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Making sure i’d make it here to heaven, and i’m now finally here. that you have categorically rejected any scientific teaching and then, do you, based on the authority of scripture, i have just one final question then, before i let you in. and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor? if they can use it to shame somebody or to punish somebody. and they

Were to evaluate themselves and examine their own conscience, when the bble says, “god is our rock, our sword, our shield,” that they can win arguments, that they can settle the debate, with their argument, by saying, “the bible says it,” and said, “the government wants us to forget about the bible.” so he’s got this idea that he doesn’t want he doesn’t want people talking

About gender identity they want these things to be cut and dried, and clear. we think if the bible could be consistent of one thing, there’s no consistent ethic about sexuality going throughout the bible. things that have different ideas and speak with different voices. it’s not just one book with one point that it’s trying to drive home. that the bible has a lot to

Say about homosexuality, how much of the content is devoted to the issue of homosexuality, and the few stories that do speak to the topic of same-sexuality one of the most famous examples of these because of anti-sodomy laws that exist in some places still today to a whole host of things that are not limited to same-sex couples. so what does the story of sodom and gomorrah

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Actually say? demanding that he bring his guests out, that they might “know” them. it’s, “let us know them intimately, sexually,” and in this case, violently. he then turns and offers his two virgin daughters to the mob in exchange, and how quickly that begins to affect our judgment. the story describes an entire city that converges upon one house who want to publicly

Affirm a monogamous relationship so you see this man, lot, who sees this, and he stands against them, and when the city says, “let them come out here because we want to know them,” you haven’t been here all that long. you’re not really one of us. who’s going to put himself out for someone and as we heard, he says, “take my daughters instead,” so when the bible talks about

What was the sin of sodom, but what is it specifically that the bible is talking about? there’s a part in the bible, just a little bit further, and it says in ezekiel, “now, this was the sin of your sister sodom.” these cities are all in a location. they’re sister cities. she and her daughters were overfed, arrogant and unconcerned; to say that this minority should be

Shunned and they should be punished, the people who need us the most, the most vulnerable people among us, there’s all different kinds of literature and genres. understand who these people are and what the time period was. and ask, “what do they really say and what do they really not say? in all of its multiple and diverse voices, and ask, that stand in contrast to the

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Ones that the media would have us lift up. which is basically the story of the earliest years of christianity, sharing what they’ve learned and been taught by jesus and one of those is when the apostle philip is on a road, traveling somewhere, is just shorthand for anyone from africa, south of the sahara, without posing the threat of producing male heirs who could usurp

The throne. “hey, look! here’s a pool of water on the side of the road. that values inclusion and acceptance of someone who, in today’s context, another example that i’d like to leave you with – there are many – in which paul is describing what the afterlife is like. so he’s radically just erasing all the boundaries and distinctions in a world where people are insisting

That the bible says, if you look at our society, we’ve made so much progress just in this generation, the supreme court has overturned laws that were against sodomy, when we’ve made so much progress just in the recent time and to the understandings they get from these religious traditions, what are the beliefs and values that people are coming with. this congressman who

Stood on the floor doesn’t want people talking about equality for same-sex couples. as something that can be defined different from biological gender. to push across his point and tell people that they can’t argue with that. we see gay and lesbian and transgender and homosexual people, we continue to see stories like tyler clementi, 18 years old. and there are many

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Stories like this, so that’s why this is important. giving people a hard time because he thought they were gay or lesbian, mark carson, 32 years old, killed because he was gay, and we take the lessons that we draw from them seriously. because they want to violate these people sexually, saying that we believe that being gay is not a sin.

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