What Does the Bible Say?

Today’s chapter is Romans 9.

How do you do it this is a question that was texted to me on saturday morning by one of my friends who’s a pastor in another state on the other side of the country how do you make five videos a week well making these videos it’s not a have to it’s a get to and the reason we do it is we do it for you here on scripture of the day thank you i’m speaking the truth

In christ i am not lying my conscience also bears me witness in the holy spirit that we are given away free coffee and you’re gonna find out who wins one year 52 lattes tomorrow and also if you’ve left comments on the last five days since the trolley coffee giveaway video today would be day number five if you’ve left comments all those days you will automatically

Win a free drink from trolley coffee let’s give it up for trolley coffee let’s give it up for you leaving all those comments i am encouraged when you share what the bible says it builds me up that’s why i love your comments and that’s why i love reading scripture of the day what does the bible say that’s the question we want to ask as we open up to romans 9. so you

Leave a comment about what you got out of romans 9 or maybe even questions that you have from romans 9 i’m going to share with you what stood out to me as i was reading romans chapter 9 and what does the bible say this is our question here at compass hb sometimes people ask me what does compass think about this and i’m like hey compass doesn’t exist it’s just a name

It’s it’s like a sign on a building there is no compass our middle name is bible our our key distinctive is the bible is central we don’t want compass to have its own personal opinion we want to do what the bible says and so one of the things that we’ve tried to do from the beginning of this church is not get caught up in all the controversies and endless debates

That people have about theological topics are you do you believe what this guy believes or do you believe what this guy believes are you on this side of the debate or are you on this side of the bay in both first and second timothy and titus those pastors are warned don’t get caught up in that because what happens is this side gets loaded up with some verses this

Side gets loaded up with some verses and they start firing at one another like which side are you on when i don’t care about being on anybody’s side except god’s side and what does the bible say so there’s a word used in romans chapter 9 that there has been endless debates and controversies about and it’s this word in romans 9 11. it’s like this word has created a

911 situation where people are always in a state of emergency about this word election so i just want to make it very clear that this word election the idea that god chose us this is this concept i don’t know what you’ve heard about it or if you think it’s controversial it’s not controversial it’s scriptural it uses the word election right here in romans 9 11 and

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It says god’s purpose of election might continue so in romans 9 the whole context is we’re talking about the jews and you’ve seen that if you’ve been here as we’re going through the book of romans in our sermons we’re talking about the gentiles and the jews a lot of language like that well here in romans 9 we get back to the jews and what paul wants you to know is

He cares about the souls of his of his kinsmen according to the flesh like he wishes all the jews could be saved he even wishes he could trade places with the jews who aren’t saved that he could be cut off from christ and they could be saved that’s the passion he starts romans 9 with in fact if you flip over to romans chapter 10 verse 1 his prayer for the jews is

That god would save them that they may be saved so we’re back to the jews we’re back to their advantage that they have in that they have the scripture we get a whole list of things here but then we’re starting to talk about how god chose the jews maybe you’ve heard that phrase before how odd of god to choose the jews well that’s what god did and even though the

Jews haven’t been faithful to god throughout their history god has been faithful to his covenant and his promises to the jews so look at romans 9 11. it says though they were not yet born and had done nothing either good or bad in order that god’s purpose of election might continue not because it works but because of him who calls and then it’s going to go on to

Say jacob i’ve loved esau i’ve hated even though esau was the firstborn god chose jacob israel be the one that would be the line of the great nation he promised to abraham so and then later on it talks about pharaoh well god chose to deliver israel out of egypt and so there’s pharaoh with his hardened heart so the point here is that god does choosing and the greek

Word here for election i mean that’s what the scripture is saying so if you’re like well i don’t like the idea of the doctrine of election or this idea that god chooses paul is saying that god chose the jews right here in romans 9 11 no man came up with that that’s paul writing under the inspiration of the holy spirit this is something god actually did and we’ve

Seen this a bunch of times already at our church right from the beginning of our church we got into this in first thessalonians chapter 1 verse 4 he says brothers loved by god god has chosen you and when when he writes that in first thessalonians what it’s supposed to make you is why would god choose somebody like me it’s supposed to be this encouraging supportive

