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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the common sense crypto channel as with you always this is rich doing another video today on xrp so i hope you’re all having a wonderful day today wherever you are in this great great world we’re going to talk about xrp i’m going to start with this crypto legal expert says sec being bombarded from all angles as amicus

Priests pile up in ripple and xrp lawsuit two more parties are attempting to weigh in on the u.s securities and exchange commission’s lawsuit against ripple the two new parties are philip goldstein a managing member at the invite investment advisory firm bulldog investors and the investor choice advocates network i can in the proposed amicus brief the parties

Argue that the sec is relying on a vague term to regulate digital assets the sec treats the term investment contract as though it were infinitely flexible and applicable to all manner of investments but the statutory source for the term investment contract gives no indication that congress meant this term to be a catch-all phrase to capture financial transactions

Unrelated to any interest or instrument commonly known as a security now these companies would not get behind ripple in any way if they thought ripple did anything wrong they’re pointing out that the sec is very corrupt they’re showing the judge hey listen the sec is totally wrong here they’re trying to strong arm their way through this lawsuit in my opinion

And the delays are ridiculous at this point i want this case to end already and so do a lot of other people because every time there’s any little word that ripple is meeting with the sec speculation comes and we’ve seen that all over crypto twitter in the last couple days here’s more detail on the closed meeting and this is the sunshine act notice so it happened

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On thursday october 20th at 2 pm and people speculated that’s ripple and scc come into settlement terms but that’s also because these are the dates and summaries of the purpose of the remaining court dates and meetings october 20th party’s meeting conferred to identify redactions stop by each side to opposition briefs so they did have a meeting that day right but

It wasn’t for settlement in my opinion i think it was just a normal calendar day as far as this court case goes but the thing is people speculate because they want this case to be over already it’s been too long it’s a case that never should have got out of the first year it should have been wrapped up i remember when people said give it three months we’ll be out

At this thing then six months people said don’t worry by the end of the year it’ll be done and over with here we are almost two years later the sec is a corrupt organization focused on holding average americans down gary gensler esther pearson arrested commissioners are all cloud chasing frauds i’d argue hester is the worst she was more than happy to accept our

Praise but abandon us when it mattered because of course secgov should focus on protecting average investors from entrenched bureaucrats who abuse the public trust for personal profit now how many politicians you think on a daily basis do insider trading inside the stock market maybe gary gensler should go after them but no instead he goes after ripple and deems

A cryptocurrency a security why because he’s trying to help his big bank friends crypto busy spotted in central london ripple advertising everywhere despite the lawsuit turbulences ripple is still full steam ahead with successful deploying the ripple net network this will only benefit xrp in the long run only a matter of time and that’s what’s going on right

Now ripple in the rest of the world is moving ahead advancing very fast country after country looking to use xrp in that on-demand liquidity ripple partnered with travelex bank a local fx brokerage specialist with full transfer coverage into brazil now this is the thing brazil’s very important it’s part of bricks and we see ripple being tied to it and here’s the

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Thing at some point i do believe they’re going to give a major announcement that the brics countries are going to utilize xrp and they are protecting the old money system that has run our country for decades it’s time for them to step aside and allow future generations to come to the forefront and have a seat at the table and that’s the thing they want to keep

That old money system going it benefits them they can manipulate it use it to their advantage all the while keeping us down they don’t see a point for us having a seat at the table ever they want us to take those mortgages out and pay those interest fees they don’t care about you or me it’s about enriching themselves do you believe the xrp price is being kept

Down deliberately right now come on we all know the price of xrp should be much much higher than where it’s sitting right now and it looks like all the utility cryptos are really undervalued in my opinion corpse banks govs oil barons are all scamming that people enjoy getting screwed hard and that’s the thing at some point this economy is going to come crashing

Down and a lot of rich people are going to lose it all that’s when we will become the new one percent secgov has been weaponized to protect their sponsors and incumbents xrp is code it’s a tech that is revolutionary and is a threat to the bankers ripple the company that uses xrp is fighting for this entire ecosystem so whenever somebody comes fighting all over

Xrp while they’re holding crypto should think again because at any moment their crypto could be drug into a lawsuit with gary gensler ripples fighting for the entire crypto space remember that the governments and the rest of the world are probably cheering the sec gov gary gensler were on american innovation because they’re destroying our country which will be

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To their advantage ripple is growing internationally despite the hatred they receive from home and that’s the thing we should have our arms welcome open welcoming ripple here in the u.s welcome that innovation to grow and expand the u.s should use ripple’s innovation for their advantage because they are a u.s company xrp is now fighting the us government because

The old institutions jp morgan wanted dead yet isn’t that what bitcoin was supposed to do and here’s xrp fighting the institution providing proving its resilience against the man they controlled the other cryptos xrp belongs to us and that’s the thing jp morgan fears xrp in my opinion i believe that’s why we’re still stuck in this lawsuit i think though at some

Point xrp is going to be needed everywhere i say it all the time crypto was created with the idea that we would fight it back against them and bitcoin and ethereum have been invited to their table yet xrp is boycotted by the government good it’s proof that it’s the only true people’s currency and they cannot control it if they could control it jp morgan would be

All over xrp he would be welcoming it in he’d be saying yes this will work to my advantage perfectly but he’s not i think he wants to create a different system a system that they could control for as long as they possibly can but at some point our currency xrp is going to take off it’s going to shock the world the price of it’s going to be very very high it has

To be it has to provide on-demand liquidity and move all the world’s money with that said i’m going to wrap up today’s video i want to thank you all for watching we’ll see you in the next one have a great night

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