UCC 1 – Pre Fight interviews with Chris Bacon PT2

Blitz @ The Ritz – Pre Fight Interviews

Right so annoyed you ready for this fight yeah i’ve been training out looking forward to it though you’ve made the waiting up on ya know perhaps good how many weeks you put us off his foot let’s say about 12 weeks good 12 weeks also there’s a long time good preparation you know detoxing and dating since christmas so looking for two more the pisser than anything

Zechariah so a lot of uefa’s might bring us a lot yeah thanks a lot so i’m what’s your gonna be what’s your stock it’ll be amazing yeah keep it’s not me i left side your truth well the crowd loved that mate so i’m sure you give you crap later tomorrow when they cook with it with the plaid standing up yeah so what else to tell you said that us go through branding

Any problems there rather keeper stood up have you made the right now poem yeah any problems any sector laughing by a little bit rubus alexia hello fear hey tony so uh this is a bit of a bit of a funny surprise night i remember fighting you about four years ago so he did say and you might be given to me right now so he doing well off ceo julian it yeah new little

Things at the bottom last of all for you my hair was a miss for about three weeks so you find shorty in so is it surely make so obviously is really ding-dong last time on it ended up staying t-ball from the gini 50 seconds of the last went wrong well i still go for 15 every now not fight yeah well you never know not to put the park anything about you’ve always been

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A buddy bella so i we all know that so i’m sure because sure is that the same tomorrow i just doctor saying good enough why do you might the best lap but i see you tomorrow sorry will make you a dvd video and yes sir all right cheers oh tom please how are you later you trade passes fire yeah it’s raining go do train out the weights been ok yeah yeah i’ve long song

For convoy one my finer most people do that may go 24 hours so you get to put the fools back in its what’s your soul gonna retire i’ll just go over the floor really what i feel more comfortable on it goes to the ground ok ok so you’re gonna sit here the first rank goes and takes from the feeling master goals and yeah well it’s a good attitude takedowns i’ll go over

The tate on ok i’m a little bit sucked it so any cf is for ya real fault it yeah are you trying to have for training early on ya after beer off the way i don’t drink anyway oh you will give better than our baser it’s all just all gonna meet our way hey just all round just go blowing anything that comes my way i’ll take it excellent so you fin up them yeah you try

And have any real silver how many weeks you put us life is 810 don’t know maybe a bit more thought you could say i’m drunk since christmas then basically oh yeah oh yeah are you sure you’re better mentally their very best selfie anything yes ok very smoothly hey so you might be the maid to wait their poems yeah i know arisia good man good man so what’s your story

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Tomorrow what are you what are you looking for i like to stomach buying me always looking not people are well that’s it’s a crowd-pleaser night i think the fans what the oscillation those sort of come here for so uh i think that’s gonna happen tomorrow as you know or technical sort of sort of stepped groundwork and i think probably gonna be on often about you no no

No straightening on board and the damn it i’m a nocturnal more questions on it was i gave you shouldn’t chew underestimate anyone such don’t forget in the cage your ad personal getting so i oliver thanks a lot me just so you are festive yeah but it also make the first pole fight for a file dancer mommy yeah you still try to slip right there have you really yeah

Training is romeo up and said he was there on the line main song so can’t really say no well sometimes we take those chances and obviously you have your weights / ok yeah i’m usually a bit lighter when it’s one of when i was going to soon problems gonna call so lightweight because you can get weighed in the day before so papa he’s pretty much bunk on me we got 24

S for the floors like him so i made the way hard you can recover an open all the river sucks monarch watch it yes i this crisp bacon and obviously in buckland so we’re working tomorrow night we’re both of us had a lot of fighting spirits and we’re looking forward to what you thinking i think there’s some great fights on its one stand up for me the rematch with a

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Sean lowe mustn’t turn around i think is just gonna be a war it’s a great fight and the two title fights top of the bill i think the cat fail to entertain well finally i for tony around four but three years ago for since lou and either man yeah so i know that we have right so you know you know you know what sean normal saline father well i think i look i surely

Look the height difference but i’m sure it’s gonna be our fight cuz tiny geetika diggidy jack’s making you about yeah cowboy it’s gonna be a great night yeah so what i’ve looked at portal for what is okay

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