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And that’s working well with people it’s having the qualities of kindness and respect and not not just for city count the fellow city council members but people that are colleagues you know that work in the county or on other boards that we participate on so it’s respect for those individuals and respect for the members of the public who come before us it seems so

Basic but it’s it’s hard to find those qualities and people that’s what i’ve noticed and based on what we saw at the podium and based on actually there were only i think two candidates or two applicants who demonstrated a link between their experience prior you know their prior experience and how they would apply that experience to being on the city council that

Was mr. graf and ms atlandis the other the other applicants in my view sort of made general statements about what we need like you know good sidewalks and economic development but didn’t weren’t concrete didn’t demonstrate exactly how that would be done or how what they have done in the past would enable them to do that on the city council but in my view between

Those two there’s one there’s one candidate who can who demonstrated from their written material and from what they said on the podium that they bring that they can that they meet all the criteria and that’s miss landis and so i would like to nominate this landis to fill the seat is there a second i will second time for more discussion is there any more discussion i

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Want to say something about i agree with councilmember rodent regarding the two finest applicants tonight john graph is in attendance at our meetings more than any other citizen that i’m aware of other than dottie copelan who didn’t apply for the seat tonight and he has demonstrated his commitment and concerned and he’s always very articulate and civil when he makes

A recommendation and suggestions to the council and i have come to appreciate very much his being at the council meetings and i encourage mr. graf to run for city council at the next election but i will support the motion because i agree with those who argued that we want to find somebody who’s closest and who could quote most closely represent the vision of john

Mcgowan and since he had appointed marianne landis to the planning commission i think that’s a significant indication i’m also convinced that leadership mendocino does not graduate a huge number of participants with a socialistic perspective so yes he went quickly that i didn’t i want a second the positive remarks about mr. graphic that that he has demonstrated

A real commitment to caring about the community and we don’t always agree on everything but i really truly respect the time and a that you spend and the viewpoints that you bring i think it’s it’s necessary and i just i just want to add that hypothetical question does that mean that if i were to resign this seat that you would place mr. wetzel in my place well

I think there are two or three or four people who applied tonight who well i’m just share your vision taking you’re taking your words and turning them into a mirror the other thing i’d like to say is that i appreciate everyone applying i think it was it was it was it was disappointing that we didn’t have an election in the last in the last go-around when there

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Was a general election that was significantly contested for supervisor but no one only the two incumbents applied are filled out the papers to run this last time and given that we have campaign finance reform in the city that that does indeed allow virtually anybody to have a shot at becoming a member of this council i would hope that in two years that we have a

Significant number of people as candidates and i appreciate the fact that so many people are here tonight it’s it’s amazing generally we’re making decisions with a room with dottie copeland and john graph and about ten members of the city staff here and it’s great to see you all here i hope we have a contested election in two years and as a further discussion i’m

Not sure that mr. cranes question was answered but there were i said there were a minimum of two and as many as four who shared mr. cranes vision okay was it the question i asked but shall we proceed or do you insist on an answer mr. crane the question in and of itself okay i i just like to add some other aspect to this a number of people spoke to me prior to to

This evening saying as an you were elected to in to use your judgment and some of the arguments that have been put forward say that that that there’s a there’s a there’s maybe a kind of formulaic way to approach this which would involve looking at the results of the last election i understand the value of that and i think i’m saying what i said about two weeks

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Ago or whenever it was but but the judgment question and also the question about the quality that that steve is why becker is about someone we can work with i don’t have serious issues about working with any of the seven candidates the experience question ism is a factor but for me ms landis has demonstrated an ability to work with the entire community in very

Constructive and positive ways and i think that would continue here on the council if there is no further discussion roll call please councilmember thomas i crane i think this is important that we be united so i will vote yes rodin yes mayor baldwin yes meeting is adjourned now we have to square him oh do we need a swearing-in yes we do that come but that before

The next meeting it could come before the next media doesn’t have to happen it’s not on the agenda yes it is we can you

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