Why You Should NOT Buy an Old Used BMW

Why You Should NOT Buy an Old Used BMW

Have you ever considered buying a used maybe an older bmw well i’ve got a couple myself and i’ve also learned the hard way that they aren’t necessarily the best buy as a matter of fact if i can be so bold i would suggest you not buy an older used bmw unless you’re a real enthusiast let’s get into it right now welcome back to the channel everybody mark with exotic

Car play place and bmw’s when they’re new are absolutely phenomenal vehicles they have the latest in innovation technology they have some of the best performing cars on the market and they’re very very attractive and stylish so it’s very easy to understand why people want to buy them but as they get older they become more troublesome they don’t run quite the way

They did when they were new and honestly they get very very expensive basically i’ve got 13 reasons you don’t want to buy an older used bmw there are exceptions however if you are a true enthusiast like myself you don’t mind putting in the extra time effort and dollars to keep that vehicle on the road because it has something unique special and no longer replicated

By something in the newer lineups stick around to the very end i’m going to give you a few examples of some cars that are maybe worth buying as older versions of the bmw brand so the first reason you don’t want to buy an older used bmw what we have here is an x6 has the 50i so this is basically the twin turbo v8 lots of great power lots of great technology you

Know this will get very expensive when it starts to wear out turbos proper cooling proper oiling it needs all of that and it needs a lot of maintenance but can you imagine even the older bmws some of the really old ones if we go back to the e30 generations some of the older cars needed valve adjustments cooling system repairs and replacements regular oil changes

As you can probably appreciate a lot of these cars have had numerous owners if you go and buy a 10 or 15 year old bmw chances are it’s been through at least a handful of different owners and the problem with that is every owner they start driving it for a couple years they realize oh this is too expensive poof kick it to the curb and then the next guy gets the

Hassles unfortunately that seems to be the cycle because they know that parts and labor cost a lot of money it’s non-enthusiasts and ultimately the lack of maintenance to just not understanding the maintenance requirements that make these cars very unreliable and why you don’t want to buy a generic old-school bmw so the second reason you don’t want to buy an old

Or used bmw is because of a sea of junk it doesn’t take very long to start sifting through the classifieds and realize that there’s so many different models to choose from x series m cars suvs and sedans and sport coupes and convertibles lots of different variations lots of different engine styles v8s twin turbos v8 naturally aspirated inline six cylinder engine

Four-cylinder engines it’s all just confusing and i just don’t know where to start so unless you’re a real enthusiast and you know exactly what you’re going to buy and the problem pitfalls with that particular model might wind up buying yourself a lemon and if you walk in blindly there’s a good chance you might just take it in that you know what so that’s the

Next reason you don’t necessarily want to buy an older used bmw so the third reason you don’t necessarily want to buy an older used bmw for example if your primary intention is to daily drive it i personally experienced the wrath and the pain and the burn of buying an older used bmw a lot of you guys know i had a 2007 bmw 335 with the n54 engine i daily drove

It great car to drive every day until it’s time to fix it every other week it seemed like just about every week i was changing parts i had to do water pumps thermostats radiator all kinds of coolant hoses i also had leaks from the oil filter housing gasket and everywhere else you can possibly imagine even before i bought the car the previous owner had just done

The high pressure fuel pump upgrade and the fuel injectors so the cars are notorious for problems and as you start tacking on the miles on some of these older bmws guaranteed to start catching up with you so avoid those used bmws if you plan on daily driving it so the next reason you don’t want to necessarily buy an old or used bmw here’s a great example we have

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An actual late model 750 li right here asking 34 995 dollars so yes it’s a hundred thousand dollar car now that is only worth about a third of its original value so what’s the point of that the point is it doesn’t matter how cheap you get the used bmw the cost for servicing continually escalates the service shops don’t get any cheaper their hourly rate keeps

Climbing and we’re probably 370 an hour for bmw service rates parts continue to get more and more expensive and of course just because you can get the car for ten thousand dollars today doesn’t mean that all the parts and servicing are commensurate of that no not at all in fact it’s still going to cost you like a rock star just to maintain that car so at the end

Of the day that’s another key reason you don’t necessarily want to buy an older used bmw unless your true enthusiast is because the costs are still in line with a brand new car so the next reason you don’t necessarily want to buy an old or used bmw like this one right here has to do with the fact that if it’s got miles on its significant miles in age the car

