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Like you’re not even have room for all you know i can have enough trunk space for these rainbows you’re not gonna have enough trunk space for these freaking opportunities planning is on one thousand your victory is on one thousand your clarity your joy is on one thousand dollars someone’s trying to cause unexpected drama so be careful of who wants to collaborate

With you or work with you at this time yeah i got a fake high priestess so some of you guys could be tarot readers you could be in the tarot community somebody could be wanting to collaborate with you you don’t have to be but this is going to be for some of you i do have a lot of tarot readers that watch my channel some of you guys um people could be asking you

Like hey why don’t you collaborate with me and you can see that the divine has something else for you in mind they have different ways there are different ways for you to support your soul tribe or friends or acquaintances or associates there are different ways to support and i’m not seeing that a collaboration is that is that for you at this time because you

Have a lot of strength on your own and all this hard work is about to pay off for you and there are other people trying to sneak in through the back door there’s a fake high priestess trying to sink in through the back door and take some of the credit so this could be just like what you guys deal with on social media this could be your workplace it doesn’t have to

Be the tarot community but for a lot of you it’s going to be we got the mother of dragons you’re you guys are getting a lot of attention right now because you do things like like no other you’re showing a lot of compassion you’re breathing a lot of life and fire into your endeavors so people are like well i want to do that and i want to be known for being their

Friend and this and this and that and we got arya stark so you’re about to really shoot down or dismantle people’s thoughts or assumptions or beliefs about you that they can just back door you and come and ride your wave you’re about to really put some people where they go like yeah i will support you from over here i will wish you well from over here but what

I’m not going to do is just let you come in and act like whatever on whatever because this is not just whatever this is something that you guys have been your ancestors the creator of the divine this this is tailored specifically for you to become a boss in your life for you to work for yourself for you not to be in anybody else’s shadow and for other people to

It’s very important that whatever this is that you are standing out and that you are unique and you’re also trying to stay in a headspace of i am unique i am one in a million i am not going to compare myself to others failures that is not my path and and if i do fail i will learn from those mistakes because we gain confidence from our what our low lows not our

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High highs comment down below i am crowned by god i am crowned by the creator so you guys are learning about your ambition right now you’re getting a lot of clarity on what is victor what does victory look like to you what is strategic planning look like to you what is success and not struggling what does it look like for you to receive the things that you want

What do you what do you want this rebirth to look like your hard work right now is paying off fast faster than normal so your hard work is paying off at an alarming rate and i feel like this has to a lot to do with your clarity and this transition so i feel like there’s something that you’re planning that is for your highest good a download that you received

That is really sparking your curiosity to get your passion like going and you’re seeing that this is really going to work out for you is a download that i got earlier today but i didn’t write it down for anything that i filmed so maybe it can tie into this for you guys whoever i’m speaking to competition could normally maybe get the best of you and this could

Really burden you and make you tired like oh my gosh like i’m never gonna be like these other people i’m worried and you are starting to realize like i can compare analytics to people i aspire to be but i cannot compare myself to that person or you’re realizing that it will cast a shadow so what you’re starting to do is tell yourself okay i have clarity i want my

Victory to look like and i am seeing what has worked out for others and what has not i have my own way of doing this and i know that i am unlike anybody else comment down below i am unlike anybody else so you’re no longer looking at well they failed when they did this so i don’t know if i should try that and that’s why you are strategically planning things you

Are rejuvenating what you want this glow up to look like this program this job this spiritual project whatever this is there are going to be a lot of people trying to compete with you but there is only one of you comment down below i am one in a million there’s only one of me and i mean that in regards to there’s only one one of you doing it whatever this is like

You because there’s a lot of people that are going to want to come in and collaborate with you and whoever this is whoever i’m speaking to whoever wants to come in and collaborate with you it is probably not a good idea because you can do a lot of this on your own not to say that you can’t work well with others i don’t feel like others are truly ready to work

