What Jobs Can I Do After The Royal Marines?

One question we get asked a lot is, What job can I do after the Royal Marines or Military service?|

Hey guys so today we’re going to be looking at what jobs you can do after a successful career in the royal marines so what happens is people get really excited joining the royal marines and they don’t think about the time they’re going to leave whether that’s doing just four years and then leaving or doing a false or 22-year career i think it’s quite important to

Have in the back of your mind what you would potentially do after the royal marines will set you up massively for most careers you want to go into after it but i think it’s important to have some sort of idea of what you want to go into the amazing thing with royal marines is you can get specific trades so you could be a vehicle mechanic a mountain leader a pti

Which obviously transfers to being a personal trainer driver and engineer there’s lots of opportunities that you can get specific careers that you can take with you when you leave the royal marines but if you don’t get one of these careers or you want to do something different when you leave the royal marines there’s countless skills that you’ll earn whilst in

The royal marines for instance no one’s going to have this a similar discipline to you punctuality respect integrity work ethic organization and resilience these are massively employable skills and any employer out there will be looking for people with these in abundance which if you’ve been in the royal marines you will have not only that but you’ll have life

Experience um if you put yourself say you’re 24 and you know you’ve done four or five years in the royal marines against someone who’s done uni and then they’ve maybe done uh you know two years as an apprentice somewhere you’re going to be in a far better position than that person in terms of life experience not only have you proven that you can get through the

Hardest military training in the world you’ve also proven that you have the ability to work in stressful conditions which is a massive a massive thing in this day and age resilience is massively lacking in many uh many industries now not only that but if you again if we consider the uni student who’s gone on and yourself you’ve done four or five years in the royal


Marines you actually become an incredibly interesting person doing three years at university and then maybe again doing a an apprentice or something isn’t massively interesting i don’t mean that you know in a patronizing term but it isn’t because many people do it whereas having done four or five years in the royal marines travelled all over the world maybe gone

On operations and deployments that’s incredibly interesting to the average person and being an interesting person goes a really long way when getting a job and also sticking at a job so putting all these things together the experience the skills gained the the interest of you as a person and the things you’ve done you actually become a very employable person i

Know for myself as a businessman if i was going to if i was going to look to employ someone i’d want to be looking for for those traits that royal marines have massively because i know i can rely on this person i know they’re going to turn up on time i know they’re going to work hard for me i know they can they can nail down when times get hard and i know they’ve

Got resilience and they’re just going to grip through it so for me as a having my own business there that’s a massive tick list right there but also um as i’ve done you don’t need to go and potentially work for someone if you’ve got a business idea and you and you know you think that it’s a good idea and you can go for it then the royal marines will massively set

You up for life as a businessman many times it can be hard when you don’t know you know especially when you first start a business and you’ve got to really really grind and work hard and you know you’re doing sleepless nights and endless research as a raw marine that massively helps because you’ve done that you’ve been there you’ve done it uh you know in very harsh

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Conditions now you’re sat indoors doing it uh it’s slightly easier so knowing that you you can do it in dartmoor or an afghan or whatever and then doing it as uh with your own business is um it’s a massive plus one of the obvious industries to go into is a royal marine security um there’s plenty of jobs out there you can go into close protection maritime security

Um you know there’s many jobs many roles in a lot of these industries and uh as a royal marine you’re gonna put yourself in great stead to uh be at the top of those lists you will obviously when you come out have to do extra qualifications close protection courses and first aid courses things like that but uh but you know being a royal marine and especially if

You’ve got operational experience is a massive tick in the box as well one thing to be quite aware of is because uh the military is very secure job you know you’re gonna get a solid pension um you know you’ve got free medicare and dental care it can be very daunting to leave um whether you’ve done four years or again you’ve done your full 22 it’s it’s quite it

Can be quite a daunting experience so just to be aware of that now in my opinion i would say um doing a full career in the royal marines is absolutely brilliant but again just being aware say if you join at uh let’s let’s be hypothetical you’ve joined 18 years old you do 21 22 years you’re still going to come out you know 40 years old so you’ve still got a

Full career ahead of you so just being aware of that that you can do an incredible career with the royal marines and still have another full career after it and that’s a massive bonus and a massive plus uh one one thing that i struggled with when i came out and became a personal trainer was i thought that you know people had that mentality if they want to thrash

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Themselves they you know they want they want to be thrashed how their eyes bleed and want to work super hard every session because that was an environment i was used to as a royal marine and uh it took me a little bit of what a little bit of time to adjust to civvy street and realize that actually a lot of people aren’t wired that way and uh if you join the

Military or the royal marines you sort of uh you know part of that elite group that wants that so just be aware that when you come out you might have to tone everything down don’t change who you are don’t change your experiences and what you’ve done and you know how you operate but just be aware that you might have to take a slightly softer approach uh because

You know 60 year old maureen doesn’t want to be crawling around dartmoor like you did uh so hopefully that’s a a you know a useful video and if you’re slightly worried maybe joining the royal marines that you know what could you do after that that’s taking your mind at ease also for parents i know that they think of these things as well but take it from me having

Done a career in the royal marines and now moved on to you know i’ve done a few jobs since leaving and now i have my own business uh it sets you up unbelievably and i’m so much further down the road than i would be if i’d never joined so guys if you are thinking about and this is one things that’s stopping you then uh you know hopefully this has just put your

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