Urgent Message Follow Up- Aaron Olinger Will Have the Floor at The 11:11 Minded Meeting This Month

You asked for his wisdom and we shall deliver. On Sunday, October 30, 2022, Premiere Prepping Specialist Mr. Aaron Olinger will be giving us all the details of this war, possible nuclear attack, and more. If you would like to hear what he has to say, please click on the link below for The 11:11 Minded Meeting and sign up. Cameras must me on and we need to see and hear who we are speaking to. Thanks.

Yeah hello family peace love and high vibrations this is nicola hurst county once again from courage to change and life alchemy life coaching and i just wanted to make a quick follow-up on the urgent messages video i did a few days back some of you expressed that you wanted to hear aaron olinger’s uh opinions and information that he uh is talking about this war

And all the things that we need to be aware of things that we may not be paying attention to if that is you i want to let you know that aaron will be at this month’s 11 11 minded meeting october the 30th sunday 6 30 p.m central time unless there’s some issues where it is uncontrollable or out of his ability to be there aaron is always there and on time normally the

First one there so come on time come in on time and um come with your questions ready he will have the floor for the entire time the meeting is his and i’m just stepping back and allowing aaron to do his thing for those of you who don’t know aaron olinga he is probably one of the premier um prepping specialists that we have we are we are gifted to have him in our

Midst we are i am extraordinarily grateful that um i was able to link arms with him and kind of team up with him to help me do a couple of live videos on prepping and getting our mindset ready for some of the things that we will need for the future events coming up if you have not seen those lives and you would like to i put the links in the bottom for you so that

You can go ahead and click on those get yourself familiar with some of the things that he’s already talked about uh we’re not doing another live because i think that he said just about everything that he needs to say for right now i think that a lot of things that need to be said probably need to be said off youtube so we can’t um number one uh we recognize more

And more and more we’re being censored so i’m not going to waste the time trying to go over stuff that we’ve already gone over and i’m not going to burn out his energy or mine uh trying to get people to see the light that don’t want to see the light those who are serious those who know that they need to be paying attention to some things and they need to get some

Additional information on how to govern themselves accordingly you will be the ones that i know will show up at the 11 11 mining meeting mind you when you show up make sure you have your camera on and your microphone on uh we don’t do any trolls and you cannot hide behind your avatar i need to see who i’m talking to we’re trying to build real community and we’re

Dealing with real issues and sometimes sensitive topics so the very last thing that i need is some crazy person with an avatar that don’t want to show their face to show up on my link and uh cause problems the moment i think that you’re causing problems i will click you off and be done with you and block you so i’m just letting you know that in advance if you you

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Know one of these people out here because they got some out there um i think that the the world not even i’m not gonna say the world america is kind of split between two opposing sides people who feel like nothing is happening nothing is going to happen to us and we just need to go ahead and uh forget all of this stuff that they this hype y’all been talking about

Prepping forever blah blah blah nothing cataclysmic happening yet as if you can’t see the signs of things changing in front of your face so you got those people and then you have the other side that they are uh prepping and um afraid to live their life now i don’t i don’t i kind of ride somewhere in the middle where i am highly aware of what’s going on i am very

Conscious about the things that i’m putting in place in order to do the best that i know how to do prepare myself but i’m also that girl that want to live my life i want to live and i’m like i don’t like living a life of regrets and so in the midst of it all i’m still going to try to find way excuse me find a way to have some joy in my life have some happiness in

My life have some peace in my life that’s me so you know people are riding to the left or to the right and some of us are riding somewhere in the middle very very conscious of what’s happening but still not allowing it to uh either rock me to sleep or put me in fear and so i don’t believe in living a life in fear and that’s not why we do these videos we do these

Videos to try to make sure that we keep you informed and i’m a very very real well-rounded person most of the time in my personal life um most of the time sometimes i work more than i play and i need to learn how to play more of my life but um but my channel was pretty well-rounded too i do recovery my my focus has always been recovery this channel is was based

On uh starting out talking about recovery work and healing work um internal doing your internal work um for a reason because i really feel like in those moments when things get really really rough we need tools that we can depend on that won’t uh send us into a spiral and it’s easy to go there even if you have the tools it’s easy to go into a spiral where you’re

Just going back into your default of what you know how to do to survive and many of us didn’t have the most healthy tools growing up learning how to survive so the tools of 12-step the healing tools of the literature and things like that i’ve always been something that i try to put out on this channel to put in your back pocket to have a means of number one for

Me as an african-american person introducing my people to the 12-step rooms outside of aa because the court will send you the aaa right if you get drunk driving charge or something many times the court will send you to an aaa meeting but outside of that most people are not familiar with the 12-step protocols and processes uh from an african-american’s perspective

