Watch BEFORE You Buy a New TV! (2021/2022 TV Buying Guide)

The Tech Chap TV Buying Guide (late 2021) – top 10 tips for buying a new TV! ▶ Check out the Best OLED TV deals:

I think this may be the most distracting backdrop i’ve ever put up in a video you’re gonna feel sick just watching this and not in the usual way hey guys i’m tom with techchap and this isn’t all about gaming even though i’ve got the ps5 and the series x hooked up at the moment this is about what is the best tv rather than individual models i want to give you some

Of my top tips for how to choose the right one for you because there is about a million things to think about and it can all get a bit overwhelming but if you guys do enjoy the video and find it useful which hopefully you do then a cheeky little like and subscribe would be very much appreciated okay so tip number one and that’s two but when is the best time to buy a

New tv well the answer is actually right now well for me at least as i’m filming this in mid-november because we’ve got black friday and cyber monday coming up as you would expect these are the best times to get big discounts on the latest models reason being most new tvs are announced in january at the big ces conference in vegas and then usually released between

March and april every year which is when you’re pretty much guaranteed to be paying sticker price but give it five or six months after launch and you’ll probably see a good 20 to 30 off although this year maybe pair back a little bit as we still have this ongoing chip supply shortage crisis thing uh so supply is still out strip no all the way around so demand is

Still outstripping supply but another good way to save money and leading into tip number two very nicely is look beyond the regular big brands because the likes of tcl and high sense are putting out some great tvs these days which are often pretty spectacular value for money tip number three and size matters i’m not gonna make a joke i always make a joke i’m not

Gonna do it this time this is a 55-inch this is a 65-inch although slightly awkwardly they’re on different height tv stands but i love a big tv it’s more immersive and it helps your eyes perceive more detail especially as we’re upgrading to 4k and maybe even 8k screens and in my experience you’re less likely to regret buying a tv that’s just a little bit too big

Than going for one that’s maybe a bit smaller than you’d like i think the sweet spot is either a 55 or a 65 inch 4k tv at least here in the uk where we have really small houses but the thing is when you go above 65 into your 70s and your 80s things often get a lot more expensive i still wouldn’t bother with 8k though it’s diminishing returns it’s very expensive

But if you do want to go for one i would suggest at least 75 inches so you can see the difference this next tip is for when you actually already have your tv and that is to change the settings it can make such a difference just playing around with it for a few minutes because a number of people i know who buy their fancy new tv and just you know use out the box

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Settings which to be fair aren’t as terrible as they often used to be in the past but you’re going to want to turn off that motion smoothing unless you’re watching sports so you’re not going to get that soap opera-like effect and god forbid if they set it up in store mode picking one of the presets is fine and newer tvs often remember your choice depending on the

App or the input you’re using but if you’ve got one of these options then use game mode for consoles and then for movies and tv any kind of expert or filmmaker mode is your best bet as these tend toward more natural tones in line supposedly with what the original filmmakers wanted my next tip is actually pretty simple and maybe unless you’ve got one of these sky

Glass tvs because the built-in speakers are incredible actually get a soundbar or a separate speaker system anything because if you’re going to spend a ton of money on a new tv with fantastic picture quality you want the sound to match to be fair some pricier tvs do have better quality and bassier speakers and attempt a bit of surround sound but i really would

Suggest getting a good sound bar and plenty of speakers and sound bars allow you to connect to the tv via an arc or an e-arc enabled hdmi port which is so much more convenient because you can then use your tv remote to control your sound but i think my personal favorite right now is this the sonos arc it’s a little bit pricey but i think it’s incredible so for

This video lg actually very kindly offered to sponsor the little integration ad break part in the middle which we’re gonna go into now and that is all about a tv which isn’t actually not in here it is over there in my living room so come with me so this is the 77 inch lg g1 and quite honestly i will take any opportunity i can to show off this tv it is incredible

The g1 aka the gallery design tv not only has a unique flush wall mount so it sits right up against your wall although right now i’ve got a nice gradient light strip behind it but this along with the z1 series have lg’s next generation oled evo technology which combines the alpha 9 gen 4 ai processor 4k new improved materials and an even brighter screen and of

Course being an oled we have the cell flip pixels so we get that infinite contrast no haloing in just the perfect black so you can’t get on a normal led lcd so as you would expect picture quality on this is top notch the processor intelligently upscales content to 4k and also optimizes both the picture and the sound quality we also get dolby vision iq and dolby ammo

