Which Is Better Lease Or Own Authority


What’s up everybody man right here the one the only that beautiful ruled out brand roots the one here is a rogue warlords in this always bring you the knowledge and dropping the science in this industry of what we call truck and okay i’m doing this particularly video as a request by our brother brandon and there were a couple of the arm it will couple of this

They reached out to me and they asked the same question is it is it better to lease on with the carrier or to get your own authority which one is better and there’s pros and cons to both there’s pros and cons and stuff to both but ultimately it is any person’s goal and stuff right and business to have your own authority it’s ultimately the stuff that’s will be

All strive towards is having our own business so you know is nothing wrong with leasing up people you know like i say their pros and cons and stuff to everything and so let me cover the basis of this stuff you know said if we get a complete understanding about the – all right first i’ll start with lisa right which a lot of people are gonna do they’ve got to be

Leased all with the carry you know particularly carry where this uh at least to own or lease purchase or lease you know this is what we go for stuff like that you know you see carriers and stuff all over saying behind on an operating small fleets and so on and so forth now the pro today is that the pro today is that a lot of the allow the paperwork you know a

Lot of paperwork and stuff it’s going to be handled by them you know fouling the feed and filing the quarterly fuel taxes making sure that the maintenance records and stuff up-to-date logs all the paperwork processing things and stuff it’s going to be done on a consistent basis to make sure that if the company has ever audited then everything and stuff is going

To be in place so if they choose you to do the audit on i’ve been particularly carried and everything is going to be set to go this is why they’re so hard on guys and stuff making sure that they turn in paper again in a timely manner because you know the guy you know the people that are hard to do that type of work they want to make sure that everything and stuff

Is at play – everything is filed so that you know if your number comes up and it is simply showing the officers you know the sad information is though fed you know did they just go about their business you know not having the stuff turning and time the mount athos everything all for need you know when it’s time to get audited it can be something as simple as a

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Maintenance record report you know if you don’t have debt then you know you could be deemed to find own debt and stuff but you know even worst involved something comes up where it’s a lawsuit against the company you know this one that many things the stuff did they go after is maintenance report keeping so you know you always have staff on hand to take care of the

Task and stuff you know of what i mentioned you know administrative bob paperwork and stuff like that you know can’t fill in our carrier packets guinea phase and stuff situated with your field cars and stuff like it you know you have that staff and stuff on hand if the carrier is big enough being you know you get to get to participate to some of the discounts

And stuff that they may have you know er if your truck has to go into a shop or whatever you know if you have to go to you know if you purchase the fuel and stuff like that you know those discounts really come in handy because a penny saved is a penny earned you know they’re networking the networking and purchasing power is something that can be extended to you

Stuff you know as being a you know as leasing on and stuff to a carry you know each person has their you know they have their benefits and stuff which you can participate in you know even if it’s trying to prove your business you know i mean i don’t have to go into an example you see it all on youtube and stuff like that you know these are guys that usually feast

On and stuff to carries now that’s the pro side to it the con side is that the con side is that you deal with employees you see there’s a difference between employee and those who are striving for business this is why they’re not a lot of people their own things and they’re plenty people who work for people who own things you know an employee and stuff like that

You know we all benefits then we’re just gonna do the job and stuff the next day and you know a lot of times we’re not gonna show very much initiative been doing the job you know it’s just we’re gonna do the job and that’s that we’re not gonna do it we’re not gonna do it extremely well we’re not gonna do it bad either but you know what we’re hired to do and stuff

In that step and so with employees and stuff you know it’s very hard to get employees and stuff to sell the ignition the other big fact the other biggest factor is stuff as to why a lot of guys and stuff they really don’t succeed in leasing on and stuff is sabotage it’s sabotage and stuff you know an employee can sabotage your business and that’s that you know they

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Have a disagreement with you they don’t like you they having a bad day or whatever you know they can sabotage your business and you know with you being with you being at least on it as a carrier stuff you know your contract can be discontinued you know just like that because you got employees and stuff that’s not really fixated on the bottom line you know sabotage

You know they don’t have anything to lose you know they don’t have anything to lose it in today and stuff you know as long as they’re getting their paycheck on friday and stuff dude you know it is what it is but you know a lot of times when you’re asking what you’re asking about things that’s pertaining to business and employee doesn’t know them and because of

Their limited knowledge of not knowing about business it really obsessed stuff you know he asked about hey what’s going on with this arm you have a payroll problem you know they get upset because the knowledge this stuff does it you know you know they’re not very knowledgeable stuff about what they’re doing they don’t show they don’t show the initiative of trying to

Learn the complete aspect of it and stuff you know to help you along with what’s going on and stuff with your business you know so see the two can never mix together to formulate something that’s gonna be beneficial for all you know that’s just it you know a lot of guys own businesses a lot of times they have to come in and look at the overall the overall running

This of the company and they have to make cuts and stuff gonna count did a lot of people are riding the clocks and stuff you know we’re paying guys to do this and you know i wish that they would show some initiative into doing this right here doing that right there so you know you know what to save money it can help further along and stuff the business and so you

Know that’s why a lot of businesses are really going into automated services or outsourcing services or you know wanna target us you know and that’s because you have people that’s in your business there’s only remedy and maybe 60 to 70 percent efficiency when you’re trying to get 100 percent when you try to get 1/2 percent efficiency out of your business and so

You know though i say the two can never coexist and so that’s the kind of stuff man to be at least on this stuff is that you know you’re subjected to a lot of you subject to a lot of employees attitudes and stuff you know and demeanors and that’s because their their outlook own business is very limited so you know just like talking to a child and stuff about

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Issues and stuff that they don’t know about it really frustrates its own rather than and rather than let them letting you know and stuff then you know that my business get my arm my knowledge about to say subject and stuff can only go so far stuff day you know they want to still hold their position is being you know knows will stuff to say why don’t have time

Is your responsibility so on so forth and stuff so you’re gonna be dealing with that a whole lot you know they don’t have anything to lose you know so it’s very hard and stuff for you to capitalize on a situation where you’re not when you’re the only one in it at the end the day that has more to lose and stuff then on someone that has nothing to lose you know as

Long as they show up on time and they clock in you know we’ll get to them later as opposed to you we can just get to you now stop by saying well you know i didn’t like the way he talked to me and stuff so you know we just go go discontinue your contracting stuff the car today you know getting into a lot of issues and stuff man that really is it for the benefit of

Business and you know they can see a lot of things they can see a lot of things that go on with business even though they don’t constitute any of it they can interject themselves and stuff that now make things a lot more difficult than what it has to be you know so you’re gonna be dealing with that and stuff a lot with leasing on with not all carriers but you know

That’s a lot of amount there’s a lot of money to say the least this while a lot of carriers i’ll have high turnover rates and stuff you know especially you know what is please please purchase long those sort of deals and stuff they’re you know any guys can tell you is that man hey listen i had a very hard time there because you know it was the people i had to deal

With and like i said you know we’re going into business the most important thing to understand about business is that if you love the people that you’re going into business with they have to have they have to be losing just as you or lose and just as much as you you know in order for the business and stuff to work and so that’s the con side stuff being at least on

With the character so i’ll go ahead and end with that ain’t going to part too so tuning its apart

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