What Jobs Can You Get With a Kinesiology Degree?

In this video, Casey Coleman, PT, DPT, discusses the jobs you can get with a kinesiology degree. From an associate’s degree or lower to a Bachelor’s Degree to even a Doctoral Degree or higher, you will be able to know some of the job possibilities with your kinesiology degree.

These are the jobs you can get with the kinesiology degree if you have one of those or are thinking about getting one these are the jobs you can get i’m turning dreams into reality what’s going on guys my name is casey coleman i’m a physical therapist and the co-founder of pre-pt grind and this is where we help thousands of students get into pt and pta school

Without wasting time money stress anxiety and everything in between so if that’s what you want if that’s what you’re looking for welcome click the links below subscribe and get into our world so on this video we are talking about jobs you can get with a kinesiology degree and let me first say you can get pretty much any job with a bachelor’s degree it’s a bachelor’s

Degree do not lock yourself in to this box of saying oh i have this degree i have that degree i can only do this i can only do that no you free yourself free yourself i’m sure you know your aunt uncle cousins siblings somebody who has a degree or had a degree and now they’re doing something totally different with their lives so that’s the first thing i want to

Make sure you guys understand just because you have this degree or thinking about getting that oh what jobs can i get oh i’m locked in no you’re not it’s just a degree it’s a bachelor’s degree it’s just a ticket to go play a game and you can go play any game you want you might need a little extra training if you’re going from a knees degree to you know ux design

Or something like that or a kinesiology degree um to communications or something like that okay i get it but just because you have that degree doesn’t mean you’re locked in all right so that is that now let’s talk about this kinesiology degree what does that even mean let’s talk about what kinesiology even is so kinesiology just means the study of movement knees

Is greek for movement and ology is the study of so kinesiology is the study of movement it really doesn’t say in there human movement we just assume human movement but it could be i guess technically the movement of plants or the movement of animals or something like that but usually it’s referring to human uh movies so that’s what kinesiology is and now let’s

Go into these different jobs you can get with this degree or you can or what is what is common to get with this degree so i should say that these jobs are common to get with this degree it aligns well with the kinesiology degree right and these are going to be broken up into three categories jobs you can get with just an associate’s degree like a degree two year

Degree after high school then a full bachelor’s degree that you get after four years of college or university then a doctorate level degree all right so let’s get into it group one will be associates degrees alright so these are some jobs you can get with a kinesiology associates degree if your school has that so number one personal trainer now do you need an

Associate’s degree to be a personal trainer no not necessarily but you can get some extra certifications or get an associate’s type of degree to i guess further your education or further your confidence level to be a better personal trainer if that’s what you feel like you need so personal trainer you can be a personal trainer with a kinesiology degree next you

Can be a fitness consultant but isn’t that what a personal trainer is okay let me explain yes you can overlap them but let me explain so personal trainer you could be there with that client you know you can be in their face one two three that’s what usually people think of with personal trainers i know it ebbs and flows nowadays so just go with me don’t kill me

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In the comments yet next uh like i said fitness consultant now this could be more so hands-off right this can be okay you call me once a week you call me twice a week or we sit down once a month and we go over your full fitness plan we take your measurements we do all this and that so you can be more of just a fitness consultant and not be in their face like oh

One two like every day with them as a personal trainer now you can’t mix these two up and say oh a fitness consultant is just an online personal trainer and so on and so on but you can be a fitness consultant and you just consult with them like one-on-one or you can just be that personal trainer or mix the two it’s your life it’s your degree you know do what you

Want to do with your career next now you can further classify that as like a fitness group instructor so you can take groups of people and teach a spin class or teach an aerobics class or teach yoga and things like that so you can be a fitness group instructor as well so those are some things that you can do just right off the bat with an associate’s degree with

Some extra certifications that don’t need a full um like a full bachelor’s degree as well some other things you can throw in there just as a little pro tip is like a referee so if you have a kinesiology degree and want to stay in the sports world and want to stay in athletics you want to stay in movement you can be in a referee or a like a sports coach as well

Sports coach can go into the bachelor’s degree level just depends on what that school requires if you’re teaching sorry not teaching if you’re coaching for a school team like if you’re on a college level or d1 or you know juco level they might require from the university an extra degree or whatever that’s school dependent all right so you can throw like referee

And uh sports coach in there as well with this category all right so those are some ideas you can get flowing uh with the kinesiology major in that associate’s degree category all right next is the bachelor’s degree category so if you’re getting a kinesiology degree this is where many of you are you’re majoring in kinesiology at a four-year university or starting

In community college and transferring to a four-year university so what you can do is become an exercise physiologist now this might be i believe it’s in limbo some people or some schools might be requiring a master’s degree so depending on the school that you go to or their full transition depending on when you’re watching this video some schools might require

You to get that as your master’s degree all right but you can get it as a bachelor’s degree and be an exercise physiologist so usually i get this question like what is that what is an exercise physiologist and usually people watching this video like you you might be deciding between exercise science as a major and kinesiology as a major and i already did a video

On jobs you can get as an exercise science major so click up there click below click right here and go watch this video after you watch the full video of this one alright so exercise physiologist and how i like to explain it as simply as possible is exercise physiologists really look at the physiology of the body in response to exercise i’m gonna say that again

