What Jobs Can You Get Without A College Degree – More Than You Think

– What Jobs Can You Get Without A College Degree

What jobs can you get without a college degree hi my name is giselle and i’m here to help you with that no i’m also here to let you know that you could get into almost any industry out there or in almost any career without a college degree all right now you can get into the banking sector i almost got into banking at one point in time but that’s at the same

Time i decided to go back to school so all i did i applied for an entry-level position and ah i did an update aptitude tests on me so i they could know that i could read and understand and also do math then there was the interview process alright so you can get into the the banking industry that way you can also get into the construction industry which is what

I eventually got into in electrical engineering and you can start off as a trainee or helper or an apprentice working alongside someone who is killed for example an electrician or technician or well the pipe fitter plumber right and work with these people and learn their skills and eventually through your experience you can be classified as an electrician helper

Sorry an electrician well the pipe fitter etc all right you can also get involved in a secretarial would for example document control and that is necessary in the construction industry right you can be a um a secretary or an assistant to someone and rise up the ranks and be head of that document control or secretarial department right and there’s something that i

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Believe anyone can do right which is um get involved in a home-based business and this does not require a college degree it doesn’t require prior experience it doesn’t require even a high school education and i eventually got into this home this business arena because i realized even though i had a good job as an electrical engineer my salary was never enough to

Afford me to do the things i really love to do like travel all over the world all right so this is something that i believe everyone should consider doing all right and the business that i’m in right now it’s in the e-commerce industry we online shopping industry and we have actually found a couple ways to be successful in this business one of them is utilizing

Social media effectively the other one is utilizing your strengths no matter what strength you have for example you may know how to throw a frisbee professionally ah 100 different ways and we can leverage that to help you be successful in this particular business so it’s a viable industry there are many millionaires that come out of this industry you can also work

In it according to your convenience you can look in it part-time full-time etc so if this songs like something you are interested in click the button or the link below to find out more we’ll send you to our video presentation and you can communicate with me personally to get more information so good luck in your career and seen on the other side bye

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What Jobs Can You Get Without A College Degree – More Than You Think By Giselle Pollard