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Manifesting right if i’m creating an image of god patrick and god can create ex nihilo right he uses his word and then in john chapter one the word became flesh right then we have the this this tension between what i think um how i speak yeah and does it give life god spoke and he said let there be light and there was light yeah so god views his word the words

To speak and when he did he created and and i wonder sometimes how much of that new age philosophy has come into into christendom right right now i’m using these heavy words and christendom yes yeah but i i want i don’t want to go brush past it because some people were were a little frustrated i don’t i think it came from a sincere place yeah well i’m supposed

To have good thoughts i’m supposed to think healthy and i think we both say we agree yeah but what do you think this issue is or detention comes in between i mentioned the law of it that has two swear words the law of attraction right right and manifesting yeah how does it get muddy when it comes to the word of god and who we are in christ it’s strange because

Obviously the question is doesn’t god want to want me to be happy doesn’t god want me to have my best life doesn’t god want to see me blessed yeah well is it manifesting just a route to the blessed life that god wants me to have yeah but at the heart of it all when you when you boil it down to the irreducible minimum manifestation is idolatry watch out hold on

Now now i use two swear words to use the biblical words say that one more time idolatry okay yeah break that down how is it idolatry so idolatry is defined it’s like when a good thing becomes an ultimate thing so in other words you’re praying now for god to give you your real god right did you hear that so it’s like i will circumvent the will of god i’ll get in

My car and drive right around god’s will if god’s not moving when i want and how i want to get to what i want for my life so it’s almost i’m i’m gonna try this god who’s a genie yes right yes and i’m gonna try to get my way yeah by rubbing him with prayer good deeds yes and when that doesn’t work yeah because because you already know that we’re saved by grace and

Faith there’s not amount of works you can do to have his favor exactly right then that doesn’t work then people circumvent him i want to ask you a question because law of attraction says and it’s not a class on that that’s one of you some key key uh tenets right that they use right law of attraction says that one if i think good thoughts or bad thoughts that would

Be my that would be my outcome so good thoughts equal good outcome bad thoughts equal bad outcome watch this but then i’m able to create this reality yeah right yeah that’s what that’s what got me that’s when i was done because and i think i said this as well me creating an a reality does not negate the fact that i’m living in a natural reality right so then what

Do i do then with my speech my words that create this positive atmosphere when i’ve spoken and some of you can can attest to this you have prayed positively right in bad circumstances and your positive thinking of speaking did not equal a positive outcome right so then if god becomes your genie and you did this attractive energy for for for a positive outcome and

It didn’t come who’s alive there has to be a liar yes so either i’m lying right or god is lying right and i don’t want to call myself a liar right so then i dismiss my god then it’s important that i think will of myself right so it’s this idea of god’s timing come on right so if if you can manifest your destiny there’s some deeper questions you really got to ask

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Do i trust god’s will for my life come on do i believe that god wants the best for me and when you really break it down to like the foundational thing you got to ask yourself do i believe that god loves me that’s deep it’s simple but that was simply profound yeah like if i feel the need to take control of my life because god’s not doing what i think he should do

He’s not doing what i want him to do in the way that i think it should happen yeah do i really believe that he loves me yeah that brings up those two questions trust do i trust him for the intended outcome exactly and do i believe he loves me yeah to lead me to the intended outcome because that’s a bigger problem because what if what if me trusting him means i

Have to give up my will and accept his will yeah what of me trusting him means that he loves me more than i can imagine his love for me is going to take me down the road that i didn’t expect to go you wouldn’t go down voluntarily exactly yeah if god would have showed you the itinerary for your life a lot of us would have said no thank you exactly i’m one of them

Right now if god would have said this is what i got planned for your you know 80 90 100 years and you’re like ah i’m good peace yeah yeah i got it but then now years later i’m like this is the best thing that could ever happen to me you couldn’t have imagined to know that’s why you know even ephesians 3 20 talks about god doing exceedingly abundantly above anything

We could ask or imagine that’s how like that’s how good our god is yeah he’s gooder than good you know what i mean like but going back now to the image of god in the series that you’ve been in and just been masterfully like walking us through it intellectually and we’ve just been built up by and it’s been amazing but if we’re made in the image of god if god is

The manufacturer of our life yeah do we not trust the maker come on somebody just got a new iphone 14. that i that iphone 14 came with an instruction manual there we go from the manufacturer the manufacturer put his or her stamp on it as a final sign of approval when god puts his stamp on you he’s saying i approve of you yes i love you i validate you my image

Is on you but you’re saying i don’t trust the manufacturer i don’t trust the instructor come on come on come on i don’t trust the instruction manual then i started treating my relationship with god like ikea furniture foreign i have never right use the instructions no when i buy something from ikea and every time i build something i have extra pieces left over

And you know what the problem is you build it off the picture come on and all you’re doing on instagram all you know on instagram all you doing on twitter all you’re doing on facebook is trying to build a life off of the picture so i’m just confession this is good for the soul i had to i built you know i didn’t want to use the instruction man and start building