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Well with you they might be wanting to ride your coattails of your new program that you are trying to create so remember to keep it private and keep it queue because whoever’s trying to collab could be wanting to steal ideas or piggyback off of your ideas if ever you were getting ready to receive you guys are the star you are the empress you are getting a lot of

Jobs opportunities and money and all of these things were being amplified you have a lot of good karma coming in judgment six of wands the king of pentacles the strength card like everything is is amplified everything you guys are doing is amplified right now everything your planning is on one thousand your victory is on one thousand your clarity your joy is on

One thousand your karma’s on ten thousand like it’s just bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger a lot of serendipitous miracles your miracles are being expedited comment down below my miracles are being expedited they better freaking ask somebody so i got stay focused on facing fears because these are bringing big changes stay focused on facing your

Fears so there’s some people that really want to be part of this transition they didn’t work for this transition and some of you guys could be like well my my um associate can ride shotgun in my chariot and your ancestors are like no the street lights are out they need to go home you can support them in other ways besides letting them completely ride your wave

Or your chariot comment down below my chariot is here comment down below your microphone your lion your son your crown your shield comment down below boom goes to dynamite my voice is amplified i am divinely protected i am speaking my truth i am the galactic truth serum i will rock my truth until the wheels fall off i am rocking my truth until the wheels fall off

You guys are very charismatic at this time so again but we got the talent you guys have to talk you guys are the talk of the town everyone is talking about how you’re winning and this could be metaphorically too the town could be social media or it could be your actual town or city or your work arena yeah is it about your glow up and then we got last but not least

Never never never never never never never number two never you better get your together somebody’s really wanting to pack a punch they’re really wanting somebody’s really wanting to be buddy buddy with you as you’re winning but they weren’t here when you were in the trenches they were not here when you were in the trenches so we’re gonna play a little game

Who is your daddy and what does he do what is the universe what is god what is the creator what is the divine what is mother gaia unfolding for you let’s find out who is your daddy daddy and what does he do i’m also getting that you guys could be spending a lot of time with family right now you’re just staying really close to your privacy we got a forest it was

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Your daddy and what does he do i’m hearing if you build it they will come i don’t know what that means but i feel like whatever you’re building they will come you will have sales volume clients who is your daddy i know what does he do oh you guys have a lot of abundance coming in we have farmer alfalfa you guys have so much coming in right now like you’re not

Even have room for all you’re not going to have enough trunk space for these rainbows you’re not gonna have enough trunk space for these freaking opportunities better ask somebody this is a lot of unexpected blessings of forest ranger see ancestors on standby who is your daddy and what does he do your ancestors are watching your angels are watching whoa oh well

Bill rhone who is your daddy the universe god the divine they are helping you lay a solid foundation okay they’re helping you lay a solid foundation brick by brick and you are being assisted you are being supported this ain’t on sand this is brick by brick stone by stone one by one sword by sword comment down below i am carrying this word of truth i am laying

A solid foundation who is your daddy and what does he do so you guys have ancestors that are helping put out fires so they are shielding you from certain things they are protecting you we have the fire station they are protecting you from certain things lessons you’ve already learned people trying to bring in the the anything else a firefighter so your guy’s

Strength is changing because you know that you’re protected but you’re not hiding behind you’re not cowering you’re not avoiding you are learning to stand tall like yeah i am divinely protected but i can fight these fires too okay put your flames down below you are learning how to put out fires yourself maybe that used to overwhelm you and now it doesn’t let’s

Get an angel number out for you guys foreign four two we got four four two so if anybody wants to comment down below what angel number 442 is let me know in the comments i’m gonna put that right there for you guys so yeah angel number 442 don’t forget to drop down below what you want to affirm there’s a lot of good news coming in so let me know what’s going on

Let me know how it resonates don’t forget to smash the you know what hit the bell and i will see you guys in the next one awakening is

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