What are the different jobs I can have as an Esthetician? Esthetician girl boss

Hey esty babes.✨ Kelsey here. I am SO EXCITED to share this with you!

Hello everyone it’s kelsey from the modern esthetician i have been an esthetician for ten years and a medical esthetician for the last seven of those years and that means that i’ve worked side by side with the dermatologist for the last seven years i started as the product specialist and worked my way up to marketing director creating the brand for the business and

Then eventually office manager while still being a medical aesthetician being very involved in creating skin care plans and creating treatment plans for patients to help get them the results that they’re looking for all while working with the dermatologist board-certified dermatologists and a medi spa and i had nurses and estheticians and my marketing assistant

And amazed and leading a team to success and it’s been such an amazing ride i’ve learned so much still so much more to learn of course which is very exciting this industry is constantly growing multibillion-dollar industry and the things that they’re coming up with to help women get to the skin that they want and maintain the skin that they have is outrageous and

Full of excitement and abundance so i am an aesthetician educator with my background i really want to help my fellow estheticians be the best that they can be in their industry and follow their dreams if you’re drawn to this industry in this business to be an aesthetician i have to tell you it’s a very rewarding on all levels personally it’s very rewarding great

Hours spiritually you get to help women feel beautiful in their skin and be the best version of them and feel confident our skin is what we face the world with and if we can have that be something that we’re confident in it brings out such a joy and love in people’s lives it’s very rewarding it can be very abundant pays well if i say if you’re interested in this

Industry and it’s something that you know kind of spark something follow that is something that i think you’ll be very happy to do but be passionate about it so that you’re in it for the long run it it can reap so many rewards for you on all levels so i am here to tell you just a few of the job opportunities that you can do as an esthetician my journey started

Out i graduated and then started working for a makeup counter at macy’s i worked for a benefit and clinique a little bit just to get my comfortability with products talking to people and it wasn’t exactly for me but i will say that it is good experience like just get in the door somewhere so that you can gain that knowledge and feel comfortable we’re talking about

Products talking to people help creating plans for them just get started anywhere that you can and then you can also be so you can work as a makeup artist you are a licensed makeup artist when you’re an aesthetician so you can do that work at any makeup counters are little boutiques and help women with makeup and skincare it’s very rewarding but you know it’s not

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Necessarily long-term for everyone it wasn’t for me but it’s a good start it’s a good end and then you can also work at day spas being an esthetician either hourly or booth rent i liked the really aspect of what i found because it’s a consistent paycheck and you don’t have to spend money to booth rent while you’re building up clientele you can build a clientele

And be paid hourly and learn this is the thing is that once you’re an esthetician they don’t really teach you everything that you need to know to be successful in this industry it’s really about passing state board and kind of knowing the basics which is necessary but it’s up to you to learn as much as you want and so get in there figure out what your passion

Is do you love waxing do you love creating this beautiful shape of eyebrows and you just are so drawn to that is that what your niche is or do you like the skin aspect creating facials and treatments do you like the product do you like you know helping people beyond amazing product because you know the importance of consistent skincare and what a difference that

Can make like figure out what your passion is what you’re not completely drawn to and i say really kind of run with what you love because you will be known for that i have a really close girlfriend that loves brows love shaping brows and making them perfect and took a class in a training on micro bleeding and has such excuse she can do for micro blades patients a

Month and make what she was making as a medical esthetician hourly full-time and that’s on her own pain booth rant but she had to work up to that you have years of experience that you have to put under your belt but that will fly like don’t get you know kind of frustrated because that time while you’re in this industry getting paid to learn it flies by so why not

Just put in the time have fun doing it figure out what you’re passionate about so you can do day spa makeup artist be a freelance makeup artist you can also work as an ma at a medical spa or at a so for a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon really you have that that knowledge of patient comfort and that’s very important in those businesses in the industry and how

To wash skin and how to consult and you know you don’t have to go and be a medical esthetician not in california they can train you on the job if you’re the right fit but if you just want to get in and they don’t have any spots as an esthetician open at a medical spa or a plastic surgeon you know even applying as an ma just to get in the door show what you’ve got

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Learn and kind of maybe migrate to the esthetics part of it as they see what you’re capable of and as the business grows it’s a good in and then you can also be an aesthetician a medical spa or plastic surgeon in that industry that does the beauty aspect of those those careers you can also be a product specialist medical spa store and get in that way that’s what

I started as at the dermatologists office that i worked out for seven years as i became the product specialist and then grew to office manager running the whole business so just get in if that’s what you’re drawn to if you want to be more on the medical side more the result oriented side what’s also you can do is be a product representative for your favorite line

This is so cool so what is your favorite line in skin care and mine was a lot when i was working for the durham was pca so pca has a business that is across the united states and you can look in your area and see if they have any openings for a product representative and that means that you represent that company and you go to the spas in your regional area that

They assigned to you and you make sure that they’re successful in those practices have what they need and create marketing plans to help grow that business and give trainings on the peels the products help be at events that these practices throw bring on new accounts so you can do that as an esthetician which is so exciting because what better person should be

Representing product in this industry than an esthetician you would be the best person to have that job go in there with confidence if you love that product line and you know it and you research it and you’re willing to learn and constantly learn then you’re gonna be the right fit and it’s any line that there is out there that you love like you can do that and it

Pays so well you get travel you get experiences it’s that’s okay so i just got a new job just recently and then moved into this house and that’s what i got after being an aesthetician for ten years medical aesthetician for seven years i just got a job with my favorite company a product’s aligning just recently in january 2018 so so many changes have happened for

Me but i can’t tell you how rewarding it is to work for something that i love and so passionate about that helps women get the skin that they’re wanting i get to travel the pay has been double what i was making at the medical spa i feel confident in this role cuz i’ve had the experience of working with the dermatologist but you know you don’t have to have that if

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You’re passionate about the the line and the product contact them look them up and see if that’s something that you’d be interested in and apply and keep applying if you know and you feel drawn to that that line of work then you can do that so those are the different job opportunities some of them i’m sure there are more i’ll think of more but those are kind of

My journey and the different things that you can do with your aesthetician license and i encourage you to figure out what you’re passionate about in the industry if it’s all of it then do all of it but focus on one at a time to be the best that’s what i find the most successful aesthetician czar is they find something and they find their niche either it be makeup

Brows skin product and they just oh lashes lashes you can do lash extensions which is very profitable some of these girls in my town open up their own little boutiques and they’re adorable so cute they have such a clientele because those lashes you have a repeat kind of like nails they have to get it done their lash fills every two to three weeks people love them

They’re beautiful i don’t know if you’ve seen it or research that but that is something that if you just focus on and get amazing at and practice and become the best then people will come to you and they’ll keep coming to you and you can make a great at that i can’t believe i almost forgot that because that one is like booming right now i know so many successful

Women young women older women that are killing it in the last game and that’s all they’re doing and they make an amazing living have their own business their own boutique and are killin it so if i can think of anything else i will do a second video but that’s a start of some of the things that you can think about doing as an aesthetician and make a great living

And be very happy because this industry is so fun it’s all about making women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin very satisfying so if you’ve any questions don’t hesitate to comment i will try to get to all of them some of them i can’t because it’s a lot but i will get to a lot of them and like this video subscribe and tell me if you want a video on

The new line that i just started working for and i will kind of go into depth about that and why i love it so much and why i think it’s going to be the perfect fit for me right now in my life okay thank you for watching and we’ll talk soon

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What are the different jobs I can have as an Esthetician? Esthetician girl boss✨✨ By The Modern Esthetician