunately this is not the scene in india but if we talk outside in here then 99.98% tragedies would have one software which is known as tms shortly known as treasury management system i hope you people heard about a word which

Is a very well known word have efp enterprises source planning view you you must have heard about a word which is munich’s and calypso these two are the best to amendment systems we have across the globe and believe me the valuation of these two is more than two million dollars per license per license per year so how are you going to tackle this very simple not

Regimental system would be divided into four parts you would have to raise a front office you have treasuring middle office you have tragedy back office then you have tragedy reporting office taraji reporting importing offices also known as cfo desk sometimes some people will also say say that cfo reporting office so treasury front office that is is the desk which

Is reporting which is facing the market like when i was working with the excel then i was facing the treasurer front office now in this i was taking care of the treasury front office reading i was facing the foreign exchange market i was facing the debt and i was facing the fixed income market i was also taking care of tragedy middle office which is taking policies

But is middle office as the word rightly said the middle office is between treasury front office and back office and this is going to give the policies so front office is the office which day is in days in day out dealing with the foreign exchange market fixed income market valuation and lot of stuff on the other hand middle office is the office which will make

Good policies take a simple example i am going to take us our example of our company which is very well known say cap germany i will say cap germany is hedging for four years it’s just a simple he political example may or might not true i will say camp germany hold for housing for four years now cap germany is hedging for four years on the other hand their nearest

Competitor which is say genpact where i am sure that they are hedging for five years why genpact is hedging for five years why you are hedging for four years gap germany is much bigger than gen right in the river new size what is the permutation combination you are having what is the benefit do you have and so on so forth this is what reggie middle office is all

About so they will make the policy and they will submit to the board and of course the department it is upward if they want to take it they will take it if they don’t want to take it they don’t take it but idly it is always advisable to take such policies then you have tragedy back-office unfortunately tragedy back-office is termed as a most circle department in

Any company the department which is doing on the documentation but this is not the case in the last few years there is one thing which has changed the scene which is known as a banking ie banking has just changed the scene now how he banking has changed the scene he banking record means electronic banking and electronic banking required user id password and lot

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Of stuff so that is going to be that is going to be held by the treasury back-office now if you are dealing with the back-office if you are not back office would have one stuff which is e banking that is where their role is also getting very important take a simple example i am the person who is acting at a vice-president of the company and what i am doing i am

Leaving the company i have the right user id and password which i have not submitted and they are still working although i left but i can use this user id and password in sharing in sending the descending the millions of dollars of the company to any face of course this depend upon the limit suspend but still there is a biggest is so frauds are rising at the highest

Level and it is it is advisable for corporate treasury function to have tragic management system in place the fourth is is the cfo desk which is a reporting office so what they do they simply fetch out the data and make the report but how these all will work please we note that regime when immune system is not a standalone software like you have munich’s and calypso

They work with erp now he enterprise resource planning they work with sa p oracle jd edwards the auto our top three enterprise resource planning software sui have across the globe now similarly you want to integrate this regime admin system taken an example of murex with the erp and whatever data you wanted to fetch you can fetch there are many companies in india i

Cannot name them here on the video but what they are doing they are standalone putting the data into a system which is also correct to an extent but this is not a very very good practice if you stand alone putting the data then this is not a good fact rather you should put the data in the erp and then you will get it simplistically speaking that treasury management

System should be used as an analytical software then our data punching software because erp is our data punching software one functionality which erp do not have is analytical but one functionality with tai chi minh minh system is always having is analytical so even if today you are those who are watching this video and you are having our treasury management system

In place then don’t make it an analytical or don’t make it our data punching make it and make it an engine and legal software past but not the least in that regime management system you are having variety of people who are playing their role the first you have the treasury analyst then you have treasury business manager then you have tragedy reporter then you have

To agree approval not energy analyst is the person who is only punching the numbers his role or her role requires only punching the number on the other hand you have tragedy business manager he is a person who is validating the staff food checking whether things are right things are not right things are moving in the right direction et ctc then you have president

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Porter now this tragedy porter is that gentleman who is taking care of the cfo does test his job is to make sure that all the reporting or the pattern or the formats which they have made in that regime admin system should he would be able to only take it please we note that this is a very sensitive and confidential job if he or she is the kind of person who would

Love to deliberate or tell about that tell about the numbers to the people outside the market outside the company then it’s going to be a big mess mess for the company then you have tragedy approver energy of robber is a person who is going to finally approve everything when it comes to analyst business manager and so on so forth so before winding up the video i

Would like to give a small summary in the five minutes treasury management system is a system which is highly analytical in nature it is not enterprise resource planning or a simple erp which is punch punch in punch on here we would have a problem which is garbage in and garbage out which is definitely a case with e with the dms if you if you make it just a data

Punching software not an analytical software tax amendment system is generally divided into four parts you have treasury front-office you have tragedy middle office you have tragedy back office and you have tragedy reporting office now raising front office is the office who is facing the market tragedy middle office is the man where is the office who is facing

The policies tragedy back offices know of office which is facing a documentation on the other hand traditional reporting who is taking or the report now these are the roles and responsibilities you generally find in a tragedy management system you have an analyst you have a business manager you have a reporter you have an approver now you can in 99.99% you will

Sink the tragedy business you can single treasury erp with the you will sing sing the treasury management system with the erp which is generally sa p oracle and jd edwards and this will help you in nutshell regime immune system will help you to mitigate the frauds to achievement system will help you to basically to have a control over our activities which people

Are doing pressure movement system will help you to have an audit trail and last but not at least in case some xyz or some offense fraud or abuse would have happened then this gentleman who is the reporting person would be able to tackle the same as i would like to stress that energy consulting llp is a limited liability partnership firm we are coming up with our

Website and believe me we are going to have offer our services to all corporates banks and financial institutions in understanding of a treasury management system and this these are our contact details treasury consulting ilithyia after a and rawal more than eight at the ag will calm you always welcome to contact us at ninety eight double nine two four

Two nine seven eight thank you and with this are those all corporate treasurers i hope you would have tms soon thank you

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