UCC-1 Tradeline For Credit Boosting

We go over the details of the UCC-1 Tradeline process.

Okay for educational purposes only i’m adrienne rogers with the adrian elio rodgers charitable organization focused on providing educational information that may allow people to get a boost on the path to financial freedom and freedom in every aspect so the you see an addendum to the credit repair and boosting and addendum to the boosting part especially so

The ucc one trade line process how do you do it exactly so you’re making a private loan which means you would get another person or another business to agree with you to create a loan you can be the lender or they can be the lender whoever wants to it doesn’t matter so once you have someone who wants to do this with you by the way whoever is the debtor in this

Situation is the one whose credit will be boosted obviously nationally same way you’re basically creating the same situation as a credit card you’re making a loan you’re publicly filing it and when the debtor pays back the debt and that is recorded then their credit report is updated naturally so what you would do is get a security agreement promissory note

Sign an agreement with someone else or another business get it’s up to you you can do your own terms however much money however payment time whatever that’s all up to you make it realistic make it good make it good for you so you would make that then you would get the ucc one financing by the way if a promissory note does not have to be notarized unless the

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Payment time is longer than nine months and by the way that may differ from state to state but i’m pretty sure that’s uh in most states but do your own research so you would get the promissory note together get the security agreement together and all those are are the security agreement shows that a lender has interest in the collateral and the promissory

Note is just the loan agreement meaning the payment time the payment how much money and everything so once you have those two things completed then you would file the ucc one financing statement and you file the ucc one financing statement in the same state as the debtor and you file it with the promissory note attached because usually when filing usually when

Recording a promissory note there has to be real estate involved but for our purposes we can attach it to the ucc one because the collateral we have is not actual real property or real estate per se so moving on you would file the ucc one financing statement at the secretary of state’s office in the debtor state in the ucc one division or ucc ucc department where

All the corporations file everything and you would file that and if it’s so if you’re trying to build personal credit you would do the installment methods for the promissory note and have them have the debtor pay the debt every month for about three four five months or longer if you want it’s up to you longer is better for personal but as long as long as

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It’s uh realistic everything is good so now for business you can see a boost from one month payment but it is also better to do um longer term and installments for both but so here is the real key to this to really boost your credit so once again this is not legal advice financial advice i’m not a lawyer i’m not a ucc expert or any of that but i had to let

That pass by if parties are indeed competent then who’s to say that all right this whatever whoever’s honking that is crazy all right so who’s to say that maybe one day a few years ago you actually did make a loan agreement with someone and you let them borrow money and they paid you back on time but you guys never recorded that and filed it publicly now

To each his own do with that what you will my friend but so hopefully you understood where i was going with that but back dating just to put it out there for the dummies back dating is a possibility as long as the parties are competent and there was an actual agreement before the actual signing of this agreement of the signing of the documents and everything

So we can back date this ucc filing by backdating the promissory note and security agreement however many years you want two three four five obviously make it realistic you don’t want to do a thousand years when some companies aren’t even in existence but yeah you can back date it and that that that’s what makes it become a seasoned trade line or an aged primary

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Do your research on these terms but these are the things that help companies and people boost their scores to near perfect so do your research on what i’ve said and yeah but that is the ucc one tread line process and you can boost your score 200 points can boost your score up to 800 utilizing this correctly and that is all we will we may provide or we’re

Open to providing services for those who may not have the time to implement these strategies by themselves for a reasonable fee and yes you can my our website will be in the description can contact us and we will assist you in related matters once again this is for educational informational purposes only and thank you

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UCC-1 Tradeline For Credit Boosting By Adrian Helio Rogers Inc