Wizards of the Coast and Amazon CRASH THE MARKET

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Folks welcome back it’s timmy with ruiz emporium’s third floor basement and uh we like to play tetherball and folks we’re talking about the amazon dump today you know the world and people and humans and all of us meet popsicles have lost our minds when amazon and papa hasbro pull the red rope and everything just collapses and they dump products and if unless

You were living under a rock there was like literally like a 19 minute window a couple days ago that amazon and papa hasbro dumped product on the market essentially they do this because it helps them spike revenue to hit a series of goals or metrics for either a monthly or quarterly report for papa hasbro that’s essentially all it is be very straightforward and

Blunt with you all i’m not going to disclose what i purchased but i can i will be honest with you all and tell you i did participate in the amazon dump and it was a pretty surreal experience and i’m pretty proud of it that i was able to be a part of it um but i just wanted to share about two three minutes into it i started getting emails on this thing rudy are

You serious panic and then i got other messages saying are you seeing this midnight hunt crimson val collector boxes 85 dollars paying on an amazon credit card five percent cash back you can get the price down to 79 80 ship are you serious and i saw that and if it really wasn’t the amazon dump that surprised me what surprised me on the whole thing was once that

Happened that i started getting links and then of course people post on social media on reddit and youtube and it was all it started popping up everywhere the thing that blew my mind was looking at the comment sections and replies to a lot of people and people were making comments that 85 i still wouldn’t buy collector box that’s still overpriced like it blew my

Mind that we hit a point where hasbro papa direct can dump collector boxes that stores paid 175 a box for i remember selling them for maybe 199 or 209 and i paid 175. i made a whopping seven dollars a box or something i remember that like i don’t know a year ago and i remember thinking that was a good deal and now we’re the the world is so ass backwards and

The negativity is so sludgy and thick that people literally are like i’m still not going to i can afford it it has nothing to do with it if you can’t afford it you shouldn’t buy it anyways you should be buying important things in life not cardboard with chemicals and ink but there were people who were like yep i’m still not buying that nah it’s gonna be on there

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For a while it’s a way there were still people even at that price point ladies and gentlemen they were selling i’m sorry no hasbro dumped collector boxes at a price that was cheaper than draft boxes if you actually ordered from a distributor paid overhead and had a store like hold up hold up wait a minute are you serious like in people were still negative

And we’re like are you touching that i know unless it goes to thirty dollars i’m not going to touch it like it blew my mind and yes i placed orders and i participated and well i got my product and it’s fantastic but i i couldn’t believe i wasn’t surprised i couldn’t believe the reaction it wasn’t that i was surprised that hasbro and amazon finally decide to

Unload something that didn’t surprise me they needed to raise revenue to make sure they hit certain metrics for papa hasbro for a month or quarter or whatever it is that doesn’t surprise me but when i see that and they flush out thousands of boxes and they flush the system like that that’s a turning point sure there’s still some left or whatever it may be but

That is a major turning point you are flushing the system and the opportunity to have that cost basis for long term of one two three five years from now is mind-blowing incredible the downside risk to long-term potential that teeter-totter of risk reward and finance and risk-taking in life the teeter-totter was so slanted if you’re buying a collector box at 80.

And tcg player has midnight hunt collectors i don’t know 150 plus tax i don’t know what they are 140 beat me up whatever you’re buying at half the price of tcg player on a product that’s out of print and already a year old like and i in the only reaction in my point of view and perspective that would be acceptable was i just hope i get a legitimate item because

This is so cheap it’s suspicious and i didn’t really see that all i saw was people saying yeah i guess i’ll buy one box oh man you know still like i can’t believe it like i am just blown away that is where we are in 2022. i am blown away that’s people’s mindset and by the way there was midnight hunt draft boxes i think for 50 bucks or fifty three dollars like

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It was incredible it was an absolutely incredible thing and i’m honored and i feel so lucky i just happen to be up you know i was like 9 10 in the morning eastern time which i guess would only be six something in the morning on the west coast so it’s not very fair for the time zone thing but at the same time i don’t think they expected it to blow out that quickly

I genuinely don’t think amazon and papa has are expected that because once that spread you know there are stores all over the country and patrons that people kind of like rude are you seeing this i’m going for it you know that’s what i mean i started getting the mess there were people the people in the stores and the people who had more knowledge and been doing

This a long time realize the opportunity so i just wanna i just want to give my opinion on that is that um it shouldn’t be looked as a negative thing um a flushing of the system this isn’t this it wasn’t a distributor this wasn’t an lgs saying it didn’t exist this was hasbro and amazon and wizards direct unloading the system and that we were all afraid of that we

All knew they had and i don’t really consider that a really a major negative thing i consider that as almost a bottoming process and you know i think it’s uh it was a pretty fascinating thing and i don’t really see the downside risk and again right after that happened an hour later the market prices were right i think as of right now amazon the collector boxes are

150 160. i mean they’re they’re they slung right back up in the kicker if you go on amazon you have all view all sellers and you look at it there’s like one or two sellers at 150 to 160. anything like amazon at like 190 and then three other stores in the 200 it’s like the supplies isn’t bad so i don’t know i just see opportunity all this stuff i’ve been telling

You guys all year i’ve never been doing this in a point in time who i have seen this level in mountains of opportunity every direction i’ve never seen it usually you got to dig and well maybe that’s a good deal well maybe we’ll buy this collection or maybe that’s still a product oh distributor put that item on sale it’s always like a hand-picked cherry thing but

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I’ve never seen a market which is constant stores people under capitalized stores going bankrupt people paying their bills leveraged maxed out and now interest rates are going straight up their leverage they’re getting clobbered on interest and penalties and it just you’re seeing just this this incredible shift in the system and unfortunately i think a lot of these

People have never been through a downturn in a lot of stores and businesses haven’t experienced something like this and i think a lot of people from 2021 were too leveraged i think they were over leveraged i know a lot of other people who were you know maxing out credit cards doing the zero percent for six months 12 months and unfortunately you know there’s six

Or twelve months is running out of zero percent and banks aren’t offering zero percent anymore well they can’t sell the product the product’s upside down and a lot of people are in back in the corners and they need to raise capital there’s a lot of things going on with rates going up so much um you can’t really use leverage at this point in time if you don’t cash

Is now king it’s no longer cash is not trash because well the yield on cash alone and risk-free assets and bonds and government stuff is everything’s changed so you have to view things differently but i think the amazon thing was a very fascinating moment that we’ve learned and my takeaways were anyone who got in on that congratulations on the free money number

Two um the system just got flushed out really quickly and uh number three um based on that kind of action that told wizards that if they lower the price the demand goes to the roof which means in the few future on other products that may not sell well that they definitely now know if they move the bar at a certain level it will flush the system so there’s a lot

Of takeaways from this so hope you guys are able to grab at least a couple boxes um still blew my mind how negative people were how can i just it’s incredible have a great day everybody beautiful world out there is it beautiful i think it’s a beautiful world should we just sit here and stall because i think my camera oh it’s 9 15 oh 10 minutes there we go

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