What Does the Bible Say About Helping Others?

To follow Jesus we must help and love others. The Global Network of Christian World Changers are people who are passionate about service!

Hi this is kristen with the global network of christian world changers we at the global network are passionate about loving and serving others and the reason why is because god talks about this over and over again in his word aka the bible and so if you are somebody who wants to be like jesus who wants to follow jesus this is crucially important so today i want

To share a couple of things just a couple of verses that show a few times that jesus talked about helping others so the first one is well both of the verses that i’m going to share today are in luke in the book of luke in the bible the first is from luke 12 and it’s a very short part of a verse and it just says sell your possessions and give to the needy so this

Is kind of a hardcore so jesus when he talks about things he just he doesn’t never went halfway he doesn’t go halfway so usually it’s some serious things he’s asking us to do so this isn’t about giving out of your excess but giving sacrificially knowing though that god always provides for us as we follow him and then the other is when jesus was talking or he was

Invited to a banquet or a dinner with a ruler of a religious or a jewish sect an ancient jewish sect called the pharisees and so he said to the leader when you give a dinner or a banquet do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relatives or rich neighbors lest they also invite you in return and you be repaid but when you give a feast invite the poor the

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Crippled the lame the blind and you will be blessed because they cannot repay you that is very hard to take in very convicting it would be hard to do wouldn’t it but it definitely is a spirit to attain to and something that’s even more important or at least just as important as the words that jesus told us about helping others the actions the way that he lived it

Out and he did it in a really big way he healed the sick he healed the blind he helped the blind to see he even raised people from the dead these are big and man what an example for us and of course the main way the main way that we can help others is to tell them about jesus so in my next video i’m gonna talk about that a little bit more about what the bible has

To say about telling people about jesus but in the meantime let’s just remember that to follow jesus it does involve sacrificial serving and it’s hard and it’s good and let’s remember to love god love others and always always work to make a positive significant impact in the world

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What Does the Bible Say About Helping Others? By Global Network of Christian World Changers