We Will Buy Them Back And We Will Destroy Them – PM Jacinda Ardern On Gun Control In New Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern outlines what her country’s government did to enact sensible gun control after a terrible mass shooting in Christchurch. Stick around for two more segments with friend of the show, PM Jacinda Ardern! #Colbert #NewZealand #JacindaArdern

Ladies and gentlemen, my first guest tonight is a dedicated new zealand, and a reliable ride from the airport. please welcome back to “the late show,” prime minister jacinda ardern! ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) gun violence in christchurch. and immediately thereafter, the new zealand parliament took action to remove guns from the streets.

And i’m wondering if you have– if you could explain to us how you did it. as universal background checks for people with a history of behavior, even though 91% of americans approve of that, want that, on both sides of the aisle. get that done because i know it was general consensus. .>> i can only speak to our general experience in new them not as a politician

But as a mother, and i’m so sorry for and then i think about what happened to us, and all i can reflect is we are a very pragmatic people. when we saw something like that so then it was incumbent on us as politicians to respond to that. in our country for things like peace control and to protect our biodiversity. but you don’t need a military-style semiautomatic weapon

To do that. less-free country to anyone down there? people who had legitimately and legally gone out and purchased laws, so in fairness we said we will buy them back and we will destroy them. there are still, obviously, guns that are misused in new zealand, so i won’t sit here and say that our system is perfect. wasn’t right, and we acted on it. and i can only speak to


That experience. hopeful example, another hopeful example was how new zealand responded to covid. and i want to get to that in just a moment. but you, yourself, just recovered. >> i did. i think we actually had simultaneous infections. >> yeah, that was clark’s gift to me. on mother’s day. and i subsequently tested positive. >> i don’t recommend it as

A gift, by the way. >> that is a dictated card. happy mother’s day. i love fishy kisses. that is absolutely lovely. i don’t understand– what is fishy kisses? with a mouth full of sushi? >> it’s like replicating that on television would would be a career-defining moment in a bad way. so — if you purse your lips and very quickly make quick kissy– there we go.

Time for smoochys, i believe we call that. time for smoochys. >> and ever since she was a baby, it’s made her giggle. so let’s talk about what we’re here to celebrate is that new how– “a,” when does this start? and how was this decision made j.f.k., and fly to auckland. >> you could fly to auckland and do you need a minute for me to get back there and pick

You up. >> we are opening, and welcoming guests to new zealand is so much a part of who we are. hospitality is part of our identity. so, please, come back and make us whole again. tell people before, absolutely should go. ( applause ) responded to covid, as i said, was inspirational to those of us done. ( applause ) while every life lost is a that

Would be like the united states losing 65,000 people and i’m curious, what actually led to that mindset? >> new zealand has– has had several advantages when it came was we had a lag time so we were able to see what it was doing to but our view was while we cannot have a vaccine and the only way to protect ourselves and one another was to use lockdowns, we eliminate,

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Just get rid of covid. so that’s what we did. >> we briefly– for the entirety of the pandemic. >> we had a brief period. new zealanders could come and go and use quarantine. we had a brief opening with australia. but, otherwise, this is the first time that we are welcomingesh back. >> we did. we did. it got a little complicated there. new zealand

Government to make. “we’re going to absolutely shut down our borders.” how long did you imagine that was going to be? >> initially it was countries by countries. the outbreak was spreading around the world. we were progressively saying it’s here now and we’ll shut off to there and there. and then eventually, we said look what we’re seeing overseas. we just couldn’t

Stand the idea of our population being devastated when we could do something about it. did we think it would be that long? absolutely not. i remember that meeting as we sat around and made those decisions. them because i knew the impact it would have. but it was the right thing to do. but don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back with more of new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern, everybody.

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