What Jobs Can You Do As A Digital Nomad

Find out what jobs you can do as a Digital Nomad.

Hi everybody kurt here welcome to my channel what kind of job can you do as a digital nomad want to find out coming up right now let’s dive right in what job can you do as a digital nomad i have been a digital nomad for many years and i wanted to make one thing clear is when you want to become a digital nomad it is really important to choose a business or a job

With something that you are good at or that you want to become good at or something that you are passionate about because you want to have a job or a business that you can that can sustain you for a long period of time so make sure that you are good at it or that you have a big passion about it otherwise it’s going to be a struggle okay now let’s take a look at the

First one first one is something which is quite popular with digital nomads and that is to publish your own ebook it is actually a great idea because you can publish a book about your own travel experiences and sell it online through your own website this could be a country that you’ve been to recently for example if we take a look at google and we look at for

Example travel guy i’m looking for travel guide in thailand you can see immediately you have some travel bloggers who pop up here this adventure in you nomad and then when you go there i’m sure you can download by the e-book from them which is a great way here we go so bic download there’s also another one here nomadic matte so what you can do is you can create

Your own ebook then put it on your website or your blog and then you can sell it which is a great wait just go back here which is a great way to make money on a consistent basis because once you’ve been through the country once you’ve you’ve gathered tea the experience and the knowledge and you put it in an e-book you only have to do it one time and then you can

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Sell it again and again and again which is a great long-term business for you as a digital no matt the next one ties in to the one before and that is to start your own block i don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a lot of travelers who started their own blog and there’s a reason for it because it does make you money but you really need to work hard on it you

Can make it a travel block and just document and share your experiences of the countries you travel in and give really good tips and advice when you do a block i have put down a free guide that i made about becoming a successful digital nomad in the description below make sure to download that and also one of the things i cover in this one is to how you can start

Your own blog because starting your own blog you really need to do it very seriously and you need to create articles that people are looking for information that people are looking for because that way you’ll you’ll be able to attract a lot of traffic to your website and then you can turn that traffic into money by using for example by putting ads on your website

For example we’ve just looked at these two websites for example here adventure in you now when you go to here you see here at the bottom we have custom ads so this is a good this is a good way to to monetize your blog so it’s really important to take it seriously that you write nice long articles giving good information about things that people are looking for on

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Google and i’ll also share some tips in the free guide down below in the description okay the next job as a digital nomad is freelancing freelancing is very popular and is also a great way to make money as a digital nomad my favourite website for for freelancing because i have different online businesses so i use a lot of freelancers myself and i use up work all

The time up work is a great platform because it connects the people who are looking to hire freelancers for you with you as a freelancer and once you develop yourself as a free life again you need to take it seriously if you just want to do some odd jobs here and there then you’re not going to make a consistent income but you really need to look at the specific

Skiff excuse that you have and then specialize in that it could be copywriting it could be web design look at what kind of skills you have or that you want to develop and specialize in that and then you can become very good like an authority on on websites such as up work and then you can make a consistent income online for a long period of time the next one is

Something that i did for quite a few years is teaching english abroad as a foreign language you can do it either as teaching online or teaching at a school these are two different ways that you can go about it i didn’t mind teaching in at a school at different places at different countries around asia both have their their their their pros and their cons online

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Teaching is great because it is easier because you do not have to actually live in the country where you’re teaching you can just do it in front of your computer but when you teach at a school you have more of the cultural experience which i found to be quite amazing but either ways are good and it’s it’s it’s it’s a nice income and a steady income that really can

Support yourself as a digital nomad so it’s a very popular one so something you should definitely look into and the last one that i want to cover in this video is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is is definitely my favorite and it’s something that i focus on a lot in my different online businesses and it is something that brings in the biggest income for

Sure so if you’re serious about making good money as a digital nomad you should definitely consider affiliate marketing now what is affiliate marketing it is where you is where you promote somebody else’s product and get a commission in return when there’s a sale on that prior on that on that product now there’s different ways of doing affiliate marketing for this

One i definitely recommend you to go to the description below this video and download my free guide on how to become a digital nomad and the key here is very much is how to become a successful digital nomad and i will explain different things such as blogging but also affiliate marketing which is a great source of income so go down into the description below and

Download that free guide if you like this video please give me a like to subscribe to my channel and i will see you next video thanks

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