Week 7 Trade Targets & Sell Highs – 2022 Fantasy Football

Week 7 Trade Targets & Sell Highs – 2022 Fantasy Football

What’s happening y’all welcome inside the fantasy stock exchange bush coming at you solo today to break down week seven of fantasy football’s biggest buy lows and biggest sell highs as you guys know every wednesday i break down five guys that you should be buying low three guys that you should be selling high if you guys enjoy this video at any point as always

Leave a like down below last week about 11 000 of you guys watched the video only 300 likes those are rookie numbers get that up if you guys can and hit the subscribe button if you’re new around here leave any trade comments down below and i’ll get to as many as i can but before we get into it let’s hit the intro foreign okay a couple guys that i just wanted

To highlight to make sure that you’re still buying them because they’re still great by lowe’s i just don’t want to talk about them again after talking about them the last two weeks deandre swift jonathan taylor a monroe saint brown and jalen waddle who were all on either week five or week six’s video definitely still great buy low so make sure you guys are still

Going out and acquiring those guys especially if you’re ahead 6-0 five and one four and two in your fantasy leagues the first guy that i’m going to talk about is cd lamb of dallas cowboys cd lamb currently has a 33.1 percent target chair which is leading all nfl wide receivers and again coming into the season that was the concern with cd land so the fact that he is

Sullied the only concern we had with him coming into the year is big news 39 of his team’s air yards right now fourth in the nfl the reason cd lamb is a buy low for me is due to what he can become he’s already been pretty solid right 14.6 ppr points per game isn’t bad it’s the wide receiver 20 in points per game right now wide receiver 12 overall but we now have a

Big time upgrade for cd land because he gets his quarterback back prescott has been cleared to practice starting this week he’s probably going to play in week seven and dak unlocks a top six ceiling for cd-lam and given his target share and how well he’s been playing thus far he definitely has that top six ceiling he’s a top eight for receiver for me rest of season

He is easily the cheapest top eight wide receiver that you’re going to get on the market right now because the other guys in my top eight have all been producing they’ve all been producing as top 10 wide receivers and they’re gonna be difficult to go out and acquire stefan diggs cooper cop justin jefferson devonte adams jamar chase uh tyreek hill and aj brown all

These guys have been producing like high level wide receivers and therefore they’re going to cost you a high level pretty penny to go out and acquire them but not cd lamb right he’s been producing pretty much at his floor with cooper rush as his quarterback they haven’t been throwing the ball a ton on offense brush has been relatively ineffective when he has thrown

A lot what we’re looking to do in these trade target videos is spot a wide receiver one at wide receiver two prices or a wide receiver two at wide receiver three prices or a running back one at running back two prices etc that’s what we’re looking to do in these trade targets videos and i’m telling you right now cdlam is a wide receiver one and a wide receiver two

Price tag right now and you could get them for guys like travis etn you can get them for zach ertz plus dak prescott for ezekiel elliott and miles sanders for jeff wilson and gabriel davis for josh jacob straight up for deandre hopkins pretty much straight up for dk metcalf and chris olave all these guys are solid options but they’re not as good as cd-lam can be

For the rest of the season so moving on to the next guy we have kenneth walker who is actually more of a buy high than a buy low because i think you should be going after kenneth walker even despite what he did last week i think last week was the week to buy him but you still can get in before people realize just how valuable kenneth walker is kenneth walker in

His first game as the full-time starter saw a 68 snapshare 75 of the seahawks carries about 40 percent of the routes actually was targeted on about 20 of the routes that he did run as well and he’s been seeing pretty much all the valuable work we saw really great usage out of him basically is the point in his first full game as a starter he’s getting a comparable

Workload to a guy like breece hall in new york walker currently leads all nfl running backs right now with 50 tackles avoided per touch he’s been extremely elusive which shouldn’t be surprising giving how good he was at it at michigan state coming out of college the running back position is a young man’s game and this is a gonna be a point that i think we’re going

To see play out through the rest of the season some of these older sturdy vets like joe mixon and dalvin cook and leonard fournette are starting to fall off from an efficiency standpoint all those guys have been significantly less efficient than they’ve been throughout the courses of their career and we’re seeing these young guys take over we’re seeing the breeze

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Halls kenneth walkers from andre stevensons of the world start to take over and take shape in this running back landscape in fantasy football you may be able to get walker plus for some of the guys that i just mentioned right joe mixon dalvin cook and leonard fournette i would rather have kenneth walker rest a season than all three of those guys and i bet you can

Get kenneth walker plus for all three of them if you were to trade them so some of the trades you guys can see on the screen right now are just ludicrous for kenneth walker austin eckler was traded away for kenneth walker and deandre swift two of my favorite buy low running backs right now definitely a great trade there kenneth walker and t higgins both of whom