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Exercise physiologists look at the physiological effects that exercise has on the body so like you might see people running with like a mask on like a on the treadmill or something with this big old mass right and they’re looking at the physiological levels of vl2 match your heart rate um not necessarily blood levels unless they you know take it out but they’re

Looking at how exercise is affecting your heart rate your lung capacity and all that stuff at the physiological level right so that’s the stereotypical picture you might see and that’s why you see it so they’re saying okay how does this raise you know maybe white blood cell levels or red blood cell levels or how does this affect you know metabolism and all that

Stuff so you’re looking at the physiology of how exercise impacts the body all right so that’s what exercise physiology really exercise physiologist really does and that’s what that’s a simple explanation of what it is right um next this kind of goes along with what i said before with the masters versus bachelor’s degree usually especially at this time athletic

Training degrees are moving into the master’s realm and they might even be creeping up to the doctorate level realm but let’s go with me here you need an extra level of of degrees to get this degree in athletic training so bachelor’s in athletic training or masters in athletic training that’s another job you can get as a kinesiology major so if you graduate as

A kinesiology major you could be an athletic trainer but you also might have to especially at this time of the video you might have to apply well i know you have to apply for a t school and i believe most of those are master’s degrees now okay so you might still have to get an extra level of training as far as school goes but you might be able to still find some

Schools that um or some jobs that don’t require it all right so that is an athletic trainer so an athletic trainer now versus physical therapist is a whole another discussion i’ll probably have to do a whole nother video on it but basically for this video how i like to explain it is physical therapists can work with athletes but usually you see physical therapists

Working in other settings and with other specialties as well now kill me in the comments i know athletic trainers are moving to different settings and specialties as well i get that so there’s even more overlap but for simplicity’s sake athletic trainers are usually seen worth working with athletes and sports teams i know it’s changing but to help you guys see

The difference as clearly as possible physical therapists can work with sports and athletes as well but usually you see physical therapists in plenty of other settings and usually when you think of athletic trainers you see them on the sports field or court or tennis court or whatever with with athletes so that’s where the term athletic trainer comes from so

You can be kinesiology major and become an athletic trainer uh next is strengthen conditioning coach you can be a coach for like power lifters or bodybuilders you know people who are doing this more professionally or semi-professionally at a higher level for physique goals or strength goals so you can do that and you can also be a kinesiologist you could be a

Kinesiologist as well with a kinesiology degree and basically as a kinesiologist you’re working with either sports teams or individually athletes or recreational centers or you know senior centers and things like that to work with them holistically to kind of improve their mobility improve their strength improve their sometimes layout of the facility you know just

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To help them move better around the facility or work with fitness consultants or personal trainers to help them you know basically coach them to create better plans for different types of clients and things like that um then you can also be a dietitian you can go into dietetics you might need some more certifications and a little extra training as well and yes you

Can go to rd school you can become a registered dietitian as well but that takes an extra level of training as well so with this section of bachelor’s degrees um there is some overlap especially depending on when you’re watching this video of what else you might need to further your education to become that thing so yes you need a bachelor yes you have a kinesiology

Major and you have a degree that says kinesiology major but if you want to be an athletic trainer for a certain team they might want you to get you know some extra certifications or you want to be a dietitian for this hospital you might need some extra certifications then next you have some more defined levels of master’s degrees so again like i said this overlaps

But now let’s go into master’s degree things you can get into as a kinesiology major so now athletic trainer i talked about that before now you can be a prosthetist so prosthetics you can help design those orthotists can also go into this as well but basically prosthetics are used with amputees orthotists or orthotics are used you know in the foot in the shoes

You guys usually know what that is um then you can go into well this is even changing as well this will go into the next degree category so master’s degree athletic trainer um even athletic director as well like at a d1 juco d2 sports level you’re directing the athletics at that school then i talked about prosthetists orthotists um as well and athletic trainers

As well so now going into doctoral degrees now you have physical therapists welcome to pre-pt grind occupational therapists are moving into the doctorate level um some schools you can still just become an occupational therapist without your doctoral degree but that’s changing as well um you have your research scientists so people in the labs doing these studies

They’re more of the phd doctorate level candidates and then of course you have your sports medicine doctor your sports medicine physician and that’s going to med school so lastly usually people get this confused especially people trying to learn about these different jobs and degrees that you can get with these jobs they’re like i want to go into sports medicine

But can i be a sports medicine physical therapist there there’s a difference to that i know what you mean but there’s a difference so if you want to be a sports medicine physician you have to go to medical school to be a sports medicine physician if you want to be a physical therapist or athletic trainer that works with athletes and on sports teams you can be

A physical therapist or athletic athletic trainer that works with athletes or sports teams so uh just keep that in mind you can be a sports medicine physician but you have to go to medical school all right so those are some jobs you can get as a kinesiology major hope you enjoyed this video comment subscribe tag all that stuff below and again if you are new to

Prepaid to ground we help thousands of students become physical therapists and physical therapist assistants so hit all the stuff below subscribe and we will see you on the next video

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