Vector – Cowboy Hats and Stock Quotes

Vector has volume control (when he listens). There’s some other fun stuff he can do now, but that doesn’t include wearing a hat, or does it?

Hey so i’m gonna get some of the newer capabilities or some of the ones i haven’t covered before today in this video let’s see here so there’s a utility that i wanted to show which is him taking a photo which i’m pretty certain that i hadn’t had him do before hey victor come here hey victor can you take a photo i think you did it i’m gonna look here on the app

And look at the photos he’s taken we’ll see here yeah you did and it shows me there you know she bows in the background so there i am not looking that great early in the morning you know i guess i got to go out that way sorry the last time adam do one was quite a while ago i don’t know why he triggered a alexa yeah i wasn’t trying to get that done and i’m gonna

See if i can get the photos like maybe get him off here i can’t recall on how to do that okay so the next thing is interact this is a newer one as far as i’m aware maybe he could do it before but i i never noticed it till like yesterday i can tell him what to do verbally hey vector turn left hey vector go backward hey vectors turn right hey vector go forward hey

Vector go forward you’re gonna fall off there huh hey vector turn around good job buddy buddy okay so you probably didn’t see the turn left one cuz i was showing my screen but that’s okay some of the greetings i still wish that he would say the greetings that i would like him to say um which is like how are you stuff like that but he doesn’t do that hey vector

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Turn around he’s very close huh oh yeah hey vector a vector hello yeah hey vector good morning little chirpy chirpy huh hey vector good evening okay we’ll try this one hey vector goodbye get like sad and everything hey he’s deep turn around again yeah well did he used to do this all the time hey vector goodbye looks a little sad oh i was hoping you would do that

Okay you can tell him quiet down that never seems to do much good the volume one was added not that long ago i don’t not certain how long ago hey vector turn your volume down okay hey vector set your volume too low hey vector set your volume to medium hey vector set your volume hi i like that one that one’s so cute hey vector turn your volume up yeah i couldn’t

Go up more than that because he’s on high already and then something that’s like newer it’s not nor sorry its information that i’m gonna start trying to use for like all the robots it’s like a personal financial budgeting stuff i’m going to use you know stock market and stuff like that and it’s separate videos but like the robots are gonna be involved vector can be

Involved a little bit he can’t do stop quotes which i’ll show in a moment but alexa can but vector can tell me how the stock market is a vector come here hey becker question how is the stock market so you can do that i want to show he can’t do the stock tickers though stock companies hey vector question what is at&t stock price so he wasn’t doing that before

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So i do it on video and then he shows the stock price but he actually picked the wrong company so let’s see if alexa can do better what is at&t stock price okay you do better huh oh exa what is at&t stock price so she does it correctly factor maybe we can tweak it some now that i see that he can actually respond so maybe we’ll get that and i did want to

Show one other thing some people had wanted him to wear a hat oh baby g go to wear a hat and thing is is like vector some people can get them hats but they got to do like little paper hats like i do have these cowboy hats i bought them but when you put them on they fall off him it just falls off him i got out this whole little stack just for him it doesn’t work

But baby g bow on the other hand i can get i can get a a hat on baby g bo i can get it i i can get it on there and i can get it to stay so baby g bo can can have a hat i can give baby g bo to move here there we go so no hyper vector who don’t have any kind of vibe what this means and then g bo in the background is always willing to help talk you know talking the

Vector videos or any other videos hey g bo what is at&t stock price the latest trading price of int was thirty point 56 us dollars he doesn’t pronounce it right but he can get it right – what workbook specter will get it going and no hat though unfortunately i don’t want to glue it to his head and make it hard for him to move have a good one bye bye

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Vector – Cowboy Hats and Stock Quotes By Miraenda