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Selling a car can be a complicated process. Our host TJ explains how to complete the process in a few steps covering everything from how to stay safe when collecting payment to signing a title. Basically, everything you need to know about how to sell a car! Of course, you could let TRED help you. We help people sell their car every day by listing it on several car buying websites, offering a free mechanical inspection, and helping buyers finance your car. You can learn more at

Selling your car can be stressful luckily you found this video on the internet and we’re going to make it super easy for you my name is tj with tread tv and you’re watching how to sell a car there are two categories when it comes to stuff you need to do to sell your car the first one is the easy stuff and the second one is all the hard stuff now let’s knock out the

Easy stuff because it’s easy one take photos of your car take at least 10 do it in good lighting remember inside and outside number two you’re going to want to find the value of your car you can go to sites like kelly blue book or edmunds com and they will help you find the right price for your car they usually rate it on a scale of retail coming all the way down

To auction value you need to be really honest with yourself most privately owned car sell for about here take those pictures that price in a pretty description and go ahead and post it online craigslist offer up ebay motors tons of ways you can list your car privately for sale online now for the hard stuff let’s hit this in a little more detail before we get too

Into it if you don’t want to do any of this you can go ahead and follow this link to our website tread calm we do most of this hard stuff for you and really work hard on getting you a good price for your car and selling it pretty quick first thing on the list of hard things to do is to find a buyer your body will be contacting you very soon if your price is fair

And you have good quality photos on the site now when they do you’re going to want to set up a test drive within the next 48 hours virus interest usually fleets within 48 hours so it’s great to just have an appointment on the calendar right away and then push to keep them accountable step number two is to conduct the test drive which is actually pretty easy but i

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Recommend bringing a couple of things if you have your service records for your car bring them if you’ve got extra keys for your car bring em if you have the manual and all the original paperwork that came with your vehicle go ahead and bring that to to be a nice person how you treat others is a reflection on how you treated your car while you owned it step number

Three is too oh she ate the price of your vehicle now this is probably the least favorite among sellers however it’s the most important when it comes to getting the price you want for your vehicle so here are some things that i would do going into that be ready to say no oh you don’t have to sell your car to anybody in a popular buying method these days is to

Come in with a super lowball price and try and stress you out on the spot to give up your car if you just say no then you totally call their bluff which is super easy let’s practice no no no no no no no the second thing i would keep in mind is to keep your asking price about ten to fifteen percent higher than what the kelley blue book or the edmunds data suggests

And the reason for this is if you have a goal that’s about here but you’re asking here and you give them this discount a lot of times they’re going to think they’re getting a good deal you’re going to stick to the final goal of your car sale everybody’s going to walk away happy step four is to verify the payment for your car i usually do this before i talk about

A title or a bill of sale or anything like that because i want to know that they can actually purchase the car before i show them that document you can even back up and say hey you can’t drive my car unless you bring the cash with you and that’s going to ensure that one they’re not wasting your time and to it kind of puts some you know value on it so if they do

Crash your car you know that they can pay for it kind of on the spot if your car is more than 10k i would avoid collecting that in a parking lot in fact if your car is worth more than 10k and someone’s going to come meet you i would set the expectation that you want to meet them at their bank when they pull out 10k in cash and you want to be there with the banker

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To watch them count it that’s the only way i would do any transaction over ten thousand dollars other than that counting it out in the parking lots fine just make sure you count it at least two times and make sure you go directly to the bank after that because that guy knows that you have that much cash on you so go directly to the bank step 5 you verified your

Payment now it’s time to talk about paperwork and to get that out of the way now this part also seems pretty daunting but if you have the title for your car and the buyers paying in cash it’s actually super easy all you need to do is your title and bring two bills of sale what you’re going to do with your title is you’re going to sign all the sections that require

Signing there’s usually about three sections that require signatures and only two if you’re the legal owner and the registered owner on your car the title is the most important and sensitive document in this situation so i encourage you to do some review go ahead and pull it out look at it the titles have all the instructions on what you need to do to sell your car

But here are the basics first you’re going to sign a release interest as the registered owner now if you bought the car in cash originally and there was never a legal owner or a bank ownership on your car you just need to sign under that one spot if you recently cleared your loan now or a couple years ago the bank should have sent you a title where they release

Interest under the legal owner you’re going to want to make sure that that is signed by your bank and you sign the registered part without those the buyer will not be able to get the car register usually titles include an odometer disclosure section and this part is to record mileage and the date that your car was sold and also to state from the buyer and the seller

That that is the current mileage the car is being purchased under again read the title front to back if you have state specific questions you can ask us in the comments and we will help you the second document you need to worry about is the bill of sale now the bill of sale is equally as important as the title when it comes to selling your car because the buyer

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Typically needs both in order to get it registered and their name the bill of sale highlights who bought the car who sold the car how much it costs and the date that it was sold you need two one for you and one for the buyer that way you have a complete record in case anything gets drawn into question last step hand your car over you’ve done everything you need to

You secure the payment you’ve given them the title and you’ve also given them their bill of sale you have your bill of sale copy the last thing is to give over the keys and just wave goodbye to your car it can be sad but you just made some money and now you’re completely out of liability well almost out of liability reporting your sales really important because it

Shows that the car is no longer in your liability if it shows up on the side of the street or in a gut sir they could trace the vin back to you and you could be liable for the vehicle go ahead and report your sale as soon as you can usually you can do it online with your state dmv website or you can mail in the slip well guys i hope all that information makes you

More confident in meeting with buyers and selling your car in your own if you have any questions about this process you can go ahead and drop us a comment or you could visit us at tread calm and we can help you with any questions you might have about selling your car if you’re just not interested in doing a lot of that work or it’s still intimidates you in some

Way go to our website wwe com and you can put your car for sale on our site we blow it up all over the internet so it gets tons of eyeballs we handle all of the buyer calls from 9am to 9pm so you don’t have to and we get qualified buyers out to test drive your car after that we handle the payment we can even help them finance there’s tons of value there and you

Pretty much just have to take photos and put it online super simple again my name is tj with tread tv i will see you guys next time oh

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