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To close off our event today i’m very pleased to introduce marissa teter marissa is senior vice president financial services for ig wealth management one of canada’s largest wealth management firms marisa is bilingual and has over 15 years of business development wealth management and marketing experience prior to joining ig well marissa helped build and run a

Boutique wealth management firm working exclusively with high net worth clients and exempt products for nearly 10 years marissa also conduct consulted for fortune 500 companies and helped build a handful of startup companies marissa believes strongly and works diligently towards supporting financial literacy and financial well-being for all canadians marissa thank

You for being with us today i will turn the final spotlight over to you thank you so much lara hi everyone bonjour baby thank you for having me i realize i’m what’s standing between you and the rest of your afternoon and i realize we’re already behind schedule but this is very exciting for me i’m um actually very thrilled to be here today and i was able to catch a

Good chunk of the content from today’s session and really thrilled to see the conversations that are happening um what amazes me most is that as i hear lara share the details of my career path out loud i still wonder how i got here um and i know this is perhaps a common topic today but my journey was not typical or perhaps what i mean by this is that it i likely

Did not follow the path that perhaps you think i did to get to where i am today uh you know i am an svp uh senior vice president of one of our country’s largest wealth management firms ig wealth management i was actually one of the youngest external svps to be hired in that organization ever um but what you don’t know is when i was your age or at your life stage

If you will contemplating my career options this career was definitely not my plan it was not my big dream job um i didn’t storyboard it or make a vision board about a career in wealth management i’m not even sure i really knew what wealth management was back then in fact i have to say for all of you showing up here today on a saturday to attend this event likely

Puts you way further ahead on the path to being where i am today than i was back then i don’t even know if they had events like this to be honest with you um for women about wealth management and if they did i can assure you i never heard of them so again you being here today at an event like this is a huge step a huge step for contemplating perhaps a career in

This industry but also a huge step for our industry and especially for women in our industry now even though i didn’t plan all of this i can tell you with absolute confidence that this is an incredible career it’s a very interesting ever-evolving growing industry one that has given me many unique opportunities both professionally and personally and in a lot of

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Ways i feel like i’m just getting started so i said i got here by accident if you will i didn’t really plan my journey into wealth management i started at a university in a pre-med program my thought was i want to help people i want to have impact in this world so i thought i would just be a doctor my mom was a teacher and i didn’t want to be a teacher my father

Was an engineer i want to be an engineer and i didn’t i don’t know how many other options i thought there were back then um but i can tell you after one week in that pre-med program i quickly changed my mind and ended up in a business program and as a side note uh i get people approaching me all the time young people asking me you know i don’t know what i want to

Do but i i want to do post-secondary and i always strongly advise people number one do something you know you’re not going to find your dreams and figure out your life sitting at home um but i also strongly suggest a path in business business as we know is applicable to all things you can you can overlay your passions uh with business and it’s um certainly is not

Time wasted so for myself that’s the path that i chose again um not really with finances on my radar or the capital markets or wealth management in any way shape or form but when i look back now i see that every job and career path i took along the way really did focus on helping with the well-being of others i mean that impact and helping others was really critical

For me um from fitness and the overall physical wellness i was in the fitness industry for a while i did a stint in the non-for-profit for a while and i was just searching for a way to have impacted in the end ironically i landed right here in a business where i’m doing just that um but i didn’t see it back that way back then when i was choosing a career path i

Didn’t see that helping with people’s financial well-being is an absolute critical part of our overall being in fact it’s right up there physical mental social well-being um financial well-being is right there and think of situations in life where being financially well or sound allows people to enhance their health having access to alternative cancer treatments

Or medical treatments takes money sometimes being able to stay home and take care of your children or an elderly parent or someone with special needs takes money i always say money does not buy happiness but it gives you choices and it allows you to navigate life perhaps a little bit easier sometimes and that is truly what we try to aspire to do for our clients is

