What does the Bible Say About Astrology and Crystals?

Rabbi Eric Lakatos asks our panel of pastors “What does the Bible Say About Astrology and Crystals?”. Hear their responses inspired by scripture and what the Bible says in regards to answering this question!

We don’t put our faith and trust in astrology or crystals we put our faith and trust in the word of god and in his spirit and in god himself what does the bible say about astrology and crystals and i’m going to give this first question back to dr jason you get a chance to get this first question what does the bible say about astrology and crystals well if we

Look at astrology as works of uh divination uh divination was brought up by the chaldeans if you look in the old testament but i will say this at the end of the day um spiritually whatever the enemy or what i should say whatever god has the enemy has a faults of and for what we look at uh because of course the enemy’s kingdom is a false kingdom it’s a it’s a

Satanic kingdom it’s an evil kingdom so it directly opposes everything god has so if we look at what god has he’s got prophets he’s got um uh people that can carry the spirit of knowledge and be able to um prophesy things into the future and seeing what god’s doing well this is in essence what satan’s trying to do through histology astrology and crystals and

Trying to come up with forecasts and trying to come up with um quote unquote visions whatever it’s the false pretense of what god has uh and so um you know it is works of divination it’s trying to line the stars and and and and create some type of pre uh destination for you based on stars but if we go spiritual here we have to understand that we don’t base

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Our our life as christians upon anything scientific as we just heard um from the rabbi and from all these other pastors who answered the previous question we don’t base anything on science uh i mean yes science does have its place but when we look at the world’s form of science the world’s form of science is always trying to disprove god and uh and disprove

His creation and disprove everything the bible has uh said that is true and so therefore we don’t put our faith and trust in astrology or crystals we put our faith and trust in the word of god and in his spirit and in god himself uh and so uh again yeah i mean it’s a work of divination it’s it’s a satanic work um the bible tells us about it he warns us about it

Um and at the end of the day you know you look at some of these uh quote unquote wise men that were trying to perform uh divinations and trying to perform different things for kings uh at the end of the day the king just wanted to know what was going to happen and he and if they really wanted to know they had to call upon the prophets of god to find out so uh it

Just comes down to not falling for the enemy’s tricks or his devices but being sold out to the word of god being sold out to the spirit of god and the only way you’re going to know what god has planned and the only thing you’re going to know about you is you got to consult him because he’s the one that created you amen pastor mosley give us your word and take on

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Astrology and crystals should believers be even going to these things well let me say from the onset that believers should not be going to these things such as crystals and astrology one place in scripture that references and deals with this is in isaiah 47 uh verses 13 through 15. uh and i’ll just read part of it you are wearied with your many councils let them

Stand forth and save you those who divide the heavens who gaze at the stars who at the new moons make known what shall come upon you behold you are they are like stubble and it goes on and on rebuking um and uh speaking against trying to use the stars to get direction and that’s that’s what the heart of it is people want answers people want uh direction people

Want guidance and what they’re doing is that they’re looking to something uh false something that is not credible something that does not work as opposed to looking to god and looking to his word we don’t have to consult stars we know stars are lights are they are suns uh galaxies away but we have the light of the world the lord jesus so why why use those lights

When we actually have the light we can go to jesus he’s willing to direct us he’s willing to instruct us he’s willing to lead us and guide us so we don’t have to use the uh impostors and the imitation we can actually have the real thing which is jesus hey everyone hope you enjoyed the video to see more like this be sure to hit the subscribe button below get all

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