Because i i’ve been to way too many rooms in various cities and states where where many times i was the only one that looked like myself in the room or very very few of us look like me in the room and so i know it’s information and insight that my people need and that’s the why that’s the reason why i started courage to change in the first place but everybody is

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Willing to partake of the information that i put out i definitely don’t discriminate on who you know i want to listen to what i have to say but i had a very intentional reason for starting this channel because i’m like i know my people need this information and i know that they are not in these rooms and i know that they’re not using these tools and don’t realize

This information is out here for us and it can help us help us to draw ourselves safe safe and healthy boundaries with people around us uh teach us how to um take accountability and responsibility for the things that we need to take responsibility for and release the rest learn to live and let live sometimes you gotta let people just go ahead and you know do what

They gonna do which is what i’m learning how to do in this whole you know a cycle of events that’s happening right now like some people they’re going to it’s inevitable we’re going to lose them and instead of you know holding on to that too tightly my program is teaching me how to let go more and more and more of some of the things that i used to hold on to real

Tight like i used to you know worry about too many people too often and i’m learning to let that go so these tools help it help you in these times when stuff is going to get crazy and it’s going to get crazier we’re going into winter right now right now the whole country is dipping into a crazy weather pattern where half the country is about to hit into a deep

Freeze and the other half is going to have um 10 degrees um higher than their norm and uh either side i mean the the west side might be enjoying it for right now the east side is going to have some some issues if you’re not prepared for that and god forbid you go into a situation like we did in houston uh 2021 where everything goes down and there’s no electricity

And you’ve hit the deepest freeze you’ve ever had in your particular city if you’re generally a warm state you know for texas to freeze like that it’s like saying it had a blizzard in in the in the in the desert and then you know if oregon was used to washington state those places that used to being a little bit colder all of a sudden hit the kind of temperatures

We get in houston they would probably have some issues so you know all of these things that’s happening we need to be preparing our minds to get everything that we need in place in place to the measuring degree that we can and that is the physical stuff which is aaron olinger’s job the mental and emotional stuff which is my job the spiritual stuff which i try to

Help with that as well um and then just try to do the best that i can do to put information out to keep you informed of what’s happening um and make it a well-rounded situation where you’re using your program your tools to cope and you using your information from aaron to get the things you need and to prepare yourself and you’re learning how to manage the stuff

Around you to the best of your ability now nobody knows when you know the most cataclysmic event of nuclear war will hit with the fallout might be a maybe of that and speaking of that the way i’ve been looking at the information every other country seems to be preparing their people with real fallout information but us you know how when the fire department tell

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You if you ever caught on fire stop drop and roll that is literally the equivalent of what our country has given us about if we’re hit with a nuclear attack uh i forgot the exact wording but it’s something like get in uh stay informed it’s something else get in the getting shot to stay informed uh i don’t know it was three it’s three things that they told you

That’s on the buses in uh the northeast um that’s not enough to help you survive something like that and then the the russian report gate gives all types of additional information on putting wet cloth under the doorways to stop and trap the you know fall off from seeping through the doors and duct tape like they have a whole list of things that they’re telling

Their people to do that our government is not telling us at all and we’re just sitting ducks and now they’ve been trying to get rid of a portion of us anyway so this might be the easiest route for them to go is to just shut up be quiet not let us know what’s going on fully or say things so cavalier and casual that you don’t take it seriously and that you don’t

Have in your mind that something like this can actually happen in this country we are so spoiled in this country we just don’t see it we will never see it coming because most people are truly um sleeping on this whole thing um and that’s not to put people in fear but we’re not informed we’re not aware and we’re not trying to be we don’t care for the most part

Uh that’s not everybody but most of the people i know and talk to they don’t think that something like this could ever happen to us but for whatever reason can happen to us maybe other people of another country and that’s because we’re always sending our people off somewhere to war but you you know you you might want to pay attention to the fact that things are

Amping up one way or the other you’re gonna feel something whether they take the grid down and in the worst of winter or whether you get hit with uh infrastructure being torn up as a result of some of the things that’s going on overseas you will probably feel something at some point so it’s best to um listen to what some of these people we call preppers and

Conspiracy theorists and all the rest of that stuff might have to say and you know at the very least very and at most prepare right so um that’s pretty much all i have tonight i just wanted to follow up because i know a couple of people asked about you know aaron speaking his piece on some of this and so we’re not gonna do it on youtube and i’m not gonna do a

Live but he will be at the 11 11 monday meeting october the 30th sunday 6 30 p.m central time be on time camera on mic on questions ready all right until we meet again i am wishing you peace love and high vibrations family blessings

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