Is deteriorated we all know that these cars are often built to very tight tolerances far more tight tolerances than you’d find in a lot of domestic products and they’re designed to run optimally with those tolerances unfortunately as they wear out suspension gets weak steering racks get loose you get loose suspension bushings you get loose everything the car no

Longer handles like it did when it was brand new and even if you read all the statistics in the magazines and get all excited about what that car was 15 years ago sadly buying a 15 year old bmw will no longer drive like the road and track magazine did way back in the day so the next reason you probably don’t necessarily want to buy an old or used bmw bmw’s because

There’s such amazing choices and selections here now you can lease you can buy finance even if you have some cash you can buy these great new cars they have the latest safety features the latest technology performance i mean why would you want 150 horsepower 3 series when you can step into something like this with 550 horsepower it just seems to make more sense

It always boils down to dollars and cents some people you can get into a lease that can make their monthly payments affordable i personally think financing is a better way to go but regardless there’s always options and if you do a little bit of research online you’ll quickly find out that there’s a lot of people that will start to spill the beans on what are the

Typical failures so if you incorporate what you can predict is some of the failures along the line it might just make more financial sense to get into a newer model that you still have some warranty and do it through either a lease or a finance bmw break my wallet that’s right i’m sure you’ve all heard that before it’s been utilized over and over again why because

There’s a lot of problem cars and you just need to understand why that term is for example you get in the four cylinders the old n20 they had a lot of problems with timing chain issues you move into some of the six cylinder cars and they have coolant leaks galore and then you get into the v8 cars here because they have problems with oil consumption timing chain

Issues there’s a lot of problems doesn’t matter which generation a car there seems to be something that you have to deal with so at the end of the day if you get yourself into a new enough vehicle with some warranty the term break my wallet don’t doesn’t necessarily apply because the dealer will often pick up the costs if you get into an older used bmw and if you

Can’t wrench on the car yourself be prepared to pay through the nose for some of those repairs that’s right these cars will be very very expensive in about six or seven years time as is any other current 15 20 year bmw trust me i know i had that n54 powered 335i everything that could fail did fail and trust me they have a limited lifespan and an actual engineered

Life associated with them so another issue in buying some of the older used bmws is what we see over here and it’s a 3 series bmw now they’re great cars they’re a lot more fun than driving a toyota or honda and even better than a lexus to drive 100 and i will give that to you every time for an enthusiast these are the cars you want to drive but unfortunately

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The downside is after these cars like i spoke about earlier hit about 10 12 15 years of age they’ve gone through numerous owners and a lot of the owners are enthusiastic young buyers unfortunately a lot of those young buyers buy these cars don’t do all the right maintenance they drive the wheels off them and what you have left is a real problem child they get

Neglected they get abused and sadly if you’re the next guy in line that buys your 16 year old e90 bmw you’re gonna pay the piper for that so unfortunately the next reason why an older bmw could be a real problem for you is the cost cutting measures that bmw’s taken over the years where they were able to manage to save 5 10 20 maybe 50 per vehicle unfortunately

Now 10 years 15 years later you or me are feeling the burn why because all the cost cutting measures associated with the extensive use of plastics under the hood results in lots of cracked fittings broken water pumps thermostats cooling lines that split or come apart and they leak that’s a common known issue bmws without leaks the only way they don’t leak is

Essentially either if they’re brand new or if there’s no fluid behind the lines unfortunately another reason you don’t want to buy an older used bmw is did you realize bmw leads the pack in terms of vehicles off the road within four to eight years that’s right why because the sheer cost of repairs and maintenance or bringing them back to a serviceable condition

Means that a lot of them get trashed very very early on in their life i mean there’s so many well-documented issues we talked about the n54 twin turbo engine that i had in my 335 everything from wastegate rattle coolant leaks from the water pump thermostat radiator cooling lines you have oil leaks from valve cover gaskets oil pan gaskets turbo issues fuel

Injectors high pressure fuel pump the list goes on i could keep going on and on and they’re all well documented issues how about the s85 that’s the v10 beautiful engine but it has a lot of issues from throttle actuators to rod bearings to vano’s problems smg pumps and a whole host of other issues now those cars are exceptionally well to drive but you do have

To understand that there’s lots of documented history virtually every inline six cylinder engine has some kind of leak coolant leaking issue how about the v8 engines like you often see in these kind of vehicles these have issues with timing chains battery draws they have twin turbos cooking the via the engine resulting in excessive oil consumption specifically

