Yo guys in this gta online video i will be showing you some of the best new money methods that you guys can take advantage of in gta online right now as always if you guys are going to enjoy this video or find it useful make sure to leave a like it really does help me out and without any further ado guys let’s jump straight into the video so for this first money

Method that i will be showing you guys which is in fact new to the game we’ll be selling the new mixed goods cargo to be able to sell this mixed goods cargo you guys will first of all need to earn a ceo office alongside earning the ceo office you guys will also need to earn one credit warehouse when you guys have done these requirements you want to head over inside

Your office and then talk to the assistant at the front desk you guys will then see this option where it says export mixed goods if this option is blanked out for you guys just stay in this gta online session and eventually you guys will get a notification saying that these mixed goods are available to sell the moment when you guys start one of these mixed goods sell

Missions you won’t get any cutscene to exit the office so i would recommend to you guys either calling a buzzard from your office elevator or instead just exit to the ground or roof this mixed goods cargo will spawn next to one of your crate warehouses and every time you guys do one of these mixed goods sell missions you will be tasked to deliver this cargo to the

Docks now for me personally guys i have done a lot of these missions already and the drop off destination never seems to change the only part about this cell mission that will change is a location where you guys will have to go to pick up the mixed goods and of course if you guys only own one crate warehouse it will always spawn there and if you guys have one of my

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Warehouses which are very close to the docks you guys can expect to deliver these crates in a roughly about two to five minutes you guys will see right here i made the delivery and i did get paid out fifty thousand dollars one more thing to keep in mind with these type of missions is that if you guys have never done one of these before you will get the first payout

Which will be 150k now like many other missions in gta online including cell missions this will sort of have a background type of cooldown so after selling one of these mixed goods i would recommend that you guys do anything else in gta online and when another batch of these mixed goods becomes available to you you guys will get a notification saying that but now

Guys moving on to the next money method for this video which i really like to do in between these mixed goods we do have the excess weapon parts the main requirement for these excess weapon parts is to earn any bunker and i would also recommend that you guys have a little bit of stock or even just buy supplies for your bunker at the same time we can see in my bunker

Here i do have a stock value of 100k and alongside this if we go ahead and run over to this dune loader we can start this excess weapon pass cell mission the best way that i can describe this type of cell mission it is pretty much a spin-off from the office mix goods however with these bunker ones you might have to drive a little bit further sometimes even across

The map the reason for this is because there is so many different ammunition stalls and we will be delivering these excess weapon parts to any one of them stores and just like exporting these mixed goods we do get the exact same payout so already just from doing these two type of missions we have already made one hundred thousand dollars altogether that would take

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Around about 10 to 15 minutes for both of these missions and in my opinion the time that it takes you guys to complete this really just depends on how far away the ammunition is one more thing to keep in mind when doing one of these excess weapon parts missions is that you guys can use a cargobob and just airlift the whole vehicle however i would only recommend

That you guys do that if you guys get the ammunition across the map as that will most likely save you guys the most amount of time now for those of you guys who want to keep on repeating both of these type of export missions i would highly recommend that you guys do your auto shop customer vehicles in that spare time if you guys use the method that i showed on my

Previous video you guys can make so much money just from doing this alone if you guys don’t really care too much about the customer vehicles inside the auto shop now you guys can actually do the clubhouse one instead however selling a bike from the clubhouse will only net you guys around about sixty thousand dollars every time so i would recommend that you guys

Sell that bike and then make sure that your bar is set up to make you guys some passive income if that is something that you guys want to do then make sure you guys check out this video in the top right hand corner of the screen this will help you guys set up the bar successfully so that you guys can generate around about forty thousand dollars every in-game day

Another honorable mention that you guys can do while you guys wait for these export missions is to sell other things such as the bunker now the bunker altogether is probably the most effective thing to sell if you guys are planning on doing the bunker solo in an invite-only session i would recommend that you guys buy supplies which does cost seventy five thousand


Dollars and when them supplies do get turned into stock you guys will be able to sell that whole amount of stock for two hundred and ten thousand dollars this is really down to personal preference and what you guys want to do obviously you guys can do some phone hits if you really wanted to even do some heists or mc businesses there is honestly loads of ways to

Make some quick money in gta online right now and altogether the best way to really make money is to do other things in gta online while other businesses are making you guys some money these were just a few ideas that you guys can do while you guys wait for other things and if you guys have a sort of routine where you guys go around each individual business and

Then in between that do some contracts some heist some pay phone hits just anything else and then go back to your main business for example the bunker the export missions when they are ready to sell then you guys can make so much money over the past three days i have made around about seven million dollars and i can honestly say that it doesn’t feel like i’m even

Grinding the game that much but anyways guys hopefully this gives you some information on how you guys can make a lot of money quite quickly maybe this video gave you some ideas on what you can do next if this video did help you guys out or you guys found it useful make sure to leave likes it really does help me out and i really do appreciate it and if you guys

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