Are going to be on this list acquired for alvin kamara and gabe davis definitely a great move there kenneth walker acquired straight up for christian kirk for keenan allen for dk metcalf for alan lazard like some of the guys that you can trade away in exchange for kenneth walker are absolutely ridiculous considering i have this guy rated as my rb9 rest of season

I think he’s a top 10 running back rest of the season given his age given his ability given what we’ve seen from a workload standpoint thus far and some of the target upside that we didn’t expect to see at a kenneth walker he’s definitely shown that so uh awesome buy low right now make sure you’re sending out offers for kenneth walker moving on to t higgins who

I kind of just teased i’ve talked about t higgins a few times in recent weeks so i’m not going to go too long on him but this is absolutely the pinnacle of when you need to buy him because i think this is like the perfect storm a couple down games couple injuries here and there people are getting frustrated with t higgins to the point that in my own home league

He was traded away for dj moore and tony pollard like just absolutely ludicrous prices for a guy that i still think is a back-end wide receiver one rest of season his struggles have mostly been injury related and especially if you play in more casual leagues where people aren’t following reports closely paying attention too closely despite being limited in and

Out of the lineup t higgins has recorded 10 7 9 and 10 targets in the four healthy games that he’s played so far this season more than 50 percent of the snaps he’s a back and wide receiver one like i said for me rest of season and we know that when he’s on the field his target chair is comparable to jamar chases not only is it close it’s actually better over the

Course of jamar chase and t higgins overlap both of them being in the lineup and the the offense in cincinnati is much better when t higgins is out there because when he’s not out there jamar chase gets all the attention when he is out there t higgins is able to win his one-on-one battles this offense scores nearly 29 points per game when t higgins has received

At least three targets over the last two years versus 18 points per game when he’s been out of the lineup or not very involved in the game plan so definitely go out and acquire t higgins right now wide receiver one available at potentially even low end wide receiver two high-end wide receiver three price tag uh moving on to the next guy which is travis etn he is

Now out snapped james robinson in three straight games he’s run at least 50 percent of the routes in three straight games as well we’re basically seeing the travis etn takeover and it hasn’t come in full circle quite yet we saw the long run last week that may have closed the buy low window on travis ctn but this week you can still buy low on him before he takes

Over this backfield entirely he’s been extremely efficient and the workload is starting to fall he’s 5.6 yards per carry and 11.2 yards per reception compared to james robinson’s 4.2 yards per carry and 5.1 yards per reception we’re talking about two completely different animals right now travis etienne threw the first six career games that he’s played because he

Missed his entire rookie season last year he is 6.67 yards per touch as basically a rookie right now among all first round running backs all time that ranks third behind adrian peterson and bo jackson just ahead of saquon barkley he has been unbelievably efficient on his touches so far this year this is like buying bruce hall in week four when i talked about uh his

Usage starting to pass michael carter’s it’s basically the same exact scenario right now we don’t know necessarily how much of the usage he can garner maybe doug peterson only wants to limit him to like a 65 snapshot running back but i’m telling you right now travis etn is definitely the type of running back that you want to be buying into you can get him for guys

Like drake london right now you can get him in package deals for juju smith schusters and ken kenyan drake types mike williams was traded away for drake london and travis ctn you can trade away uh dalvin cook and dj moore for travis ctn and cd lam you can trade away adam thielen and ezekiel elliott for iuk and travis etn i think this is a guy that you can get for

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Like running back three prices right now that at least profiles as an rb2 if his workload stays the same if not rb1 upside if he’s able to surpass james robinson in this backfield especially given the target output that we’ve seen at a travis ctn so far this year so definitely a guy that i’m going after terry mclaren is the final guy of the five buy lows that i’m

Going to talk about i also have a quick honorable mention at the end i don’t really have an excuse for why terry mclaren’s target chair has dropped from the 25 percent that it’s been at in 2021 and 2020 to the 17 that it’s at right now i really don’t have an excuse for it maybe he’s just not playing to the level that he should be playing at but we’re at a spot right

Now where we can see a spike in value for terry mclaren taylor heinecke propped terry mclaurin up to a top 30 finishing points per game last year with over a thousand yards and five touchdowns for whatever reason carson wentz has gravitated towards curtis samuel instead of terry mclaurin and if terry mclaren has a great week this this next week coming up against

Green bay people will likely make the same connection that i’m making right now which is that taylor heinecke is better for terry mclaren and therefore you’re going to get a guy who i think is a wide receiver three rest of season but you’re getting him at a point right now where he’s a low end wide receiver three high-end wide receiver four and he could rise all

The way up into like backhand wide receiver to terry uh territory in people’s minds because they know that you know maybe taylor heineck is better for terry mclaren which might be true but definitely at the very least if you’re looking for a quick profit go out and trade for tara foreign this week maybe he has a great week and then you can sell them a week later or

You can just continue to use them i think he’s a wide receiver three rest of season he’s been underperforming recently and i think you can get a discount on him like i said you can get them for guys like alec pierce tony pollard kenneth gainwell darnell mooney like we’re not talking about expensive pieces that you’re giving up for terry mclaurin right now i’m not

