ULTIMATE BATHROOM ORGANIZATION | Satisfying Clean and Bathroom Restock Organizing on A Budget

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Foreign hey guys welcome back to lg queen home decor i hope you’re all having an amazing day i’m so excited to share this ultimate bathroom organization with you all if you need ideas inspiration and motivation to tackle your own bathroom then this video is for you i love taking you all along the process to show you how you can instantly transform any space

I’m so happy with how this bathroom organization turned out on my side of the bathroom my husband’s side and guest bathroom you will see the before and after deep cleaning and decluttering to make it all more functional and practical for my family and guests make sure to give this video a like if you love home organization videos so i know to keep them coming

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You to ritual for sponsoring our portion of today’s video now let me show you guys how i transform our bathroom with the ultimate organization foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you thank you thank you foreign here’s a look at the before and here’s the after the end result is always so satisfying to see i love the way

The space turned out i wanted to maximize this cabinet to fit all of the essentials that were too big to fit in the smaller drawers i cannot reach anything easily and i can see everything in the containers if you’re interested in any of these products and organizing containers i’ll have it all linked down in the description box let me know in the comments how

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You think this space turned out and what color scheme would you go with in your cabinets my girls bedroom makeover in my recent video inspired me to add blush color details in my cabinet thank you foreign thank you this is how my husband’s side turned out and now looks presentable it’s functional organized and he loved the way it turned out he’s very

Minimal which i highly appreciate because i needed the extra space in here for my hairy tool so i added them on his side of the cabinet and it worked out great foreign moving on to the guest bathroom i had to make a change in this space because it was bothering me seeing things all over the cabinets and drawers i want my guests to feel welcomed and loved

And this space needed a lot of attention i started off by removing everything and getting rid of things i no longer needed to make room for necessary things in this space foreign thank you foreign thank you here’s how the guest bathroom cabinet turned out it’s such a huge difference and i’m so happy that my guests can now access and see anything

They need this organization day was a huge success and i would love to hear what you all think in the comments of this bathroom transformation i would also love to hear what videos you want to see next so i can start planning those for you guys thank you foreign foreign remember to go check out ritual and see the amazing vitamins they offer for you

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And your loved ones use my code lg queen20 to receive 20 off your first month the direct link is in my description box this concludes today’s video thank you all so much for watching and for being here i’ll talk to you on my next one take care foreign

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ULTIMATE BATHROOM ORGANIZATION | Satisfying Clean and Bathroom Restock Organizing on A Budget By LGQUEEN Home Decor