UNDISPUTED – Skip rips CeeDee Damn after Cowboys loss to Eagles last night

UNDISPUTED – Skip rips “CeeDee Damn” after Cowboys’ loss to Eagles last night

Sports app dak prescott planning to return this week against the lions after saying he could have played in the cowboys 26-17 lost to the eagles last night dallas currently third in the nfc east behind philly and the new york giants who’da thunk that shannon with jack back could you see the cowboys rising above the giants and the eagles to win the east i don’t see

It they’re two games back skip um and aj brown has been a huge addition um they have one of the best offensive lines in football they’re very talented roster from top to bottom offense defense special teams they’re very sound skip their next eight games um they played dallas again but they’re home philly plays at plays dallas again at dallas yeah they’re home versus

The steelers at the texans home worth of the commanders at the colts home versus green bay tennessee at giants at bears they could easily before they get giants before they get to the giants skip they could probably probably one two three four five six they probably could be what 12-0 okay i predicted it for the year you won’t remember this but i said philly will

Start out 10 and zero but but i’m i’m going way out there and now you’re going out to 12. yeah i think they can be i think they could uh obviously it’s one game at a time you know hey anything can happen but they look really good uh and i i don’t how does how does the cowboys make up three games i don’t see three teams on their schedule right now that can currently

Beat them now obviously andrea all bets are off um but dallas has done a great job cooper rush has done a great job of filling in keeping them within striking distance of not only possibly winning the division skip but he’s kept them in playoff contention yeah they could they could possibly get three teams in this out of this division into the playoffs they’re

17 your four division winners and then three wild cards okay so the big question is are the new york football giants legit are they real or imagined are they really five and one are they are they bona fide are they genuine i don’t know really how to take the ravens because i saw them blow a 21 point lead a 17-point lead and now a 10-point lead they’ve lost three

Games and three of them they had double double-digit leads in all three of those um i’m gonna give the giant some credit because they find a way to hang around and win these ball games wink martindale did a great job hey he was unafraid to blitz lamar he’s like i’m coming to get you but i’m gonna say no i don’t believe they can care i don’t believe they can catch

Him for the division silly philly i don’t believe giants i don’t think no no i don’t think i don’t think the giants are i think this is the eagles division to lose okay my turn and and i’m still drained from last night i’m battered from last night i told you i don’t think i’ll ever recover from last night but i’m here to tell you maybe because i’m so far down i

Don’t love my team this morning i don’t love it i love the schedule they’re about to play because it’s pretty easy you don’t love them to win a division or even make a wild card there’s no way they’re going to catch okay okay okay i’m not convinced they’re going to be a playoff team even though the schedule screams playoff team just by default but here here’s what

Gets me that they are now on course once again to become the most penalized team in pro football it’s hard to overcome that because without amari in the receiving corps i told you going in pro football focus graded them the 28th best receiving corps through the first five games well they didn’t get upgraded last night they did not get upgraded they did in fact they

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May have fallen last night just on the that we’re talking about the the mostly the wide receiver yeah right yes yes he’s cooper rush is throwing to two kids two rookie tight ends one of them a draft pick the other one undrafted out of wisconsin and indiana that that’s all you got and i’m i’m in with you i’m i’m giving in to you on cd damn as you call him he was cd

Damn last night because i’m sorry i’m not seeing a rage to win to dominate i i see the ability ability i see the explosion i see the talent i don’t see the intangible i i don’t see the driving force i need to see fire more often than what i see fire i i need to see fire and and what just what just tore my guts out was the the pivotal point in that game last night i

Don’t care what you say it comes down to the play it’s 503 left in the game still got a chance you’re down 26 to 17. it’s secondated to 40 yard line the rookie left tackle whiffs brandon graham he comes completely free just full speed ahead and and he hits my quarterback right in the mouth i thought he hit him literally in the mouth up under the chin and the ball

Flutters because he couldn’t follow through and cd just he he just knocked it out just stop and make a play for the football but you’re gonna have to run into somebody there’s going to be a collision and you gave up because you said oh cd damn said damn it’s not coming to me you know it’s a flutter ball and i was open and you half-hearted finished your route when i

If if you got look shannon sharp he stops and fights yeah he’s going to fight for the football you have to have a rage actually i’ve got knocked down on a plate like that john threw us through a scene in the middle of the field and the safety was standing and i saw him and i went and hit me right up under the chin you have to stand and fight yeah you had plenty of

Time the ball’s floating you just pull up you if you have to pivot and wheel on it you just fight with it because you’re bigger than gardner johnson you just bigger you’re you’re two three inches taller you’re more physical you can just go up and and fight him for it and at the very least you could knock the ball down you have to try to save your backup quarterback

From a play that basically ended the game right yep so i i got that and then i gotta show again this is just part and parcel of my problem with mike mc penalty he he he coaches the most undisciplined team in pro football and it’s the first play of the game for me it’s first and ten at the 35 and cooper rush believe it or not hit jake ferguson the rookie out of

Wisconsin for a 13-yard game and watch watch cd damn watch cd damn he comes from nowhere and just shoves it him down and it’s just not worth it it’s not he almost got run over himself you know it’s not worth it it’s a not a smart play and you’re not known as a block of wide receiver so now all of a sudden you want to block in the back it’s just so bad because it’s