Saying go out and trade you know drake london for him necessarily but i’m saying you can get him for absolute waiver wire fodder right now like alec pierce so uh speaking of drake london he is also an honorable mention for me because he has a 30 target chair right now and the falcons are throwing less than 25 times per game which is probably not going to keep up

Because they’re throwing right now at less than 23 times per game and there hasn’t been a team below 25 on a season since the 2005 steelers so they’re coming up to some more tough matchups they’re gonna have to throw the ball more than they have been marcus mariota threw the ball 14 times last week it’s not going to keep up drake london’s target chair is all that

I care about right now he’s a great player once mariota has to throw the ball more drake london is going to be much better for fantasy so moving on to the sell highs of the video and then we can get out of here last week i talked about dalvin cook as a great sell high he’s even more so a better sell high now because he’s now had two bailout games where he saves

Pretty poorest rushing days with a long touchdown last week and two touchdowns the week before although he is on bye week so it might be a little bit more difficult to shop him right now juju smith schuster is actually the first sell high that i’m going to talk about he finally had a game where he looked like he was a part of the chiefs game plan for once and what

We have here is a low end wide receiver three that’s what i believe juju smith schuster is he’s gonna have his games here and there because he plays for the kansas city chiefs but after a big game people are will be thinking okay finally this is the juju i drafted this is the juju that i think can take a big step in this offense i literally told the guy in my home

League that has juju smith schuster that he needs to sell him and his answer was why he’s finally getting going right i think that’s going to be a popular sentiment around juju smith schuster and most of your guys fantasy leagues he just isn’t that good of a receiver i know maybe if you guys are new to the channel you don’t know why i think that but i basically

Ripped on him all off season so i’m not going to rehash every argument for why i don’t think juju is very good um right now but sell him straight for london or mcclure and sell him in a package deal for cd-lam or for uh kenneth walker or t higgins the guys that i’ve talked about so far in this video i think you can get a ton of value for juju smith schuster right

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Now because of the allure of the kansas city chiefs that will ring true in people’s minds and definitely um prop up his value more than just the low end wide receiver three that he is so uh moving on to the next guy who also is the wide receiver too in a great offense in gabriel davis and again i’d like to define what a player is before i determine if they’re a

Good sell high with gabriel davis he has a 14 target share on the season he hasn’t seen more than six targets in any game on the year that’s wide receiver 4 usage now because he plays for buffalo he’s probably elevated to like a mid to high end wide receiver three because those valuable targets are very very valuable because they come from josh allen who’s one of

The best quarterbacks in the league but i guarantee right now you can get more than mid to high end wide receiver three value for gabriel davis because he’s caught three long touchdowns in the past two games so with gabriel davis if you’re able to transition him into a t higgins into a chris godwin into maybe in a package deal to cd lamb or into a package deal to

Get kenneth walker to get briefs hall or to get mike evans or to get you know any of these guys that are way way more valuable than gabriel davis definitely use him as leverage to get up to those pieces because he has a lot of inherent value in people’s minds right now because he just had two great games so definitely gabriel davis and an awesome guy to go sell

High on get yourself a tier upgrade to a wide receiver one in a package deal or a wide receiver two straight up so moving on to the final guy in ramandre stevenson i think he’s a good sell high but only because of market perception right now i think he’s an rb2 rest of season mid rb2 and potentially even more than that because we know what his intrinsic value

Is if damien harris misses anytime but damien harris was close to playing last week and he’s probably going to come back this week if not the week after and ramandre’s elite seal and kind of goes away he’s still again like i said a mid rb2 a great guy to have on your roster but you can easily use remandre right now to tear up to somebody better the guys that you

Want to go from andre stevenson to have more safe workloads they’re not necessarily dependent on damien harris missing time and that’s guys like breece hall that’s guys like kenneth walker that’s guys like deandre swift jonathan taylor or maybe at wide receiver you can swap stevenson one for one for a guy like cine lamb t higgins a monroe saint brown debo samuel

Jalen waddle somebody a bit more stable than what ramondre stevenson presents i’m not fire sailing the guy necessarily but i am using him as leverage to get to somebody elite if i can and i think you will be able to do that given how well remandre stevenson has played in recent weeks and like i said a perfect example of what i’m talking about is this guy taking

Remondre stevenson and jacoby myers to get to deandre swift deandre swift has a much more secure workload than ramondre stevenson that is an awesome move to make you can swap him andre stevenson straight up for michael pittman for t higgins in a package deal to get to devonte adams that’s the only way i’m gonna sell remandre steven but i think you can pull that

Off in many of your leaks so again if you guys enjoyed this video leave a like down below comment any of your thoughts down below subscribe to the channel if you are new like i said only 300 likes on an 11k video uh last week definitely get that video or get this video if you can to 500 likes we really really appreciate it helps us grow in the algorithm if you

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