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To really give them the financial literacy they need to have the financial well-being that they desire i see now that our industry plays a critical part in our society’s overall well-being and i’ve found my place to have impact on people’s well-being in a way that i had hoped for my role today i get to see firsthand how the great advisors and financial planners

And wealth managers in our industry are really those who are focused on their clients well-being and they’re the ones who are the most successful truly this job is about navigating your clients through life’s events making sure they can live the life they dream of and hope for and making sure that money is not the reason why they can’t um in fact studies show

That the best planners advisors wealth managers are good listeners they’re empathetic they build strong relationships they’re trustworthy and ironically many other studies show and biologically biology has certainly proven for many many years that women exhibit many of these same traits and of course there’s always exceptions um but these characteristics being a

Good listener empathetic building strong list of trustworthy these are all things that women exhibit as well so what does that mean it was me it means we were built to do this job we’re wired to succeed in this space clients need more women advisors planners wealth managers and as you likely know the big wealth shift is coming i mean it’s already happening and

There’s no stopping it at this point over 50 percent of the wealth in this country will be controlled by women in the next few years there are not enough females in our industry or males for that matter who can appropriately meet the real needs of women clients today i’m having conversations with remarkable women in our in our industry female executives leaders

In the field um and business owners outside of our industry other professionals lawyers accountants who are leaving what they’re doing today walking away from great jobs to go back into these client-facing advisor roles to help fill this female advice gap but it’s not enough this market continues to be underserved and so how do we change that well i’ll tell you a

Conversation like we’re having today and all the great questions that you’re asking is a really great start i absolutely encourage you as the panelists shared before me reach out to organizations wcm has an incredible membership program where you can stay connected and receive information and have conversations with like-minded people talk to organizations maybe

People that you know through your community who are in the industry through family friends you can reach out to me i love connecting and i connect all the time with remarkable people coming up through this industry who want to navigate it um you know i love going for coffees i never say no to free food or lunch food is absolutely my left lane my love language so

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And i’m sure there’s many other people like me out there who want to help fuel that next generation we need more women we need more diversity we actually just need more people to enter this industry to continue to shape it for what it is where it’s going and what it will be i know our panelists said it before me i don’t think there’s ever been an industry that’s

Uh hotter and and busier and the competition has never been greater to find great people um so it’s it’s a really great time to get into this space and bring a friend spread the word women are really good at that we can build community in a following with our eyes closed and leverage that um continue to educate yourself read books you know audio or hardcover find

Some great financial podcasts educate yourself increase your financial literacy ironically i’m i’m taking a course right now and uh the rotman school of business through u of t shared a white paper and i read it yesterday and it was on the connection or the correlation between a woman’s financial literacy and her overall financial well-being and probably not a

Surprise but greater financial literacy led to higher financial results higher incomes more affluency in terms of women’s overall net worths when they had higher understanding and literacy as it relates to money and financial planning also led in a lot of cases to higher levels of comfort with risk understanding the importance of seeking professional help early

To help create a solid financial plan as well so if you decide not to pursue a career in wealth management maybe after today or as you or maybe now is not the time empower yourself empower your tomorrow understand money get comfortable with money create healthy relationships with money and really fuel your financial well-being trust me one thing i wish i did more

When i was younger besides wear more sunscreen um was to invest more time and understanding money the markets investments to have a comfort level with this um this is time that you will certainly not waste and i encourage you to continue to invest in yourself what you have today taking time out on a saturday to learn more about the opportunities that are out there

And continue to fuel the possibility i absolutely wish you the very best in your future endeavors and i want to thank you again for having me today thank you so much everyone thank you marissa fantastic advice and very generous offer uh to everybody that you’d be pleased to connect with them thank you everyone for joining us today it was a fantastic event a special

Thanks to the team at wcm for helping to organize enjoy the rest of your weekend bye

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Wealth Management Career Day | Closing Remarks By WCM