USDA Loan Closing Times In Less Then 30 days!

Welcome back everyone sean stevens here again with metroplex mortgage services and another usda loan pro video quick tip usda loan closings in less than 30 days yes you heard me correct and that is what you should expect with the market beginning to change from sellers requiring cash or conventional offers many do not realize how fast a usda loan closing time

Can actually be understanding these details can help maximize a seller’s available offers while at the same time not sacrificing any closing time when comparing conventional versus usga loan closing times in today’s video i’ll explain how working with the usda approved lender can deliver a streamlined loan process and walk you through how to plan for a usda

Loan closing in less than 30 days now before we get started don’t forget to manage and download our usda blueprint for success with the link below this free guide is designed to walk you through the process step by step is a great tool for both home buyers and realtors alike i know i know i know i’ve heard it all so many times before that a seller does not want

To take a government loan because it’ll take too long to close well i understand that could be a potential concern that is by no means a blank a policy and it is more important to understand who is providing the financing engage the offers qualifying strength with that leonard’s reputation in mind especially with the cash buying frenzy continuing to slow and

Interest rates on the rise a flexible seller can only benefit themselves by taking the opportunity to look at all offers cash conventional fha va and of course usda rural housing as a usda approved lender our team at metroplex has procedures specifically built to process approve and close usda loans through these dedicated systems this allows us to continually

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Have our usda loan closing times in less than 30 days now with that being said specific advantages can be gained by working directly with an actual usda approved lender such as metroplex mortgage services why is being a usda approved lender so important for successful closing did you know that not all lenders are usda approved many realtors and home buyers

Think that just because a lender bank broker or credit union offers a usda program that they are the approving lender as well however not all lenders are approved by usda and in today’s video i will shed light on a topic that many are not aware of because understanding the details can make the difference between a successful closing or signing a cancellation

And release so what are the advantages of working directly with an actual usda approved lender usda processing and underwriting usda approved lenders have direct access to the guaranteed underwriting system otherwise known as gus the gus automated underwriting system is specific for usda loans and their eligibility when working with gus it provides a roadmap

For eligibility maximum debt ratios and the all-important qualifying limits that both realtors and home buyers need to know when shopping for a home ability to save processing time while it is true that there are more steps in the usda loan process when compared to a conventional loan usda approved lenders are able to work directly with usda field offices which

Eliminates a middleman in the process the importance of managing the loan file and holding direct communication between our office and the usda specialists is critical prioritize usda specific loan documentation usda rural development requires specific documents as part of their approval process we understand the steps needed and are able to prioritize and clear

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The necessary items needed in order for the file to be shipped to usda another great benefit that goes without saying is the amount of expert knowledge that usda approved lenders hold usda loans cover a specific market and it’s incredibly important that lenders know the ins and outs of this unique loan program remember we are here to help simply call or email if

You need help with a new pre-qualification or want to take advantage of our free second opinion service which is great for those existing transactions in need of a complimentary review until next time i want everyone to make it a great day and look forward to seeing you right here for the next tip of the week

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USDA Loan Closing Times In Less Then 30 days! By Metroplex Mortgage Services