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It’s unnecessary and it’s right at the point of attack where you’re just going to get a flag come on the reasons and it negates a play it would have gotten you first and 10 out at about the 50-yard line right well it’s nothing to nothing you don’t think that gives them a little bit of confidence a little bit of momentum where they say okay maybe we can play with

These maybe we can stop the buzz saw from buzzing us right in two well okay so then i gotta show the dante fowler play because i i i’ll regret it the rest of my life so it’s fourth and fourth the 10 yard line and they’re clearly trying to jump get you to jump off sides because the clock’s winding down at the end of the quarter and they’re trying to get you to jump

And he steps across the line and and syrian is over there’s like yeah we got them yeah yeah you god it’s good okay and i like dante fowler he’s made a lot of little big plays for the team but you can’t do that it’s totally coaching you know exactly what they’re doing because they run to the line of screen it’s like oh we’re gonna we’re gonna go fourth and fourth

You’re not gonna go it’s fourth and fourth to tenth yeah you’re going to take the field goal as the second quarter starts right and instead you gave him a touchdown well it’s four points in in a game that you’d like to think it’d be nip tucked to the end you can’t survive it so all of a sudden i’m i’m doubting my receiver i’m doubting my head coach because then cd

Finally made one play where he slams the ball across the the first down line and mike mccarthy doesn’t challenge and i don’t know why because he gets lost during the game it’s it’s a it’s a play that that begged it demanded a challenge yeah we were talking about it just last week when it came up for coach of the year yeah so what coach of the year what what what

What what what what call what play has he done what is he challenged the call i don’t know he does something that says okay yeah i think so no no that and that’s the bad reason we can go back three or four occasions where he should have challenged he probably would have won but because he left it go unchallenged now all of a sudden you punt the ball you know it’s

Just no i don’t think yeah but it’s good this is a very undisciplined team it’s just you can’t get 10 you can’t get 10 pill 11 pen only 12 penalties every game and keep overcoming that because as as the teams increase as the teams get better you you do yourself a huge disservice by putting yourself behind the eight ball getting these penalties yeah and they should

Have got another one because uh uh it is a penalty tony paula hit somebody hit the back it’s just silly it’s just it should have been another though what are you talking about what are you talking about it was the only break we got all night it’s the only thing that went our way so in in the big picture i look at the schedule and i say yeah we should be okay and

Listen i agree dak should take it up a level from cooper rush willie i haven’t seen it for a long long time he better okay but but you skip but you look at it look at the nfc west the nfc west is not what we thought it was going to be the nfc south is only going to get one team in the north what we thought the packers now it looks like minnesota might be the only


Team that’s coming up out there that’s the division winners okay i got it but you get two fairly winnable easy games for dak to ease back into the flow okay so i got you we better beat the lines we better beat the bears at home and we get a week off to get ready to go to green bay which doesn’t look like green bay air rogers looks like man you talk about happy feet

He’s lost his nerve in the pocket i know he’s dealing with some thumb injury but he’s just lost his nerve well he better call joe rogan and get some operations ayahuasca right he thought i think he needs that but then then they go to minnesota that’s going to be tough but then the big game all of a sudden weirdly becomes the giants on thanksgiving when we have

Stunk for thanksgivings on end yeah yeah that one last year took two years off my life so now all of a sudden it’s giants maybe for a lot of marbles not for all the marbles but maybe maybe for like wild card marbles and that one then that they get indy on a sunday night at home should win then the texans they should win at jacksonville is it winnable well sure

It is then here come the eagles christmas eve do we have a big present in store form i don’t know right now we’re just not as good as they are and then here we go at tennessee on a thursday night i i don’t know they’ll sure we it’ll be tough it’ll be tough then at washington is always tough dak played horrible there last year but that’s what look look would i be

Shocked if you play up to what i thought you were before the year you could easily win nine of the last 10 games you could yeah seriously and that’d make you 13-3 and you’d be a playoff team you might not catch philly but you’d be 13-3 right but but again i don’t trust the coach i don’t without dalton schultz remember jack’s gonna come back that was his security

Break at dalton schultz now i don’t know if he’s done for the year but he’s got a serious knee injury right and i think the thing you’ll skip is that cooper rush doesn’t like this i mean he threw to the titans more last night than he did at any point in time but he doesn’t have the relationship with him like he has with noah brown because noah brown worked with

Him on the scout team and these guys just got there so that’s that that’s something that you can build on skip but i i think i don’t think they can catch the eagles because i think the eagles are really really good football team and i like the way sarah i didn’t know i didn’t think he was the right guy for the job yeah but he’s done an unbelievable job final quick

Point i’ve told you from the start this team will go as far as micah and the defense he carries it you can run on my defense you can run at mica well the blueprints out there right so can you fix that well that’s what you have to do again that you have a team that wants to go get the quarterback you can you got to run the ball on them you got you got to make them

Think about something other than jumping off the ball attacking your quarterback that is true here we go well gentlemen to the point about there being a

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UNDISPUTED – Skip rips "CeeDee Damn" after Cowboys' loss to Eagles last night By Dân Dã Miền Tây