Support for a proper cinematic experience and motion pro helps reduce motion blur i actually reviewed this a few months ago and at the time i called it the best gaming tv you can buy and i stand by that even now 4k 120 fps hdmi 2.1 g-sync and freesync as well as super fast response times and low input lag which is actually really important and this game optimizer

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Menu gives you all the game specific functions in one place so check out lg’s huge range of oled tvs including this oled evo g1 there’s some great black friday deals and i’ll leave a link in the description below okay we’re back let’s talk about tip number what are we on tip number six picture quality in my experience the biggest determiner of picture quality

Is how deep the blacks can get which is basically the contrast ratio and also the brightness measured in nips and this is even more important when it comes to hdr movies and games in fact i’d argue that good hdr especially in content with dolby vision or hdr 10 plus is one of the biggest upgrades tvs have had in the last decade although the good news is that all

4k tvs do at least support some basic hdr formats but if you can try and get a tv that supports dolby vision hdr which most do these days except well frustratingly most samsung tvs but dobby vision is one of the most common and most popular hdr formats all this brings me to tip number seven seven um i’ve completely lost my train of thought now where are we all

This brings me to the next question which tv technology what panel type is best and to keep things simple you’ve got your basic led lcd tvs which have generally quite poor contrast rubbish viewing angles but are nice and cheap the next tier up is a bit more convoluted you’ve got your quantum dots your nano cells and even mini led tvs these are more expensive but

Usually with higher brightness better contrast and more dimming zones on the backlight so you get less blooming and more accurate colors but at the top it’s still pretty much a two horse race between oled and qled we do have some very exciting new technologies coming soon like micro led from samsung but that’s ridiculously expensive and probably five years off

From actually being in your living room as i mentioned in the ad break with an oled each pixel can turn itself on and off so you have near enough infinite contrast super inky blacks almost no blooming or light bleed and incredible viewing angles the only real compromise with oled is it can’t match the brightness of a good q-led with the best ones from samsung

But with each generation they do get better if i had to take one to a desert island well actually i’d probably go with the q-lead because the higher brightness would help drown out the sun which is presumably overhead and also assuming i’ve got power and a signal you can’t go wrong with either but for my money assuming you can maybe control the lighting in your

Living room you even got a super bright window behind you or something i would go oled both technologies still come at a premium though although something like this lg 55-inch c1 which is actually my tv of the year now you can get for less than 1200 pounds back to gaming though because the big reason a lot of people want to buy a new tv is to pair it with their

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Shiny new ps5 or xbox series x and while you can play your games on any tv from the last you know 10 15 years anything with an hdmi port near enough there are some pretty big benefits to paying a little bit more and getting a new tv with some gaming features to get the best experience look for at least one hdmi 2.1 port that makes it a lot more future proof but

Also you want support for 120 hertz often called vrr or variable refresh rate also if possible look out for freesync and or g-sync to smooth out your gameplay and reduce screen tearing and also keep a lookout for a llm or auto low latency mode which the tv will switch to when it detects a console input and that helps turn off all the background processing rubbish

And gives you the best response time the problem is though hdmi 2.1 tvs which are fantastic future-proof things that got very bright all of a sudden are very expensive and really there’s only a handful of games that support 4k at 120fps which that unlocks there are a bunch of other benefits to 2.1 which well i could spend a whole video talking about but in terms

Of real world gaming hdmi 2.0 which you have on every tv really is absolutely fine you can still get 120 fps if your tv supports it but just at a lower resolution and having low response times and a good picture quality is far more important tip number nine and all new tvs are smart tvs which basically means you can connect it to the internet and then they’ll have

The usual range of streaming apps although not all tvs have all the apps that’s worth checking i’m sure you guys already know this but if you do have an older non-smart tv then get a roku stick or an amazon fire 4k or google chromecast because they are incredibly cheap ways of getting access to streaming apps without buying a whole new tv and finally tip number 10

Read reviews not spec sheets for example this sky glass tv which i reviewed recently is technically a quantum dot mini led which sounds great but in reality the brightness peaks at around 600 nits which is pretty average plus it’s only 60 hertz with no real gaming features it’s not bad for the price but as i say just reading the specs doesn’t necessarily give you

An idea of what the picture quality is actually like so it’s worth reading or watching a few reviews of the tv you’re thinking about first to get past all that marketing jargon but what about you what tv are you using at the moment and also are you thinking about upgrading to a new one anytime soon and if so what would you go for let me know in the comments below

Thank you so much for watching guys i do hope you found that slightly useful if you did as i say a little like and subscribe would be very much appreciated and i will see you next time right here on the tech chat

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