TTM Squeeze: Entering a Trade After the Squeeze has Fired

This video explains how I take a position when the Squeeze has already fired.

Hello and welcome back i’m dr bo with ready set grow and my goal is to share tips to help you on your financial journey if you’re new here be sure to like and subscribe also check the description for valuable resources today’s video i’m going to be focusing on entering a trade when the squeeze has already fired today i’m going to be talking about how i take a

Trade when the squeeze has fired so if you look on my screen i have the steps that i normally take the first step is to look to see if the squeeze has fired on the daily four hour two hour or one hour time frames and as i mentioned in my previous video this is my watch list where i identify where the squeezes occur where they fire so i would start at the daily

And i noticed that a couple of squeezes have fired right here then i look to see how many bars out of the squeeze it is if it has fired between one and three bars i’ll take a trade in it or i’ll consider it if it has fired anything greater than that then i won’t take a trade because it’s considered a chase at that point since the squeeze bars only last between

Five and eight you don’t want to be chasing it getting in when it’s already four bars looking at my watch list i see that shaq has fired long one bar out of the squeeze and jp morgan is one bar out of the squeeze so i’m interested in those two the next thing i’ll do is check the direction the squeeze fired in well there’s an l here so the l tells me that it fired

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Long that means i should consider a long position if everything else aligns the next thing i’m going to check since this is the daily time frame i have to check that the ema’s are stacked are the ema stacked on top of each other is the 8 above the 21 is the 21 above the 34 and so on and i already have this on my chart this green s indicates that the emas are

Stacked positively so i’m very interested in this tree the next thing i want to do is just check the chart just to make sure so let me look at shaq here on the daily just to see how it looks since that squeeze has fired to determine if this is something i would trade so i do see that the emas are stacked the price action is well above the 34. uh let me look at

The momentum bars the momentum bars are shifting from red to yellow and if you look right here it has fired up so to me that is above zero the zero line the ttm wave is so it that is above the zero line so so far it’s looking good my next step is to check the larger time frame for confirmation so i’m going to check the larger the weekly time frame just to see

That it aligns the more confirmations you have the higher probability of success for the trade so let’s look at the weekly i would like to see that the weekly looks bullish that everything is pointing above the zero line and yes i get that here i’m very interested in taking a long position back to my checklist yes i did check that the emas were stacked i checked

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That the larger time frame confirmed the move yes it is confirming the move were the c waves um pointing above the zero line yes it was pointing above the zero line on the weekly time frame and also on the daily time frame in which i’m looking to trade it here also it does overall market support the move how does spy look well spy open very bullish today we have

A slight pullback but overall spy does look bullish and that is an indication for me to go long in this position now since the squeeze bars last from five to eight bars and i’m trying to get in when it’s already at one bar so i need to make sure i take a trade that is that can last between five to eight days since i’m trading on the daily time frame so that’s

Something out to next week and i’m gonna look for a price of either 70 cents or something at the money i will not get anything too far out of the money because that doesn’t work well here so let me go to the options chain i’m looking for a call four days isn’t enough time it needs to last between five and eight days i’m looking for 70 cents delta or right at

The money so 72 cents delta is 590 or i can take this at the money for 298 the spread isn’t that bad so i would actually take the 298 so let’s talk about position sizing i normally get anywhere between 5 and 50 contracts sometimes 100 contracts it all depends on the cost of the contracts so this one is 2.98 i don’t mind spending 3 000 on a trade because i have

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A very large account so this isn’t significant i would go ahead and grab 10 10 contracts confirm and send and then boom i’m in the position that’s it that’s the process i take when i’m looking for position that has already fired out of the squeeze thank you for watching if you are interested in joining my discord and learning more about what we do in there i do

Have a youtube video posted right here just go ahead and click it you can learn more about my discord the link it to my discord is posted in the description and i also have an options trading workbook that’s posted in the description as well have a nice day

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TTM Squeeze: Entering a Trade After the Squeeze has Fired By Dr. B