What is the secret to a successful USDA loan process?

Foreign stevens here again with metroplex mortgage services and another usda loan pro video quick tip what is the secret to having a successful usda loan process it’s hard to believe but i started metroplex way back in 2001 and we have grown to be a top-ranked usda approved lender who realtors and home buyers both come to for our proven experience and expertise

With this powerful program my team is known for her follow-ups communicating and closing on time so in today’s video i will share the processes and systems we utilize to help our buyers and realtors have a successful usda loan process and once again this prove the myth that usga loans take too long to close as a usda approved lender we provide the competitive local

Advantage needed to help get your offers accepted we do this through educating listing agents financing home repairs usda no down payment construction to permanent loans in quick closing times that are fueled by our in-house underwriting efficiency and demonstrated program knowledge now before we get started don’t forget to download our newest usda blueprint for

Success with a link below this free guide is designed to help walk you through the usda process step by step it is a great educational resource for both home buyers and realtors alike as a starting point a proper usda qualification is the critical foundation needed for a successful loan process and we will walk home buyers through the qualifying process step by

Step a thorough review of income employment assets and credit are key building blocks to having a strong usda qualification letter next once you are ready to place an offer to purchase we are available to speak with a listening agent in order to communicate the strength of your offer so that the seller knows they are working with a qualified and deserving home

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Buyer once your offer has been accepted we will begin your loan application and then order the appraisal immediately so that no time is wasted during this time we are updating your loan file through our dedicated processing and underwriting systems while at the same time providing weekly status updates to the home buyers and realtors involved so that we can all

Stay on the same page upon receiving the appraisal or underwriting team reviews that in the loan approvals update because of the advanced work we’ve already done on the file we are now in a position to prepare the loan to be submitted to usda for their review and issuance of the usda commitment remember because metroplex is the usda approved lender we are approving

The loan through our in-house underwriting and handling all the loan mechanics from right within our office this streamlined ability provides a consistent one-stop shop for all questions related to the loan process once the usda commitment has been received we are now on the downhill slope towards the finish line with final disclosures being provided to the home

Buyer and closing documents being ordered to prepare for yet another smooth and on-time closing powered by the metroplex team now that i’ve provided you with a better understanding of the process we look forward to being your usda approved lender of choice in providing our rural housing expertise so that your next transaction is successful we would love to count

On you for the referral of that next family member friend or client who needs mortgage qualifying assistance remember to just call text or email to discuss your scenario and let us show you the metroplex difference as always i want everyone to make it a great day i look forward to seeing you right here for the next tip of the week

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What is the secret to a successful USDA loan process? By Metroplex Mortgage Services