Thought i don’t know how the fact that god wants you became such a controversial idea when the the point of it is to encourage you that yeah with your sinful nature if it was just up to you you would not be saved but god he chose to save you god he predestined to love you that’s the scriptures trying to encourage us that god chose us we saw this also in ephesians

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Chapter one where we did a sermon called love where god chose his people and he predestined them in love to adoption that’s a beautiful picture of god’s election when someone adopts a child we’ve got some people here at our church who just recently adopted a baby praise the lord we’ve had people in the whole history of our church there’s been families where they’ve

Done foster adoption they’ve adopted kids from when they were born it’s a beautiful thing and every time somebody adopts someone you don’t say to them well why did you only adopt that kid why didn’t you adopt all the kids no you just think it’s awesome that they adopted that child and made them a part of your family that’s the point here isn’t it awesome that god

Made us is family is anybody glad here that god saved you that’s what we’re supposed to be thinking when we ask the question what does the bible say it even says now some people i know their concern is that well if god chooses us then we’re just robots maybe you’ve heard somebody say that before then then it doesn’t really matter well do well if you go to second

Peter chapter 1 verse 10 it says be all the more diligent brothers to make your calling an election sure like hey make sure you’re living that out so confirm your election so it’s not like it’s just god did it no it’s like go live it out go be the person god saved you to be so you cannot separate the divine work that god is doing in his sovereignty from our human

Responsibility to repent and believe and obey the commands of jesus christ so some people try to do that in romans 9. they start asking a lot of questions about god and before we get caught up in what everybody thinks we’ve got to come back to the question what does the bible say because asking that question what the bible says is different than the question we

See here in romans chapter 9 verse 19 where people are actually saying what’s the problem with god if it’s up to god to save everybody if god elects who he’s going to save then then how can it be people’s fault and verse 20 says well who are you o man to answer back to god we’ve got to be careful we’re not questioning god what it says here in romans 9 is that god

Endures vessels of wrath that get prepared for destruction and that god has prepared beforehand vessels of mercy that he is going to save so when it says there in verse 23 that god prepared beforehand that’s where the word another very controversial word but biblical word that’s where predestination comes up but that actually isn’t the word predestination there in

Romans 9 23 in greek predestined and prepared beforehand are two different words that actually paul said predestined back in chapter eight everybody loves romans 8 and but that’s where he says that god predestined us in romans 8 29 and 30. it says that god’s election god’s predestining work that’s what starts the whole thing where he calls us where he justifies us

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Where he conforms us into the image of his son in sanctification and someday we will be all the way like jesus in glorification this is so encouraging this is supposed to build us up but instead so many people want to ask questions to god rather than just asking the question what does the bible say so i want to encourage you when you see where words like election

Or predestination actually look them up in the scripture don’t just agree with your favorite bible teacher never agree with anything just because me or somebody else here at the church says it no no reason we want to agree is because we’re all looking in the same book we’re all getting on the same page and we’re all finding the same answer to the question what

Does the bible say and so really a lot of this discussion gets taken out of context because what we’re addressing here in romans 9 10 and 11 is what do we think about the jews if everybody is a sinner and everybody needs to be justified by faith and everybody needs to be set apart to live their sanctified life and nothing can separate them from the love of god in

Christ jesus then what’s the point of god electing the jews that’s the question we’re getting back to here so that that’s what’s amazing is even though the jews have been unfaithful god is still faithful to his people that he has chosen and there is a future for the nation of israel even this very day see when god elects when god predestines when god chooses

Whatever word we want to use they’re all used here in the scripture when god decides to save you nothing can thwart god’s will that’s why this is not supposed to be debated it’s supposed to be celebrated that we are god’s people once we were not his people but now we are once we didn’t have mercy but now we have it and god’s made us the church of jesus christ here

In huntington beach nothing can stand against us no one can stop what god chooses to do and if god chose you you should praise the lord today i mean the response here should not be debate not a two-way conversation of who’s right and who’s wrong the response to this should be worship as a sinner who’s received mercy as someone who was outside of the family of god

But has put it in and loved by god the father i want to worship him and thank him for giving me his mercy that he prepared beforehand so i hope you can see here in romans 9. this is a reason to worship god for his election for his choosing of his people i hope that encourages you and if you have more questions about it well we’re going to preach through this whole

Chapter lord willing see we’ve got so much to look forward to so i will see you for more here on scripture

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