Unpacking the Governments DISASTROUS Mini Budget

Russell unpacks the Government’s Disastrous Mini Budget.

Hello and welcome to the show so what’s been happening this young lady has big plans for king charles what advice would you give you king what would you like to see him do a backflip the summer is finally over here and over on bbc breakfast lewis capaldi had a bit of a misunderstanding looks great well you’ve got gray hair too yeah i see you oh look at that there

You go that’s very rare it rarely happens uh the time now we’re coming up to nine o’clock now the big news of the week was of course this the chancellor unveils the biggest tax cuts in half a century in a radical bid to kick-start growth tax cut after tax cut after tax cut unfortunately those tax cuts were for people who were already minted high earners especially

Those on more than 150 000 a year will benefit the most you’re not going to like this package if you care more about the port the rich are getting richer and the poorer getting poorer damn right this was the biggest piss take the cap on bankers bonuses which had limited them to twice someone’s annual salary is also being axed yeah that makes sense didn’t it let’s

Fix the economy by giving more money to the people who broke it in the first place giving them more money makes as much sense as putting these two in charge of nhs cues it’s crazy i mean tell me how this is fair someone on 20 000 pounds a year salary will gain 157 pounds someone earning 200 000 pounds a year will gain 5220 someone on a million a year will be 55

000 pounds better off 55 grand that’s nearly twice a nurse’s salary we weren’t clapping barclays during the pandemic you don’t see bbc reporters at canary wharf things have got so bad for the stock brokers i’m told they’re only having two skiing holidays a year millionaires don’t need help they aren’t fixing dents in their cars like this it’s a joke the cost of

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Living crisis is affecting millions people are just struggling all over it’s just not fair it’s what’s going to happen after the six months what’s going to happen after three months it needs addressing by the government urgently electricity has gone up 54 petrol’s gone up 32 cheese is so expensive it’s being locked in security boxes it’s so desperate these guys

Have joined only fans we we’ve actually had to crop that image because if you look closely gromit’s tugging him off fracking knob cheese anyway sorry we may even lose one of the best things about this country pub bosses fear a wave of closures across the uk because of skyrocketing energy prices we can’t lose pubs the country’s broken now is not the time to get

Sober we need pubs i mean sure sometimes they get a bit too raucous due to physical violence shit-faced mondays have been canceled but pubs are special i mean where else can you witness sporting events like this yeah you know that pub’s actually called the bunch of grapes it’s exhausting all we’ve heard this week is this what is trickle-down economics trickle

Down economics trickle down economics trickle down economics trickle down is this going to work no trickle-down economics doesn’t work this is what they say happens this rich person gets a tax cut he then spends that money on things he needs like watches champagne cars cleaners restaurants maybe a pet ostrich the money trickles down and everyone’s minted but

This is the truth the rich person gets more money but already has everything he needs so nothing trickles down the rich get richer and everyone else gets nothing except the ostrich who gets a monocle thank you scotty of 50 years of data from 18 countries found that trickled down tax cuts make the rich richer but are of no value to overall economy what they do is

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They blind people with language the wealth will trickle dribble flow seep ooze it doesn’t it moves less than my cousin on ketamine but if we’re giving bankers more money the only people that will benefit are coke dealers the cayman aisles and people that make wanky socks also the budget was designed to kick-start the economy and make the pounds a world-beating

Currency so how did that go we haven’t seen anything like this in 50 years the value of the pound has fallen to a record low against the dollar lowest level the new all-time low i cannot remember another budget that has gone down as badly as this one they thought it man the pound was at the lowest point ever i haven’t seen a tumble that severe since this still

Pick him ahead of harry maguire to be honest we shouldn’t be surprised that liz truss has shafted the economy she’s never been brilliant with numbers you had a plan in 2014 to build 200 000 new starter homes that was five years ago how many did you build well i haven’t been as many starter homes as we would have liked how many did you build i don’t have the exact

Numbers for well it’s easy to remember it’s zero how can you not remember zero it’s easy it’s what the pound’s gonna be worth in a week it’s crazy she doesn’t seem phased by any of this labor’s policy to tax the energy companies are supported by 68 of the public according to polls you’re prepared to be unpopular aren’t you yes yes i am i don’t give a which is

A good job because people aren’t exactly fans i think she’s awful i don’t like her i i basically don’t see her as an intelligent person one lady was so unimpressed she refused to stop her workout i think anybody that comes promising to make tax cuts when i don’t think you can actually deliver that is like i say it’s just leading us down a path of um false hope

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Really it’s angel who doesn’t stop a workout for live tv 98. it’s no wonder it’s no wonder it’s it’s no wonder it’s okay one second no don’t do it i’ve got a family it’s no wonder when asked to describe liz trust with one word people said this thatcher liar idiot useless untrustworthy someone said evil probably because they’ve heard her laugh i think

Some of my friends might say i’m a bit relentless amazing maybe it’s not the life maybe they saw this statue of her that’s not liz truss that’s andy from little britain elsewhere this week did anyone hear about the scandal rocking the world of chess a chess story is going viral a firestorm rocking the chess world st louis is now at the center of an outsized

Controversy one player accused of cheating against the reigning world champion some theorizing he used vibrating wearable devices that fed him the right moves so what was this vibrating device a ring something in his shoe no according to reports he was cheating by using remote control vibrating a bridge apparently smart in it it’s so crazy apparently people

Became suspicious when he moved the pawn and shouted oh i’m gonna come i love this story do you know people were outraged they should have been impressed what an literally what an who has an anus that’s skilled you could send him messages start playing aggressive you’re right watch out for his queen i agree oh i’m gonna come again i should turn that into

A netflix show and if they do they have to call it this

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Unpacking the Government’s DISASTROUS Mini Budget By Russell Howard