Something right only to realize when i was done yeah i had to undo everything and build it over again using the instruction manual wow and that’s what happens when we do god like that yeah you may create something yeah and then you end up looking at like you look at the picture you look what you built but then you realize a key element that will hold this structure

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Together will fall apart if you don’t undo it and put it back together yeah and that’s our lives right if we don’t use this instruction manual the word of god at some point in your life you’re going to realize i have to undo what i did use the instructions to be where god has me to be but you said something you said that we would circumvent god and try try to go

Around him so this idea of manifestation or manifesting how does it impact god’s sovereignty because that’s what i remember when the first message we did was first understanding the image of god who is god then when i find out who god is then what what aspects of him or his image do i possess right right so then when i get to that when i get to that point then i

Have to realize okay if this is who god is how much of him or how much of his image or how much of his likeness do i bear right then this whole idea of the law of attraction or manifesting it it moves me into his corner because it’s my thoughts my reality it’s all me it’s i i me me you you yeah so then it says that if i do i get right if i do this then i get this

Outcome there where is god in that no so does that type of thinking does it circumvent god does it overrule god because we talked about how god is sovereign what aspect of that um impacts our relationship with god it’s strange because what it does is that it repositions god in the let’s look at an image of a car okay right used to be a famous song jesus take the

Wheel right when when we decide that we want to start manifesting yeah we want to start attracting that we want to start positively thinking all this stuff into our lives we’re saying god get in the packs in the back seat god get in the trunk yep i’m taking the wheel i’m calling the shots you don’t know what’s best for me i got this from you yeah but again it goes

To that idea of do i really trust you because many times i like to think of it in terms of like how cities are laid out right you got cities like atlanta for instance where the freeway goes around the city and then you have roads that go through it yeah we want god on the fringes of the city like only come downtown when i call you yeah like god you stay in in the

Fire extinguisher box of my life yeah when i pray you answer yeah but as soon as you answer get back in that box i got it and that’s what manifesting them and if i sin if god if you send me a word only if i like it will i accept it it’s filtered through my feelings yeah you know it’s crazy i was on a phone call calling company by something i ordered yeah they said

You got two options it’s too late to to cancel the order or no edit you know adjust the order you can reorder it and return you know return the item when it comes just do two different orders or watch this when when the when when the product comes just just don’t accept it huh and if you don’t accept it it just gets sent back right and what i think we do god like

That yeah yeah yeah i think god sends a message like ups right and we decided we’re deciding whether or not we accept it or not right and guess what it says that it not this product is not lord this is not i’m not feeling that and we we say return to sender and if we keep doing god like that we’re expecting him to be a genie yeah we’re expecting him to do life

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On our behalf i’m gonna read a couple scriptures to you and and i want to kind of mess with the tension on manifesting let’s do it if manifesting is god’s it can overrule god’s sovereignty what do we do with this passage here psalm 115 and 3 says this our god is in heaven he does whatever he pleases so if i can create my own reality yeah and my attraction then

Where does god stand in this here’s another one proverbs 19 21 many are the plans in a person’s heart yep but it is the lord’s purpose that prevails right wait a minute now so how does that work if i have this law of attraction going on and those those are the purposes in my heart yeah i want to attract these things i want to attract this i want to track that then

The word of god says many other things in a person’s heart right but the lord’s purpose is prevail so does that mean that my thoughts can overrule god’s purposes no and that’s the issue with manifestation so if i think i can manifest something you you can you can never overrule what god has already ordained for your life so i don’t have to worry about manifesting

All i have to do is make sure i’m in line with what god says because i can’t never i can’t ever think of thoughts that can overrule god’s sovereignty or god’s sovereign plan for my life right i had plans to be a doctor and i was going to school to do that but god’s sovereignty overruled my plans i wanted to go one route but god said no i have another plan for your

Life and someone’s watching right now and you have in your heart that you want to do something but i want to caution you that you won’t ever let your thoughts or your will try to overrule override what god has because nothing can overrule god’s plan i got one more verse for you for sure proverbs 16 and 9 says this in your hearts human plans humans plan their course

But the lord establishes their steps see the word of god never never mentions man taking steps man having thoughts men having purposes and plans without him being involved right either establishing steps ordaining something or moving something forward i don’t ever want to be in in a life with a plan that god has for me right moving in a certain direction he’s not

With me yeah because when you have battles trials and things that you have to overcome that you know you can’t overcome in your own strength what do you do then exactly right exactly that’s the same problem samuel i mean uh samson faces and just surely the lord here but i couldn’t perceive it right this is the same thing that god warns the people of israel about

In deuteronomy chapter eight for instance he’s like beware unless you say in your hearts in my hands and my power have gained this welcome off he’s warning the people i’m about to bring you into a promised land i’m about to bring you into a blessed place and the trap you’re going to be falling in privy to fall into prone to fall into susceptible to fall into is

You’ll think that you did it come on you think it’s your your skill your education your pedigree your relationships your connections but in actually well it’s me yeah

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