XEN CRYTPO Alpha Strategy Revealed [GAME THEORY]

In this video I will reveal my alpha strategy for XEN crypto. The game theory on XEN seems to be all about adoption, and king of the coins. One thing is for sure, it commands alot of attention and participation to win. However, using my method it is actually simpler than you think.

Crypto slow cryptocurrency news and investing crypto games what’s going on guys zen zen zen zen zen xenophobia 2 million wallets on bsc all right let’s take a look all right let’s talk about it i am going to share with you my alpha strategy for zen tonight i shouldn’t do this but you know you’ve you like you subscribe if you’re not subscribed subscribe now for all

The latest crypto news and investing so let’s get into it let’s talk about bsc first and foremost the thing about zen on eighth is eat gas will always cost x amount therefore zen will intrinsically have more value than it does on polygon or bsc so the question is how can you make out on bsc how can you make out on eth now this strategy would apply to any one three

Of the chains okay so as we can see the bots have just had a heyday with this and they’re still body and they’re still going it’s just it’s never ending the number keeps changing okay so price pretty much just crashed uh uh and going over to pancake swap let’s do my zen so from three or four wallets it’s worth drum roll please a dollar eighteen and dropping okay

So the question is what am i gonna do what is the alpha come on slow tell us all right here is the alpha to alpha is everyone is focused on managing all these wallets doing all this craziness when ultimately this is about adoption jack made that clear in his voice call number one number two this is about king of the hill what do i mean by that that means the guy

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With the most tokens think of shiva that guy that bought eight thousand dollars worth and he and he made 5.6 billion dollars or something something absurd just completely absurd so the question is how can you get more zen than everyone else for the least amount of money well it’s actually much simpler than what you think it is the secret is mr drum roll please

Adding liquidity you’re like whoa wait a minute adding liquidity why would i add liquidity to something that just went straight into the toilet well you add liquidity because as this goes down it you get more than okay so you put in a hundred dollars worth of liquidity on both sides okay and i’m saying using this strategy you will you’ll always find the bottom

Number one and you’re always going to get the max tokens possible okay so you add liquidity the price goes down it rebalances you have more zen you have less busd usd b and b whatever whatever pair you’re going to do um based on what i’m seeing with the trading and the size of the pools you’re better to go with the primary asset that would be eth or wbnb so

What’s my strategy my strategy is very simple i will add a hundred dollars of liquidity on both sides and wait every time this ticks down another full decimal okay so a 10x i’ll add another hundred dollars worth of liquidity okay it ticks another zero i’ll add another hundred dollars of liquidity how low can this go this can go to 18 zeros okay the problem with

Zen is it commands a lot of attention and who knows how long it’s going to be until people give up and then it reverses and starts to get some price action because people get tired of minting and all this monkey business so basically like right now i’m looking at the price okay point there’s five zeros one two three four five four three one seven okay so in your

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Spreadsheet you’re going to want to track when you add your lp okay so you can keep track all right and remember this can go to 18 decibels and then we’re going to take this and divide it by 10. okay right my xlp ad would be at the next zero added on another 10x okay so basically i could go as deep as 18 decibels and then i’m at one trillion percent if this

Thing ever gets price appreciation other things happen so that’s it that is the super alpha that i’m sharing with you i’m not going to mint i’m not going to mint anymore you’re chasing it by mincing it and it’s the most it’s actually the least efficient way to get more coins okay so again i’ll bookmark this site i’ll keep an eye on the price and then i will add

Liquidity on pancake swap okay go over here to liquidity at liquidity bnb zen okay then you’d hit add liquidity all right three point seven thousand okay what and then i would have liquidity and then the trading fee now here’s another thing to keep an eye on the trading fees are much less on bsc than they are on the one percent pool on east so again but the idea

Of this is i don’t want to waste a bunch of time okay jack now there could be daps and things that get built around it but he basically said this is about adoption he wants 100 million users and 100 million users this will have value okay but again i just take this i divide it by 10. okay and then you could just set this up to just keep scaling in but you’re like

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Slow i’m losing value you are in the short term okay you are in the short term because remember i’m only adding liquidity if i lose a zero okay is that right three zero five one two three four five six yep yep yep yep so let’s see if it’s smart enough to yeah gotta bus this out i don’t even know if excel goes that far one two three four four five six seven eight

Nine ten eleven twelve thirteen oh boy 13 decibels then it goes into like scientific notation but you get the idea so tonight i add my liquidity i make sure that i mark what the price is and i wait for it to continue to drop and go to nothing because that’s what i wanted to do so hope you enjoyed this video like i said this will work on any of the chains doesn’t

Really matter which one that’s it that is the alpha um on another note if you didn’t watch my video um watch my other video elephant.money is having liquidity drive on buy swap with 24k in prizes and three random winners will be picked and then the top three will get 10 5 and 3 500 busd so check out my other video on elephant dot money um elephant.money’s on

Bsc it’s uh one of the fastest growing depths of buying its smart chain with that being said like subscribe as always this is crypto so if you’re not talking gains then we’re not talking thank you

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XEN CRYTPO Alpha Strategy Revealed [GAME THEORY] By CryptoSLO