What Does The Bible Say About Giving? / MATTHEW 6:9-13

Lorna Dueck and Dr. August Konkel discuss what it means to give from Matthew 6:9-13.

Well what a great job is this i get to have my favorite people together learning about god’s word and i’ve been kind of picking on a special interest area i have and that is what does god say about how and why we should shine in our life and why does that cost money why do we have to have an operation that actually needs funding and so to help me understand this

I’ve been learning all week with dr. gus conchal and it’s our last day with gus would you welcome dusk thank you so much dr. konkol old testament professor at mcmaster divinity college and gus i’ve been in your bible classes since way back in the prairies isn’t it nice that to manitoba people find themselves in southern ontario still connected to the prairies of

Course we have been connected all week to why god needs people to be interacting with his presence correct but we’re moving to the new testament now we’ve done the old testament look yes we are and we started with god was that untouchable behind the shrine needed the tabernacle and then it all changes as jesus comes yes it does yes it’s not walks among us now how

Do i understand myself as the people of god now through the lens of jesus that’s a very good question and of course that was the question of the apostles so i’m going to respond to that question by beginning with what the apostle peter has to say and i’m going to read from peter chapter 2 who’s answering that very question ah who are we as christians okay and this

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Time you’re reading from greek the press written in greek yes that’s right i’m so impressed i could never do well good you’re good so here is a first peter chapter 2 verse 9 answering the question who are we as christians as opposed to who is israel and interestingly peter answers with the verse that we coated on monday from exodus chapter 19 in exodus chapter 9

Time 19 on monday mm-hmm peter the the moses said to the people you are a kingdom of priests and so what does peter say verse 9 first peter chapter 2 a chosen nation a kingdom of priests are holy people i redeemed people to announce the praises of god so what is the change the change is this that we’re in the old testament the presence of the tabernacle represented

The holy god from outside of creation in the new testament we find the presence of god in the person of jesus who walks on this earth and he declares that we are the temple and now we become the carriers we are the ones who maybe don’t need the atonement tax to pay for a big building and all that kind of off that’s all done okay but i’m now still looking as the

Ceo thing well then why bother paying for story why bother paying for media story of what it is to be the people of god well we can go back to the teaching of jesus and the teaching of jesus to his disciples was this you will now speak to this holy god in a way that was common in the old testament our father this holy god is our father who is in heaven and what

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Is our prayer well our prayer is the same one that the chronicler had the front clunkers prayer was the coming of the kingdom of god jesus says may your kingdom come how will god’s kingdom come to this world let us do the will of god on earth as it is in heaven it doesn’t just happen we learn to do the will of god on earth as it is in heaven and to the extent that

We can do the will of god and earth as it is in heaven the kingdom of god is on earth but to the extent that we fail to do that we fail to be who we are called to be namely the representative temple of god on earth and lorna we should be excited to support people all of us who devote themselves to learning to do the will of god that’s what we do those are learned

Through story they’re learning it’s not are either learn through example there are just many many ways in which you learn the will of god you have so many wonderful testimony on this program of individuals who have shown how they are learning to do the will of god on earth as it is in heaven you’ve had many year this week they need our support that’s how we do the

Will of god on earth as it is in heaven oh gus thank you so much and you just went hardcore professor on us there do not fail in class too okay so that’s why we do send out the mail we do ask muffins and out the mail and should thank you because it’s part of doing god’s will it’s and we all work together and your donation makes an enormous difference on helping

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Do the will of god the will of god has learned through stories with each other through hearing it faithfully through these prayer lines that go 24 7 no matter what time you call there’s somebody there so okay a couple important numbers remember your mailbox if you’ve gotten this letter this is our month and august is it we run hard to finish well financially we

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