What in the World is a Sail and Sign Card? Why do you need it?

What in the World is a Sail and Sign Card? Why do you need it?

Thank you hello there my fellow travelers it is good to see you and of course thank you for coming back to the channel we appreciate you and if you would leave us a comment and hit that alert bell for us and man we are excited we’re getting ready to go on another cruise and i wanted to share some information with you guys so i did a little video about how to

Get free carnival stock and i’ve done another one about what the difp club is and those two videos ties into this third video which is the sell and sign onboard account and this is very important if you’re going to go on a cruise for a lot of reasons to understand how this works and i’m going to give you some some great information i hope that you appreciate so

What is a sell and sign onboard account well simply put it as carnival cruise lines are cashless they don’t do cash so let’s say for instance if you don’t buy the drink package because you’re not a big drinker of alcohol but one evening you know i think i’d really like to have a beer it’s hot and we’re out by the pool and you pull out you know 10 bucks to buy a

Beer nobody’s going to sell you a beer you have to use your sign and sell card to pay for everything it’s also your personal identification card when you come on they’re going to take a photograph of you and that’s going to link to your card so every time you go on and off or pay for anything it pops up to verifies who you are and what room you’re in the whole

Nine yards and it works great it’s not a big deal what you’re going to want to do is get a lanyard and keep it with you and just remember every time you need to put your lanyard on take your card with you and as i showed you guys in the vifp video the club video there’s different colors red is the very first cruise uh sorry blues the first cruise red is the second

And then as you accumulate a lot more points you get to be gold which is weird gold we’re going to be stuck in gold for quite a while but we are gold members for us so that’s kind of exciting for for us we think that’s cool now everybody gets one of these cards children included minors why everybody you have to have one of these cards or you can’t be on the boat

The really good thing is you can set these up for your children with a limit so you can say okay well i only want this card per day to maybe have fifty dollar spending limit so therefore the kids cannot go on both things or you can turn it off and say there is no money attached to that card now the key is you have to have a bank account of some kind a credit card

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Visa debit or you can deposit cash to the cruise ship or you can do it before you go you can send them a check so like like you know we’re going to put 500 in our sell and sign account i don’t want to use a credit card or my debit card so i’m just going to give them a check for 500 bucks they will put that in there run it through the system you can do that i don’t

Recommend that and i’m going to tell you a couple of other really cool little things the best thing you can do and we did this last time and and it worked out very well for us is i think it’s called barclays but carnival cruise line has a credit card and if it’s the first time using it like we did we took it out we found this out and it was a 200 instant credit

When we booked our cruise on it and then of course we earned points we earned points for the crews for the money we spent on the cruise the cruise itself and the airline tickets so all said and done we got over 300 dollars back off of our cruise by using a credit card through carnival and i’m not saying you have to use carnivals there’s lots of other credit card

Deals that will do the same for you maybe a year of interest free and you get two or three hundred bucks in credit and after you spend a couple hundred dollars so look around and see what will work for you and to maximize your budget so as we go go on down through here like it says personalize sell and sign cards are provided to all guests including minors and

Are valid for use immediately upon boarding the ship and trust me if you run out of money they will let you know guest services can provide with a balance update at any time throughout the cruise now and you can go to any kiosk or any any uh customer service desk and they can help you that we don’t do that here’s what we do we are big fans of the carnival hub app

You know years ago they used to give you a piece of paper and tell you everything that’s going on the app one you can track all of your expending on your account you can track your live spending you can track the kids you can do all of those things financially with the app hub the better thing is the app the hub app will tell you all about dinner times and movies

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And shows and excursions so everything you’re going to want to need to know you can have on your phone and look at to help you make decisions about what you guys are going to do and i was shocked how much we use the app i mean we use the app a lot if you get lost on the cruise ship the app can help you plan your way back to your room so it’s a great great great

Tool that they’ve come up with and we we highly recommend you download it so as we talked about some forms of payment for your account because you got to pay for everything is your credit card or debit cards cash or traveler’s checks and here’s just some bullet points and where i found all of this information is just right here on the carnival.com website you

Can just type in sell and sign and this will come up so what they kind of do is put a couple hundred bucks in a whole imaginary holding of the the magic world of the internet there’s like they hold 200 bucks for you just same thing that like when you were in a when you rent a rental car they will you know put 200 bucks to spend it deposit out there and then they

Just kind of return it back to your card works the same way works the same way if the gas replaces a credit card or debit card previously used we will hold the remain of the account during the cruise so what this kind of means is you could switch credit cards let’s just say you know you uh you spend way more money than you thought and you had a credit card that

Had like a credit limit of a thousand dollars and your wife has one for a couple of thousand bucks and you’re spending a lot because you’re enjoying yourself so much yes you can go to the customer service and say i want to assign this credit card now to our account to pay the bills so it works great no issues you can read through this very simple they got a list

Here of acceptable cards visa mastercard atm debit cards one of the cool things they accept is visa gift cards so let’s say for instance is your first cruise it’s your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary and somebody wants to give you uh you know 300 bucks and gift cards well you can use those visa gift cards not target gift cards or walmart gift cards it has

To be a visa gift card but you can use those for your cruise i think that is awesome awesome awesome awesome keep in mind they do have some unaccepted cards or payment methods for some reason the american express persona select is is not in favor with them sign until account open with cash or travelers checked you can like i said you can do that put down you know

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However money they want you to two to four day cruise it’s a hundred dollars per person a five to eight day cruise is 200 per person nine days or longer 350 per person if you’re going to do the cash thing we just do the credit card because one like i said we take advantage of any benefits we can get out of it and then the other good thing is remember if you do a

Credit card where you can get benefits and then you can take advantage of the vifp benefits also because um the next cruise that we’re going on we’re taking some friends with us who’s never been on a cruise i did the math and showed them how much the cruise is going to cost them then i did it for us who are gold members and we’re going to get the exact same cruise

Exact same room for about 320 something dollars cheaper than they are so this is a good way to take advantage and then we’ll take out another credit card that is a zero percent interest maybe has a hundred dollars or two hundred dollars in credits to give us we work the system final selling cell and sign statement at the end of the cruise you will sign off on yes

And they will review and you can reboot you can say now look i never went to the casino so i don’t know how we spend ten thousand dollars at the casino because i’ve never been to the casino so you can dispute something if you need to but it’s it’s literally really straightforward it’s all itemized out what has happened and it works great guys so i would go through

Here and just read all of this and the key to remember that the biggest thing to remember is you must keep this with you at all time you have to have your sell and sign card to get on and off the boat or to buy or anything on the boat all right well i love cruising we think it’s the greatest greatest vacation in the world pound pound dollar for dollar whatever you

Want to say i’m going to encourage you to go and sell and we will see you guys on the ship take care my friends

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