The older vehicles these newer ones are a little better shielded but the older n63 engines have those problems there’s lots of well-documented issues all over the internet so realistically there’s so many documented issues that you really don’t want to have an old or used bmw unless you really need to have that model so the next reason you don’t necessarily want

To get into an older bmw is when they’re new like this they’re great they’re absolutely wonderful and warranty covers you and you’re good to go the problem is when they get older they need lots of service they need lots of love they need lots of repairs and the parts start to add up did you realize where bmw makes most of their money isn’t from the sale of the

Vehicle it’s from service and from parts and the big reason that the bmw dealers are able to build these big fancy shops is because of parts it’s not about the sale of the vehicle brand new it’s literally because the service and of course the parts that have to get replaced later on parts parts parts and sadly it almost seems like it’s engineered that way in a

Lot of ways when you think about it you’re paying a lot of money for a plastic cooling line or a plastic thermostat or a plastic rad piece they have a guaranteed engineered life and they won’t last forever they might get last five or six years or about a hundred thousand kilometers and you’ll be doing it all over again it’s an engineer designed to replace parts

Now unfortunately the way these cars are designed they’re a ticking time bomb ask any e60 m5 owner with rod bearings how they’re just living on borrowed time how about timing chains on n20 engines hubble valve guide seals on the n63 engine one could make an argument that it’s essentially like a brick briefcase where the bomb diffuser is trying to open it and cut

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The right wire to stop that clock from ticking sadly there’s no way to stop this this time bomb from ticking with the bmw it’s just a matter of paying the piper and being ready for it when it decides to explode yet another issue really is not unique and a lot of brands face the same problem it’s just because the sheer complexity of a lot of these vehicles it’s

Electrical problems no shortage of electrical issues there’s lots of modules there’s lots of controls computers and wiring from end to end there’s thousands of miles of wire in a vehicle the more complex the car the more the likeliness and we’re not talking about even modules even simple things a relay for a power window or power window actually failing and it’s

Somewhat electrical or it’s just somewhat related to electrical for example power windows that drop off the rails lots of little different weird things that can actually fail on these but electrical gremlins are high on the list now there are some cars that actually somewhat defy this or if they don’t defy it they actually justify it for you and me if you want

To buy an older bmw they’re not all trash there’s actually some great ones that you do consider buying i’ll give you an example the e30 m3 a lot of you guys have probably heard about that exceptional vehicle to buy very simplistic and as a result people have been starting to snatch those up if you’re happy to be a lucky owner of an e30 m3 hold on to it there

Have been some astronomical trade values on some of those cars lately so regardless of what needs to be fixed on it you fix it just because the sheer value of the car another car that’s worth it in my opinion would be an e90 or e92 m3 they’ve actually hit rock bottom the values are low right now and they are kind of expensive to fix but i do see that trending

Upwards we’ll also talk about the e46 m3 lots of great value there they also hit rock bottom there are some problem areas i would suggest try to get the manual version they’re starting to catch on the trend is coming back and they’re starting to gain a little popularity the e36 m3 as well if you find a couple good version if you find good versions in either of

Those they’re worth holding on to always better to go with the manual although i wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a broken deal if it’s an if it’s an smg and the e46 those are great cars that might be worth putting some money into if you happen to hold on to one another vehicle i would suggest is the e39 m5 there’s guaranteed doesn’t matter things start to wear on

That fix them those cars are becoming legendary status as well as the e60 m5 literally the last of the naturally aspirated high strung engines that you’ll find from bmw they will no longer do that again now it’s everything’s turbocharged the e60 m5 with the naturally aspirated f1 inspired v10 engine will be like nothing else out there yes it can bankrupt you very

Expensive engine repair where else can you find a car that will do over 200 miles per hour in a four-door sedan there are very very select few cars that can actually do that or lay claim to that but that car would definitely be worth putting in the garage for the time when the values start to skyrocket i don’t see them going anywhere else but that and as a result

Any of these vehicles i just mentioned might be worth holding on to for their own merit other than that unless you’re a glutton for punishment i would stick to something a little bit newer with all that said everyone thanks for joining in on this day it’s been great to have you if you want to learn more about the bmw versus lexus reliability debate be sure to

Click right there it’s really going to help walk you through it and give you some great examples of cars you definitely shouldn’t buy i really hope to see you guys on the next one catch you then bye

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