What Does the Bible Say About Luck?

What Does the Bible Say About Failure?

And when you’re down on your luck all right or when it seems like it and all of a sudden some more people come in and throw some more salt on it now this is that’s that’s putting it lightly to talk about what jesus went through all right but again what we might this is the point is to make this in our frame and what we’re dealing with and then being put in the

Cross do you realize satan thought he was winning and jesus was failing in that moment satan thought i am winning i got judas to betray him i got peter to deny him i got people that shall crucify him i got the pharisees in it i got the government in on it satan was like we’re going to kill the son of god they crucified him they pierced him the devil thought he

Won the devil thought he won until what until three days afterwards after jesus was put in the tomb he rose again let me say it again he rose again and you will rise again the same resurrection power that is in jesus then jesus and the spirit that is lives inside of you the same spirit that rose him from the dead is inside of you that same resurrection power

And i want to encourage you that you can rise again this is what god gives us that when we fail or falter or trip up that we rise again we have the power of the resurrection of jesus christ living inside of us and this is the difference between every of the religions that our jesus is alive today sitting at the right hand of god he is alive right now he is in

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Bodily form with with the father and we have a spirit inside of us with us when we receive him into our heart we receive what jesus done his spirit comes into us i want to encourage you if you’ve never done that if you never received jesus your savior and invite the holy spirit into your life you can do that here today talk with your group leader talk with

The people there and i want to encourage you to ask and group leaders i would encourage you to ask and make that invitation to anyone there that does not yet know christ or perhaps you need to rededicate your life to christ once again perhaps you’ve fallen and faltered perhaps you feel like you’ve fallen away from christ i want to encourage you right now you are

Not too far away from his hand you are not too far away from his heart all it takes is one finger up saying jesus i need you one hand up all it takes is you shouting or saying with your voice right now i want him and there will be someone there that can help guide you through this time and through this prayer and help lead you back to him not just for a moment

But for a lifetime and so i want to encourage you that jesus rose again through everything that was thrown at him through his life through all the detours and deterrence and the way the things that satan threw at him jesus rose again they could not keep him down and the spirit of god is inside of us in the same way so i want to invite you that if you’ve never

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Come into the kingdom of god and don’t know this good news that you are welcome to come we want you but more importantly god is looking and waiting for you and so i give you that invitation to come into the kingdom of god come to know jesus and guess what you might not be perfect you might falter and guess what you have permission to fail amen amen i want to

Encourage you with a few questions here to be asking one another here all right and then talking with one another so number one all right could you ever imagine that jesus might have felt like a failure i don’t think i can but i i can put myself in that shoes and picture i probably would have felt like that in those moments right and so if he was tempted as we

Were that this means that this feeling of failure or that we feel that means he was tempted with the same thing though that means he had that same feeling come upon him so if he was tempted in every way we were so here’s a question i want to ask you right to break it down like this what are the temptations that come with the feelings of failure right what are

The temptations that come with the feeling of failure talk about that in your group what temptations happen when all of a sudden you feel like you’ve failed you

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